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Kye Varriott

Full Name
Kye Varriott
Jake of all Trades
Eye Color
Brownish - Red
Hair Color
Home Planet
The Black Sun
Other Family

Kye Varriott

In Character



Life had never been normal for me, I mean when your a child genius life can never be normal. I knew of my gift at a very young age, before I even started school I seemed to surprise my parents of my intellect. So it was no surprise when they made sure I entered the brightest school in the galaxy. And for the first 10 years of my life I lived among other geniuses in a school where we all were free to expand our knowledge. Over those years, some left for better schools, a career or even to enter one of the two Force fractions. It was obvious to me which one those few that left choose. I on the other hand never liked my intelligence and tried to keep to the average of the school, I would always tell my parents to shove those other schools that wanted me away as I was barely home as it was with this school, and for the most part they listened. So I tried to make the best of my life as it was.

It was during my eleventh year while home on Dankayo from break that my world that I set up was completely torn down. We were visited by yet another school wanting my “powerful” brain. By this time my grades were nothing significant as i mastered how to act average, so for the past two years my parents were not visited by any schools. So imagine my surprise when this women and droid showed up on our doorstep with another offer. Of course I was not interested and I made sure to display it to everyone in the room. My parents were too kind hearted to send them off so I was forced to listen to the speal that she was intended to give. This women was different though, and I could tell by the reactions of my parents that she was winning them over, I on the other hand was not so easily persuaded. Unfortunately if it ended with that I would have won my parents back to sanity, as it was she stayed with us for dinner, and was then rewarded by spending some alone time with me while my parents cleaned up. I don’t remember all that she said but I found it difficult to not listen, in the end I started to feel a change. This school was starting to sound interesting and I have to admit she was very adamant of my attendance, the feeling of being wanted does play largely on the psyche. In then end I myself was inclined to give it a chance, of course I had made up my mind not to like it.

Ryanceford, this marvelous school on the planet Grizmallt, was not what I had in mind, nowhere close. But I did not learn fully of it’s secretes until much later. When I first arrived it was like any other private school, but more secluded then the others which i did not find alarming at the beginning. Classes were the same style as they pushed our intelligence to the limit. But it was a number of months in that I started to see the changes, those who were brighter seemed to almost disappear, we were told they had been moved to another class, yet when we found them afterwards they did not look like themselves, weak and drained. I tried to explain some of these changes to my parents but the responses I got back were strange and nothing like them. I began to feel trap and worried, a few others felt the same and were scared that they would be chosen next. I don’t know what made me take charge but for the first time I pushed myself, I let my intelligence show in my work and it wasn’t long when I too received the notice that I was to be moved. Unlike the others I prepared myself for something bad, I made plans with the few friends that I made that I would tell them exactly what was happening.

My classes were moved down to lower levels of the facility, where upon entering the first room I was given pills, “vitamins” was what I was told they were. I took them as I could not do anything else. I was then put in simulators and given extremely complicated questions, tactics and other more military scenarios to solve. It might have been my naivety or the drugs, but I could not recall how long I was there. It seemed to be never ending, as these classes felt more like tests, and more “vitamins” were given to me for the rest of the day.

That night I tried to tell the others of my experiences, a number of them didn’t believe me but a few did and as we talked we realized how isolated we have become. Nobody bothered writing home as their responses were always generic and non specific, we had all learnt earlier that they controlled the networks, and by the way things were going with me they controlled us too... there was no escape we could see as of yet.

Years past and the testing continued for me, they began injecting stuff into me, and I started having combat lessons with the others that have left earlier then I did. I saw the change in them now, and I could sense the same change within me, the feeling of becoming less human and more... more of a weapon to these people. My friends who I left in the upper levels soon found their way down here much quicker then they had anticipated and it wasn’t long after that that I stopped returning to my room up there. They had me watched all the time, they did things to me while I slept, my mind became larger, I became stronger and accurate in my shots. Unlike the others though, they seemed to have completely forgotten who they used to be, I seemed to be the only one aware of the changes happening to everyone.

Nights when I was not experimented on were the worst, I heard scrams as others, my friends were put through those same tests, we were put in cells now, as some of us were becoming more aggressive and uncontrollable then others. We were becoming weapons but I could not understand what the purpose was for, nor could I understand why I seemed to be the only one awake while the rest fell into some sort of dream like trance whenever I see them, and I saw them mostly during our “spars” where they acted like skilled warriors yet their faces were always blank.

I began to think, think of where this would go. If this was within Empire territory I could understand, or come to a conclusion much quicker but from what I knew, we were all still within the Republic, so why would the Republic organize such a group and lure us here? The republic was regularly teamed up with the Jedi, and I could not see this sort of behavior being approved of by the Jedi... There must be another party involved, but to learn of these unknown details would be a challenge, and I was sure at first if I could be that person.

It took me a few days to make up my mind, I must have been in denial but the more I was teamed up against my old friends and saw what they have become, the more upset I became at myself for not coming to my conclusion earlier. I was starting to fear that I was going to stand out amongst the others, which would cause more attention towards me, and I was not going to allow myself to go through any more of these “operations”. I began to fit in like I did when I was younger, I had observed enough of their behaviour to know how I should react to things, to images they showed us, to phrases and such forth. Four nights later I had learnt the schedule of the guards outside our little cells and was able to hack into the networks to open my door. I guess since everyone else seemed to take to their sleeping drugs so soundly they didn’t think they would be awake enough to break out. I guess I taught them something. I had no intention of leaving that first escape, I wanted to know why this was happening to us, I still held out hope that I could save the others.

With my datapad, I was able to slip pass the security system, guards and droids, it wasn’t easy and I was forced to use a ventilation shaft to make sure I was completely out of sight, though I had to admit I was thankful for some of those treatments I was exposed to, for I wouldn’t have been able to overcome that obstacle. I was able to locate the office area and since the professors were sleeping at this time no one was in the room. Knowing I didn’t have much time left, i hacked into the files and retrieved as much data as I could before departing to my room.

For the next few nights I was able to go though my findings, my past hopes now gutted out of me I began to fear for my life. It seemed I was right in thinking that we had all become weapons, but I had not really believed it before now. I saw the tests and treatments we were all put through and what purpose each had, I learnt that I could no longer trust my friends, for those images and phrases that I acted along these past years were behaviour modifications, yet for some reason they had no effects on me. I read my own file and realized I was a pretty good actor as they had no clue that I was aware as I was to their schemes. My mind then went to break out, total escape from this facility. That required another trip out of my cell, this time to the security database....

My genius side told me that i needed a full proof plan for escape and that I should take my time as I was not attracting any attention, but my heart told me to leave now and never look back. My second time out I was in the mind of obtaining information only but I learnt that night to expect the unexpected.

I had gained access to the security area through the vents again, I had to wait as the guards were just standing around before their rounds. As soon as they left I was free to hack into their systems. I was able to download the entire layout of the school, all the floors and exits. I was then able to obtain the codes required for all the doors. With a cocky smile on my face, I prepared myself for my journey back when I heard the door behind me. The guard was too shocked to react, I too was surprised but with all the training they gave me while I was here I came to my senses sooner then he did. Within a second he laid on the floor with his neck broken. I did not intend to kill him but my body just reacted and I heard the thought that this was for survival. I knew at that moment that I really wasn’t that much different then the others as I previously thought. My original plan was now out the window as I knew that tonight was my only chance of escaping with what little humanity I still had within me.

Taking the man’s clothes, blaster and security badge I left the security office by the door. It wasn’t going to take long for the body to be discovered, my only hope was to be at the front gates when they do. I made up my mind that nothing was going to get in my way, I made a bee line towards the elevator and pressed the up button. The blaster was in my hand and aimed at the doors when they slid open, taking a few steps out I was confronted by my first obstacle of a few security droids. They knew immediately that I was an impostor and I disposed of them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the alarm had already been activated and I was bombarded by droids by the time I reached the ground floor.

That night I can never forget, I learnt what strength and powers I now possessed as I felt myself pushed to the absolute limit, I seemed to almost fly through the air as blasts were shot at me from almost every direction and ever single one of my shots seemed to hit the target in the absolute weakness causing the droids and other guards to fall to the floor either in a still pile of metal or in a pool of blood. My mind worked a mile a minute as I picked up another blaster from a dead guard and made my way through the assault towards the front of the school. Yet they too were determined to end the fight and I soon caught myself being pushed upwards to the second floor. I knew now that the gates would be locked but I haven’t given up yet. I stole myself into a classroom and barred the door. It wasn’t going to take long for them to get in but all I needed was a few moments to go through the data again.

The shed! That was it. Before years ago when I first arrived we all noticed the shed some yards away from the main school, my datapad showed that it was no ordinary shed but had a few explosive inventory stored there. The door by now was being blown down one blaster shot after another, for a quick moment I had been distracted and felt the burning sensation as their fire caught their target. It was painful but not enough to slow me down, I quickly ran towards the nearest window and jumped through it. Crazy, I know but it gave me more time. Through the falling shards of glass, I was able to maneuver my body around and land relatively unharmed, falling forwards as I touched the ground, tucking into a rolling position as leaned forwards and rolled across the ground. I quickly got to my feet and ran towards the shed.

Locked, no surprise, but with the all the codes I was able to get in without too much difficulty. There were crates of boxes scattered thru out the shed, which was larger then I had first thought for there were also equipment, speeders as well as small transports stored here as well. Perfect! Rummaging trough the crates I found a few grenades which I put into my pockets then went towards a speeder. It was at full power and would take me well away from here. Of course it was then, when I was so close to my freedom did I realize I had no clue what cities or towns were around here. That little pause cost me dearly as the shed doors were quickly opened and a burst of bright light shown in, blinding me for a moment. But I was soon able to see enough shadow figures at the doors to know that they thought they had me now. But they did not fire, they must knew what was in here too. Taking advantage I jumped on the speeder and quickly turned it on, at the same time pulled out on of the grenades, activated it and tossed it into the open crate where I got them from. With all this light those guards knew exactly what I was doing and they quickly darted away, the droids were the only ones that stayed behind and opened fire at him. I sped out on the speeder, using a free hand to blast at them with my blaster my way through. A large powerful explosion followed just as I got out of the shed, I had to move my body so that the Speeder wouldn’t hurl me to the ground. I somehow managed to stay on and with the chaos I just created behind me, I was not noticed. The gates were soon approaching and I tossed another activated grenade at the gates, causing another explosion, smaller but it too will be noticed. I slipped out and pushed the Speeder to it’s full power and left that school in my dust.

I went right through the first two towns, they were small and had no landing port for space transport and I knew that they would be looking at the nearest towns and cities first. I also knew that I had to get to a off planet transport as soon as possible as that would be the next place for them to search for me. I kept going all night and day, stopping only to re fuel the Speeder then picking up again. By the third I was starving but couldn’t bring myself to stop for food, fear kept me going, fear and determination. Once I get off planet I could relax, or that was what I told myself when the hunger pains seemed unbearable.

It was the fourth day that I found an off planet transport in a large city, but as I came to the terminals, I saw the familiar uniforms of the guards from the school. If they were around then there would be others in suites and such. I myself was still wearing the dead guard’s uniform, but it was dirty, ripped and had dried blood scattered over it too. I quickly took it off, revealing a grayish shirt underneath, it wasn’t much better looking, but it may be just enough for them to overlook me.

Stashing the bike in a back alley a few blocks away from, I hoped over a few walls, found a bunch of laundry hanging up and grabbed an old brownish cloak that seemed to match my fashion, it had a hood that was all that I was looking for. With my new disguise I kept in with the crowds as I slowly made my way towards the landing pads. After all that I’ve been through, getting through security and into the holding bay of the massive cargo transports wasn’t that difficult. Thankfully I wasn’t caught by the school, I hopped into the first open ramp I saw and hid among the cargo boxes.

I was lucky that I wasn’t found until the ship was close to their destination. Of course I wasn’t treated that well being a stowaway but I made sure to pick up any little task that came my way and before reaching Corellia I created some friends among the crew and left as an equal.

My appearance changed while I was in space among that Cargo ship. I was ill when they found me, symptoms of withdrawl from the drugs they pumped into my body day in and out. The top front layer of my hair changed to a silvery white colour, my eyes also changed before they were a pale hazel, now they were a brownish red colour, depending on the light. I survived but with these new changes I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror, and I hoped that neither would my hunters.

Since then I kept on the move, there wasn’t much choice for me. I couldn’t go home, that was the first place they’ll look for me and I was sure they would keep tabs on my parents networks so even calling home was out of the question. But after all that I went through I wasn’t in the mood to talk to them anyway.

With my new looks and new freedom I also changed my name, well allowed those that I was with to choose my name for me most of the time. It kept my true identity and history secret, and the group I hung around with was in the same situation. Of course I also learnt that they would sell you out upon learning of your bounty or history if they could make a credit on it. Trust no one, an important lesson.


Since the company behind the school is still searching for Kye, he refuses to acknowledge any living relative in case they will become targets because of him.


Bladed Weapons

1 Vibroblade, very old and has a rustic look to it.

Special Weapons

1 blaster - old as well and only works half the time.

Hand to Hand Combat

Basic hand to hand combat training thanks to the school he attended.

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