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Sina Tycane
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Full Name
Sina Powel Tycane
'Strawberry', Jules.
Eye Color
Electric Blue
Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde
Home Planet
On board her parent's ship
The Black Sun
None as yet
Other Family
Mother: Heleanel Tycane
Father: Jarod Kell

Sina Tycane


Physical Features

Typical of her Hapan heritage Sina is a thing of beauty, flawless skin, shining eyes and hair that glistens in the sun. She is in the best physical shape she can be for her years. Her most purnounced feature are her eyes, the electric blue glisten has captured more hearts than she cares to count, these backed up with her melting smile and strawberry blonde hair is enough to make many jealous of Sina. She is what many would consider one of the most attractive females in the galaxy, hailed as a beauty even among a species renown for their beauty.


Sina who was once the golden child of her parents has turned ever so slightly cold to outsiders. Trusting only herself and prefering to do everything single handedly without the aid of others. Despite her lonegun style of life she can be immensly social if it will get her something or somewhere. Becoming increasingly more and more flirtatious as her goal gets closer and closer despite the fact that she will drop the act all together when she either gets what he wants or realises that it's out of reach. However even though she seems to be this cold and emotionless stray if she feels safe and secure around someone she easily slips into a state of comfort and lets her guard down, she does not make friends easy but the ones she does will never know a more caring person.


A Pirate's Prize Becomes A Pirate's Treasure

Hapan was always known for the beauty of it's populace, through years of selective breeding their people had become famous for being the most attractive beings in the Galaxy. But fame such as this is always a double edged sword, on one hand you had a level of respect and awe about your being, on the other however was the knowledge that you and your people were highly saught after by those who's greed would drive them to do anything to gain what they should not have.

Heleanel Tycane. Sina's Hapan Mother.

It was this unfortunate fact that led to a young Hapan female to be kidnapped by a pirate crew during a raid upon a transport leaving the Hapan System. This woman was named Heleanel Tycane and was the daugther of a well respected Political Figure of Hapan. Her name was probably her lifeline, as she was to be sold to the slave markets of Tatooine. Instead learning of her heritage the Pirate Captain, a Corillian by the name of Jorod Kell took a favour to her, and initiated her to part of the crew eventually capturing her with his own well laid charms. They would later marry and within a year Heleanel was to give birth to there first born child.

A girl who they named Sina Tycane after her Hapan Grandmother.

"She's got your eyes."
"Hopefully she's got my brains too."
-Heleanel talking back to Jorod upon Sina's birth

The Early Life of A Nomad Child

Nomad was probably a better word than Pirate for the new family, with the birth of Sina, Jorod became decreasingly interested in Pirating and more and more protective of his wife and child. Setting up shop where ever the trade took them they embraced the life of travelling traders and reaped the benifits. Unfortunatly their crew disappeared around them as the life of trading made them want to be involved less and less compared to the excitment of Pirating and smuggling.

Jorod Kell. Sina's Father.

"I wont raise my daughter in this life style, she deserves to have one of those honest and respectful lives that everyone talks about"
-Jorod Kell

Sina grew up completely unaware of her parent's past lives, instead being treated to a happy childhood jumping from one planet to the next. She was taught all sorts of different academic topics by her Mother, branching from Politics to Galactic History. Her father taught her mechanics and how to pilot and she soon became quite natural at it despite only being eight human years old. However this perfect life was not to last, and it was ripped from her violently.

"And what happens if we press this button sweety?"
"The ship goes KABOOM!"

Rule Number 1, Don't Leave The Gas On

'Indigo Light' Jorod Kell's Cruiser that was destroyed by a gas leak in Mos Eisley leaving both Jorod and his wife Heleanel dead.

The trade consantly kept bringing the family back to Tatooine, after all it was the center for their type of life style and they all treated it as their second home. It felt like a normal day when they landed within Mos Eisley, even more so when they set up shop and managed to sell their wares. However that evening upon returning back to their ship at the Ports Sina stopped to watch a pair of Whomp Rats that were playing around by a set of crates, it was this distraction that saved her life.

Her parent's had gone on into the ship and upon firing up the heating system to prepare for the desert night chill the ship had been torn apart by an explosion caused by a leaking gas valve from the engine core. Sina had to watch in horror as her entire life burnt away before her eyes. Her family, her possessions, every thing she had ever known was torn away from her in a flameball that lasted mere seconds.

"Mummy! Mummy come and look at these little things arn't they...Mummy?"
-Sina at her parent's deaths.

A Street Rat, That's What They Call Me

With her parent's death Sina had no-one to go to, no idea what to do, nothing to her name. She had made a runner from the scene after she was approached by a Smuggler who had come to investigate the noise and although the Cathar Mercenary had pure intentions Sina had ran from him due to overwhelming fear and panic.

She disappeared into the streets of Mos Eisley and records marked her name as being killed in the explosion as well. Being nine years old she managed to stay hidden most of the time, able to disappear and not be found soon became a talent that she would carry on into later life. She survived by stealing food and water from the many venders that littered Mos Eisley, although she eventually befriended the more friendly ones allowing her to receive enough to survive without having to steal and suffer the following guilt trip that she was accustomed to.

She also made friends with a lot of the Slave Children, having them believe that she was one of them. Having friends the same age as her was a new experience for the Orphaned child and a feeling she was enjoying greatly. She was accepted into a Slave Family after they caught on that she was a 'street rat' and given housing in exchange for small work around the settlement.

However the owner of the Slave Family didn't appreciate the fact that there was another mouth to feed even if Sina was doing work for it and carted her off and in the worst turn of events she was sold at the Mos Eisley Slave Markets for a overly large price. Her buyer a Twi'lek in the employ of Gottu The Hutt had recognised the small signs of her bloodline, he recognised her Hapan heritage and although still a child he had the bigger picture in mind and made a healthy investment knowing that when she reached her teens her price would double.

A Slave To Gottu The Hutt

Sina spent the rest of her childhood working as a housemaid for the Twi'lek who had bought her, it was hard work as his holding were dark and dank bringing out Sina's Hapan weakness for poor sight in dark conditions. This only made him even more pleased at his purchase, he did however keep her well fed and in good condition making sure that when the time came he could make a decent profit.

Gottu the Hutt signing his ownership of Sina.

As she reached fifteen Sina was what one would call perfect, her electric blue eyes shone with an unnatural light, her pure blond hair was always kept trim and clean and her skin was free of blemish. If she had been raised upon Hapan she would have been called a beauty even among her kind. It was in these years that she was presented before Gottu and the Twi'lek's plans paid off as the Hutt paid nearly twelve times the amount she had origionally been purchased for.

She was instantly put to work as a dancer at Gottu's court, and the news of this Hapan beauty quickly spread across the surrounding land. As with most things she was shown she learnt them quickly and mastered it soon after, and before long she had put dancers who had worked for Gottu for years to shame. Her elegant movements caught many an eye and the Hutt was offered deal after deal for her. However the greedy Hutt kept hold of her constantly keeping her by his side, made her wear some of the most revealing costumes and even once used her as a prize to a Bounty Hunter.

Two years would pass of this lifestyle until one day a strangly handsome man entered Gottu's court and challanged the Hutt to her ownership.

Sodeth Hullis Takes Ownership

The man in who had entered the court was a pure bred Hapan by the name of Sodeth. He had become a hired mercenary after he was taken in by the New Republic as a negotiator and then discharged after an inccident with a Admiral's daughter. Gottu had to accept the challange by a matter of honour and Sodith was charged with facing the Hutt's court champion, a wookie by the name of Gur'essh. The fight was over in minutes, Gur'essh's body collapsing onto the floor with a twelve inch blade through his brain.

Gottu had no choice but to hand over Sina to the blonde Hapan. Yet again her life took an unexpected turn.

Freedom, sweet but bitter freedom

Sodeth and Sina travelled as fast as they could out of Tatooine and for the first time in eight years she witnessed space. The Mercenary tried every trick in the book to make Sina fall for him, however she had no intention of settling down with this Hapan mercenary, instead saw him only as a ticket out of her chains. She had changed as a person, while seemingly sweet and innocent inside she looked out for only one person. Herself.

The pair fled the system and soon found themselves in a new destination. This time the bright lights of Coruscant.

It was here that Sina's life would start anew.

Sneaking away from it all

It was early morning when Sina managed to escape the clutches of her over protective new Owner, and although Sodeth had only ever treated her right and let her enjoy all the levels of freedom a normal citizen deserved Sina still felt held down by his ownership. Coruscant probably wasn't the best planet to go AWOL but Sina had began to act without thinking more and more often.

As she disappeared into the increasingly busy civilian quarters of the Galactic Capitol she was suddenly given that same freedom that she had always enjoyed as a child in Mos Eisley, the ability to go where she wanted and when she wanted, to disappear without a trace.

She continued this life upon Coruscant, making a living by making one of appearances at the many gentlemen's clubs and strip bars trough out the seedier levels of the city, eventually moving up class and performing at some of the high end establishments in the Palimentry sector. This enabled her to afford food and shelter, but it wasn't long before she yet again began to look towards the stars.

It was a miserable day when she found herself at the docks with enough to buy a one way pass to anywhere in the galaxy. So she stood in the docks preparing to board the first transport to leave not caring about its destination when she noticed a small poster on a nearby wall, it was a bounty poster. It seemed that Sodeth was not the nice Hapan carer that he pretended to be, instead he was a jealous, greddy womaniser who once taking a liking to a woman did everything in his power to make her his. With Sina's escape he had placed an open bounty of 8000 credits on her return to his possession. It seemed that now her wanderings weren't just for her own satisfaction.

She was on the run.

Present Day Onwards

SAGA 1: 'Ab Initium'

The events of:
'So it begins...'
'Eye Opener'
'It's one of those times...where you should just stop.'

Sina found herself about the Epislon a Galactic transport cruiser inbound for Ord Mantell. The destination meant naught to the Half-Hapan, more or less it was a simple way of getting closer to the next planet that she could earn a living on. Her acts at being stealthy however were not unseen by those trained eyes who were upon that very craft.

It was upon this ship that the young girl found herself in the company of Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters, some devious, others with slightly purer intentions.

SAGA 2: 'Red Eclipse Rising'

The events of:
'Smuggler's Moon'


"Every person has a set of skills, you just need to unlock them to their fullest potential. Yours it seems is the abiliy to capture every eye in the room and have every male drooling for your attention. That my dear is probably the most dangerous skill I have ever known."
-Hulis Juril, owner of the 'Angel House' a gentleman's club in higher Coruscant.


Mando'a (Basic Knowledge, can speak better then understand)
Galactic Basic
Bacci (Understands certain words)
Variety of curses from several languages picked up during her time spent on Tatooine.

"I understand your language, however the simplicity of it disgusts me enough not to use it"
-Sina Tycrane

Talents and Abilities

Advanced Piloting (of single man or light wieght style Cuiser sized ships)
Mechanics (She is better then average, being able to fix most problems aboard most common class ships)
(more will be added as she learns)

"I'm not completely useless, I can fly a ship. Probably better then you Flyboy."
-Sina Tycrane

Hand to Hand Combat

Knows basic self defence. (self taught)
Has studied Echani Martial Arts (theory not practiced)
(to be added as she learns)

Weapons and Equipment


DH-17 Blaster (given by Shayleigh DeMarco in 'So it Begins') Returned to Owner

Bladed Weapons

None atm (To be added as she aquires them)


None atm (to be added as she aquires them)

Armour and Shields

None atm (to be added as aquired)

Equipment and Misc items

Galactic Standard Multi-Comm
Wrist Mounted Compass and Watch
Cigerettes and Lighter
Various collection of lost Keycards and lockpicks

Contacts and Credit Funds


Shayleigh De'Marco - Joined Sina onboard the 'Epislon', aided Sina throughout 'Ab Initium' and 'Red Eclipse Rising'
Satkia Beltrak - Met Sina within the Starport market upon Nar Shaddaa, currently aiding her to find the Information Broker.


95 Credits (on person)

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'Smuggler's Moon'In Progress

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