Valo Torreno: Corellian Bounty Hunter


Valo Torreno in front of his YT-2400. Named, "The Event Horizon".

Valo Torreno

Full Name
Valo Torreno
Rank 1 Bounty Hunter
VT427(Stormtrooper Call Name in the waining days of Empire)
Birthdate around 18BBY, approximately 40 years old
6 feet 2 inches
210 pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark reddish-brown
Home Planet
The Black Sun
LE-Series Repair Droid, "Larry"
Other Family
Mother: Natt Torreno
Father: Raul Torreno

Valo TorrenoEdit

In CharacterEdit


Born during the waning years of the Clone Wars on Corellia to a father who worked in a ship-building factory and a mother who worked as a translator. Valo's entire life was spent with action involved of some type. His father Raul played a minor, yet important role in the Clone Wars, building transport ships for the Republic. Valo found himslef as a young child, pouring over blueprints and learning as much as he could about schematics and mechanics; wanting to follow in his father's footsteps. He had a normal childhood, playing with his friends on the golden beaches of Corellia. But something was different about young Valo... He always wanted more, even as a young child. However, after the Clone Wars were over things changed...


Corellia, Valo Torreno's home planet

It didn't happen quickly, but change eventually tore the family apart. The new Galactic Empire ordered the Shipbuilding Company to begin construction on the new experimental fleet of Star Destroyers, but at 1/8th of the pay that was made previously during the Clone Wars. Raul outright refused the Empire's "generous" offer and quit his job. Many followed and the business that had been in operation for over 250 years was taken under control and Raul was forced into slavery with hundreds of others in the mines of Kessel. Raul slaved away for the rest of his days in those mines...

But before all was lost, Raul spent his life savings and sent his wife Natt and young son Valo off on a secret transport to Tatooine. They would be safe on that planet, the perfect place for anyone to hide. However, the Empire was never far behind. After living in solitude on a farm for most of the rest of his childhood and into early adulthood, Valo thought it was time to do something with his life. He studied schematics and mechanics and practiced what he learned until he attained a decent level of skill. He got his body in shape as well, he became very strong and had a great amount of stamina. Valo became a very well rounded young man and he seemed to have things going well, until a horrific experience took place...

His mother's sudden death due to her becoming lost at night returning from a food run. She was too slow and her sight impaired in the darkness, fell into the horror of the Sarlacc. Her body being devoured and slowly digested, a proper burial never took place. Valo fell into a reclusive state and became very poor as a result on the desert planet...

After the first Death Star was destroyed, a massive recruitment campaign for the Empire was launched all across the Galaxy. Reaching Tatooine, Valo came into contact with the recruitment. Needing credits immediately and wanting adventure in the back of his mind; Valo found himself signing up to do his duty for the Galactic Empire... Even though the stories his mother told him of the awful deeds the Empire had applied to his father, Valo decided that this was his only ticket off that God-forsaken desert planet and it was a way to make some credits for the first time in years...

Years passed as Valo went into training as a Stormtrooper,call name VT427, fighting battles in the darkest swamps of Felucia all the way to his eventual destination of the forest moon of Endor. It was another day of operating the shield on a landing pad in a guardtower. Valo decided to search Imperial records for any remnants of the Torreno family when he was alone in the tower between shifts. He discovered that he had one surviving uncle, T'ano Torreno, still alive on Corellia.


"Rebuild the Death Star" Recruitment posters that were dropped on Tatooine and other planets

It was time for his next shift the next morning, but Valo did not show up on the transport to his new post and was declared AWOL by the Empire. Valo was long gone by the morning of that day. He had shed his Stormtrooper gear, only keeping the blaster rifle and helmet as a reminder of his past. He caught a transport to Corellia under the cloak of night to find his uncle T'ano. Valo eventually found what was left of T'alo in his tiny home that was somewhat cozy for it's size... T'ano had fought alongside the Republic during the Clone Wars during an attempted invasion. He lost both legs and one arm in a massive explosion; caused by a thermal detonator rolling under a fuel tank thrown by a Droid. Valo spoke to T'ano for weeks, learning about his family's past... Each piece of information infalming him more and more against the Empire. A few years pass as Valo stays with T'alo in the day, taking care or him and learning from him. Then at night he went gambling or did some dirty work for some low-rent thugs for just enough Credits to survive a few days.

Being in poor condition, T'ano eventually passed away one day. Being the only person left in the family, he passed down two WESTAR blasters to Valo and left him enough credits to buy a ship. Valo prepared himself to take the fight to the Empire with his new YT-2400 ship named "The Event Horizon" and his new weapons... But by the time he had reached a peak in mental and physical skill; the Empire had fallen from power and Valo was left with nothing but space in front of him.

Over the next 15 years, Valo traversed the galaxy exploring, taking odd jobs, and mostly learning how to make easy credits and build his skills. Until one day, he met with a crime lord at a massive podrace event on Malastare. The Lord overheard a story of danger and bravery Valo was telling to a man he was betting against. The Lord interjected himself and pulled Valo aside. He introduced himself and Valo did the same. After a long time of speaking at a booth over drinks, he gave deemed Valo worthy and gave the whereabouts of Vaago the Hutt. He explained Vaago always needed a good bounty hunter. Valo was running low on credits and morale, so why not?

Valo accepted. With that act of shaking the Crime Lord's hand and gaining Vaago's location, Valo's life will change forever. It was time for a new and exciting chapter to begin in Valo's life... One that could lead to a life of Legend status and great riches or one that could lead to failure and maybe the ultimate price payed. Only time will tell on this adventure that now begins...


Born on Corellia during the final ending era of the Clone Wars, Served briefly as a Stormtrooper during the decline of the Empire's Reign, has a natural taste for adventure, constantly restless, extremely intelligent, great pilot in space and within most atmospheres, is somewhat of a mechanical genius and is distinguished in ship repair, nice aim and is very familiar with most weapons and repair. He is a master of outdoors living and can live away from civilization for great amounts of time. Valo also has a great amount of charm and can sometimes use it to get a lady or using it cause a distraction. Torreno is now becoming a Bounty Hunter with aspirations of making a fortune in Credits and Adventure that takes him all across the Galaxy.


Valo as Stormtrooper "VT427" during the last era of the Empire's rule


Raul Torreno: Father, possibly deceased.

Natt Torreno: Mother, deceased.

T'ano Torreno: Uncle, deceased.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Distinguished ship and weapon repair skills, Proficient Piloting skills, decent marksman at all ranges, very good close-range hand-to-hand combat, great explorer and survivalist.

Personal ArmorEdit

Adventure Armor: Light "Vest" armor. Flexible and maneuverable. (Wears most of the time)

Stormtrooper Helmet: A banged up and well used helmet. Valo never wears it, only keeps it as a reminder of his past deeds with the Empire.

Weapon Arsenal:

Bladed WeaponsEdit

Mandalorian Ore Dagger: Tucked into the utility belt. (X1)

Special WeaponsEdit

Twin WESTAR 34 blasters (X2)

EE-3 Rifle (X1)

C-M Reaper Sniper Rifle (X1)

Pulse Cannon (X1)

Thermal Detonators (X6)


Torreno's Twin WESTAR-34 Blasters

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

"Cantina-Style" Brawling. Can hold his own very well, but is usually used as a last resort option. Uses all points of body to attack, obtains anything in the environment that can be used as a weapon to gain advantage, sometimes fights dirty if opponent is signifigantly larger or the numbers game is not in his advantage.


Inside view of Torreno's YT-2400. Includes room layout.


Personal Spacecraft

"The Event Horizon" a modified YT-2400 Light Freighter.Edit

Modifications: Double Durasteel Defensive Plating, Two Concussion Missile Launchers, Two CEC 1D Servo Laser Turrets (modified to be controlled in cockpit as well as turret seat), Two outside and Two inside Autoturret Defense Systems, Deflector Shield Generator, Advanced Sensors Array, Modified holding cell for Captured Target.

Droid Companion: Cybot Galactica LE-Series Repair Droid: LE-LAR4R aka: "Larry"


"Larry" hard at work on "The Event Horizon"

Rendar and leebo-n64

"Larry" and Valo inside the cockpit of "The Event Horizon"


Torreno's Adventures and Accomplishments:Edit

WANTED Count: Captured: 2 Killed: 1

Bounty Hunter Missions:

Mission #1: To Capture a Councilman Contract #A-368133, Capture Sir Edmund Taut (Mission Accomplished)

Mission #2: The Bothan Exchange Contract #A-34889054, Capture Reyla Hrla (Mission Accomplished)

Mission #3: Ambassador's Assassination Contract: #A-357929, Assassinate Ambassador Niles St. Germain (Mission Accomplished)

Mission #4: Struggling with the Hunt Contract: #B-138957, Capture Ry'Alamadi (Mission Ongoing)

Other Adventures/Missions:

The Grand Jewel Showcase

Outrider guns

"The Event Horizon" in Space Battle: 1D Servo Turrets Blazing!

Areas Discovered:

  • Corellia (Bela Vistal) (Kor Vella) (Tyrena)            
  • Lannik (Palesia)
  • Drifter's Paradise
  • Commenor (More' Shan) (Osterburg)
  • Coruscant
  • Bespin (Cloud City)


Valo Torreno inside his quarters in ship. Notice the light, flexible, yet effective armor.

Characters Met:

Nafrayo (Jedi, Neti Species)

Lykeira (Sith, Human Species)

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