The Dark Spire of Ruusan

Nathanial K'cansce
Council Members
Force Alignment
Dark Side
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The Dark Jedi Code

Through Pain We Gain Experience...
Through Experience We Gain Knowledge...
Through Knowledge We Gain Cunning...
Through Cunning We Gain Strength...
Through Strength We Create Order...
Through Order We Purge Our Weaknesses

What is the Dark Spire of Ruusan? Edit

Formerly the Sovereign Principality of Ruusan, The Dark Spire of Ruusan is a group at the role-playing community. Publicly, the group is a political faction and the current ruling government of the planet Ruusan. Its members act as anything from diplomats and envoys to librarians and cooks, each playing an integral role in the planets society and governmental activities. While the members do perform all of these tasks, in reality they are bonded together for a different purpose. Members of the Sovereign Principality are commonly, but not always, trained in the use of the Force – in particular the Dark Side, considering themselves to be Dark Jedi.

What is the Covenant of Penumbra? Edit

The Covenant is the title by which the Dark Jedi operate under. They operate separate of the government, and with such discretion that not even rumors tell of their existence. In all of galactic history, their has never been a successful gathering of Dark Jedi, and the Penumbra uses this fact to help mask their presence.

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