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From a very tender age, Tionne started showing signs of scientific curiosity she inherited from her father, Snorr Thanewulf, who was a notable sentientologist teaching at the Coruscant Science Academy. Hence her choice of career within the domain of science was logical as it was destined; a path of reason and enlightenment. Upon graduating from Coruscant Science Academy, Tionne hoped to gain academic placement in the Biology department, but her efforts were futile as her stepmother baffled every attempt of Tionne trying to pursue an academic career. Aneraah already had plans for her stepdaughter to marry the son of a Corellian senator in order to further her own political influence. However, much to her own misfortune, Tionne was abducted by a serial killer who tortured her in more ways than one; instead of killing her, he let her go. Disgraced and bitter, Tionne sought sanctuary withing the Jedi Order, both to let herself heal and find meaning and purpose within the Force.


Tionne shares a close connection with her father, Snorr Thanewulf, who was pretty much her guiding hand until she joined the Order. Her biological mother died when she was just four years old, upon getting accidentally infected by a flesh-eating virus on one of Snorr's offworld missions in the Outer Rim. An post-mortal autopsy of her late mother's body disclosed that she died of Knowt's Disease, caused by an yet unknown breed of the Knowt virus. Some three years after her death, Snorr married Aneraah to provide Tionne with a suitable mother, but the redhead never grew close to her. Aneerah, being from more traditional upbringing, always tried to mold Tionne into a good wife and mother, hence deterring her free will and spirit, something Tionne had troubles coping with. During her Jedi training, Tionne estranged somewhat from her entire family and now contacts her father from time to time, mainly to send reports on her scientific research.

Master and ApprenticeEdit

Tionne Thanewulf is trained by the Kiffar Jedi Guardian Demitri Drahmin, who earned his nickname The Wanderer due to his often unannounced leaves of absence from the Order. Tionne appreciates his subtle guidance, yet sometimes complains about the lack of enthusiasm her Master has for training her. Demitri's lax, yet prudent approached has generated independence and humble confidence within her, a trait that will surely prove useful in the future. In the time when her Master was away, Tionne received training from renowned Jedi such as Verrj Cer'Allos, Eddic Tannen, Spark Vallen and N'yssa Farifax

Life within the OrderEdit

Tionne's contacts within the Order tend to be polarized; people either like her or they detest her due to her specific sense of humor and personality. Often providing snide comments at times one would not expect, she stamps almost every discussion with her mark, sometimes heating it up right to the boiling point. Regardless to the fact that she usually babbles a lot, when things get rough, Tionne is usually the first one to react.

Friendship with Satkia Beltrak Edit

~Tionne, if there is one person I have faith in when it comes to the Jedi path, it is you. You are inredibly brilliant, and strong willed. Will you have so called failing moments? We all have. Yet, I strongly believe that you will make the best of it, in the long run. I can't speak for your Master, but I think that he would agree with me if he was here. - Satkia to Tionne during one of their long conversations in her lab

If there is one person who understands Tionne to the full extent, it would be her fellow Jedi Satkia Beltrak. The two confide to each other often, sharing secrets and discussing problems as well as indulging the inevitable art of gossiping from time to time. They function well together on missions, being complimentary within every domain and make a tandem which usually saves the day when all hope is lost.

Relationship with Belis Toobin Edit

~And I will one day give you the stars, the planets and the galaxy. - Belis to Tionne on the Flamewind mission

Tionne's connection with the Mandalorian Belis Toobin is something that could be considered fate. By sheer coincidence, it was the Mandalorian who witnessed her abduction by Eliphas Nurgle and tried to stop it, but failed to do so. Later on, when Tionne joined the Order, the two became close friends as the scientist made the young padawan a new prosthetic arm. It did not take long for the two to develop deeper feelings, finally admitting so on the Flamewind mission where they shared their first kiss. However, their happiness did not last long, with Belis tossing Tionne away to follow the Old Code. His own emotional instability, together with his realization considering a part of Tionne's past made his indulgence a possible path to the Dark Side. Sacrificing their love for the sake of his own prosperity as Jedi, the young Mandalorian broke the hearts of both. Nevertheless, Tionne and Belis still continued to train together, namely while learning Ataru from his Master Verrj Cer'Allos. Swearing to each other that they would both follow the Old Code, they fell back to friendship, occasionally having a spar where Tionne could display her newly acquired skills with the lightsaber, much to Belis' contempt. Their duties kept them apart from some time before the madman Eliphas decided to look for Tionne, invading the Jedi Enclave in doing so. In his maniacal crusade, he captured Guardian Farifax and Apprentice Jin in order to perform experiments on them, hoping this would attract the attention of the redhead. Instead, Belis and Apex Detrazion, now Jedi Knight, hurried to the rescue, but failed to stop the ill-minded genious. Only did Tionne's orange blade stop the murder of the two fellow Jedi, killing Eliphas in the process.

~Tio, don't. Not now.We already fell into that trap, lets not repeat it. - Belis to Tionne following the death of Eliphas Nurgle

However, Eliphas managed to utter his own part of the story before he died, making the puzzle in Belis' mind complete, guilt tumbling down on him for not saving Tionne from her perilous destiny. After all was revealed, Tionne and Belis opened their hearts to each other again, with the Mandalorian pushing her away once again, even when she administered something that was a friendly gesture. It was clear that physical closeness of any kind was now out of the question, as it was too much for both to bear. However, the future of the two is yet clouded and nothing is certain as of yet - for the time being, two Knights remain good friends.

Relationship with Verse Dawnstrider Edit

The Cathar and the redhead share understanding that goes far beyond the borders of carnal and into the very essence of their beings. A subtle play of opposition and challenging during their missions to Kashyyyk and Sacorria induced a series of events that resulted in a close bond upon their return to Yavin. As marriage has little meaning in the Cathar tradition, the two have engaged in the process of tribal mating, where loyalty is pledged for as long as they live. Despite their intimate relationship, Tionne remains the first person the challenge Verse's opinion in discussions that take place in the Council chambers during Knight debriefing.

Personality and TraitsEdit

At first sight, Tionne Thanewulf is the resident cynic, often using sarcasm and irony to prove her point. Hence, many misinterpret her before they get to know her better, to find out that deep down she is really an empathic and caring person, with great capacity to love. Tionne is stubborn and likes to contradict, especially when arguing against a higher ranked Jedi. Tionne is also a firm advocate of Relativism, a rather radical viewpoint that complements her understanding of the Force. She also has a unique way of dealing with the Sith, as she is not easily swayed by verbal arguments of any kind. Keeping her emotions at bay at all times and her relativism allows her to talk to Dark Siders, rather than engage in combat right away.

Disciple of the Living ForceEdit

Tionne Thanewulf is a disciple of the Living Force, a viewpoint considered heresy back in the days of the Old Republic. Due to her deep connection with everything living, the scientist concentrates on here and now, instead of fate and destiny. This approach generates supreme awareness of reality that can prove useful in verbal and physical conflicts alike. Tionne considers death as just another transformation in the endless cycle of life fueled by the Force itself, the Jedi Code tenet There is no death, there is the Force. being the rule she lives by.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


My character was trained by Demitri Drahmin. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities: Force Speed,Force Leap or Force Jump ,Force Pull and Force Push ,Force Throw ,Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy,Force Healing,Force Control Pain,Force Levitation,Force Sense Hand-to-hand combat self defense, Force Empathy

Jedi ApprenticeEdit

My character gained the rank of Jedi Apprentice on 09/10/2008. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Beast Language, Force Resonate

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My character achieved the rank of Jedi Knight on 22/03/2009. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character was bestowed the rank of Jedi Guardian on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character earned the rank of Jedi Master on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Fighting styleEdit

Tionne Thanewulf's primary form is Form 3 - Soresu, with secondary form is Form 4 - Ataru. She wields Ultima Ratio - an yellow/orange/golden lightsaber containing Solari crystals, thus the weapon cannot be wielded by Darksiders.


Ultima Ratio - Tionne's lightsaber

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