NPC Creation

  • You may make as many non-ranked NPC (non player character) type characters as desired to assist with personal storylines and those non-rank seeking characters would not have to join a roleplay group faction. Just remember not to use any information gained from one of the group's against the other group.
  • No Godmoding is allowed by either PC's or NPC's.
  • Only formally accepted members of a Board Faction may create and run NPC's who are members of those Factions for use in their threads. Example: Imperials cannot create Republic NPC's for target practice and vice-versa.
  • There are also no Force-Sensitive NPC's.

Using This Template

  • Step 1. Select and copy all of the code inside the white box below. Only copy the text within the white box. Do not copy the entire box itself. (continue to Step 2 below the white box).

| Name=Name
| Image=Image.png|250px|center
| Full Name=Character Name
| Alias=Alias
| Age=Age
| Height=Height
| Weight=Weight
| Eye=Eye Color
| Hair=Hair Color
| Planet of Residence=Residence
| Species=Species
| Affiliation=Affiliation
| Family=Family
| NPC Creator=NPC Creator
| NPC Use=NPC Use
| Open/Closed/PM to ask=Open/Closed/PM to ask

=NPC Name=

==About the NPC==

(A detailed description of the NPC's appearance, including species, build, hair length/style, typical clothing, and any scars, tattoos, or other distinguishing marks they might have.)

(A detailed description of the NPC's personality. This can and should include things like their opinions on the Jedi/Sith/NR/GE/etc, as well as any mental ticks and quirks they have.)


(A detailed description of the NPC's day-to-day life. This includes where they live - planet, city, and home - as well as their occupation and any other activities that fill their time. Where can the NPC usually be found and what are they doing there?)

(A brief history of the NPC's life, including any important details that might be referred to within IC posts. Please also include any friends, family, and/or enemies the NPC has.)

(A brief description of the NPC's connections with player characters.)

(A detailed description of what skills the NPC has. This can include things like mechanics, scholarly pursuits, fighting skils - including melee and ranged weapons - social and political skills, piloting skills, and skills with electronic devices. Please note, no NPC may use the Force.)

==<u>Roleplaying Thread Links</u>==
[Roleplaying threads will be added here at a later time].

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Creating Your NPC's Page

  • Step 2. Type the NPC's Last Name, First Name into the Input box below, and then click the Create new page button.
  • Step 3. Select the Blank page option in the pop-up box.
  • Step 4. Then paste the template into your new character page. The colors and the look of the template will all match across all character types. Replace the variables with information about your character.
  • Step 5. Click the Save page button at the bottom left of the screen.

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