Baska Tankreyd

Full Name
Baska Tankreyd
Sith Master
Mid Thirties
130 Lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
Heyrina Tankreyd Baschorn (daughter†)

In CharacterEdit



The Tanaab yearsEdit

Born in a farmer family in a little town on Tanaab, the young Baska had never given much of a damn about the familial professional activity, rather despising that rural life. She spent most of her childhood roaming the neighbourhood and learning very young how to fight, as it was what interested her more : getting in trouble and getting out of it the easiest way possible. When she was twelve years old, she became an orphan, and stayed to live in the house she had grew up in, because her older brother took it over, since he had recently got married. As a teenager, the blond girl was starting to learn a bit about commerce and trading, in between of some of her fighting and now flirting. The last part actually earned her to be homeless at the age of fifteen. One day her brother came home only to find her in bed with his wife, leaving him in a state of anger that made him throw Baska away. Gathering her few belongings, she left with pride and never looked back, not bothering about her brother once more in the following years. It was time for her to run away from the lost hole that was Tanaab in her eyes.

A brilliant bounty hunterEdit

Wandering around a few worlds for a few months after having left her homeworld, the young Baska began to work here and there, mostly using her mind and her fists. Yet, she quickly found herself working as a bounty hunter, first in a group, but it didn't last long. Over the next ten years, she forged a very efficient and dangerous reputation in many systems. Black market and assassinations were usual for her by then, and she made quite some money out of all those illicit activities, working for herself before anyone else, which only got easier with the building of the large network of hers, contacts multiplying on various planets.

Tragedy and JailEdit

Around her mid twenties, Baska met a fellow bounty hunter, Denart, whom she fell in love with. Their relationship had been lasting for about three years, when she got pregnant and they were to get married when a tragedy occured, shattering the couple's projects. During a normal business trip, they fell into a trap and Denart got killed in the bombing attack, while Baska barely made it through in one piece, the accident leaving her without child anymore and barren for the rest of her life. The only thing she knew was that she was the target, but up to that day she had no idea who was behind such an attack.

Lost and in turmoil, even prompter than usual to shed some blood, Baska didn't remain for long on her hidden property on Iego, and went to take part in a race, as she happened to do from time to time, this being a hobby of hers. Her victory got questionned and she soon ended in a heated fight with the circuit's owner, resulting in her murdering him out of anger. Sadly, the place was public and she was arrested and sent to jail for three years for her actions. During her time there, Baska kept some of her business running, taking over part of the prison, though waiting to be released, so that she had time to think of where to go next from where she was.

Joining the SithEdit

Once out of jail, Baska allowed herself a few days of holiday, enjoying complete freedom again, including its delightful and spicy pleasures. Yet, it was only a short break, as her real goal was to reach Monto Codru. The tall blond had indeed decided for a few years that the Sith might be the faction she shall join, even if she had always treasured her independence. Fearless and with nothing to lose, Baska stepped in the Sith Temple, and was ready to kill who welcomed her, Aefic Val if that could earn her to be accepted and trained in the ways of the Force. Shortly after, she was becoming a Sith Disciple.

Over the next years, Baska proved her worth amongst the Sith Empire and eventually rose to the rank of Master.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Force AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Speed
  • Force Leap or Force Jump
  • Force Pull and Force Push
  • Force Throw
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy
  • Force Control Pain
  • Force Levitation
  • Force Sense
  • Force Enhancement
  • Force Shield
  • Farseeing
  • Force Masking
  • Force Dark Aura
  • Force of Shadow
  • Force Choke Hold
  • Force Resonate
  • Force Illusions
  • Force Absorb/Dissipate Energy
  • Force Lightning

Fighting StyleEdit

Fighting has been like a second nature to Baska, since she was a child. Becoming an ever more deadly warrior over the years, it is how she unconsciously began to show her Force sensitivity, with almost supra-natural reflexes and such. Despising any form of guns, she is only found using blades or no weapon but her hands and feet. Baska always carries a set of three knives that were crafted for her, the larger one, and the middle one attached at her belt, while the smallest one is kept hidden in her boot. She is now also using a lightsaber, as main weapon.



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