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Jet Skepna

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Jet Skepna
190 lbs
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Other Family
Mother, Tala Skepna
Father, Korbin Skepna

Jet Skepna[edit | edit source]

In Character[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Childhood Jet was born on Concord Dawn to a blacksmith and his wife amid small Mandalorian clans, dwindling in number from the days of Mandalorian glory. At the young age of two years old, Jet's family moved to Nar Shadaa to start anew. They sought a more city-based existance from their life on Concord Dawn. After all, cities were now the main hub for businesses like the profession of Jet's bloodline. Jet's father was a blacksmith skilled in the art of weaponsmithing, with a brief dabbling in armor repair. Korbin, Jet's father, had learned his trade from his father, Jakob. Unlike his father, Korbin had more of a passion for weaponsmithing than armorsmithing. However, the craft of armorsmithing that he learned from his father got Korbin accustomed to working with various types of materials. Korbin had been introduced to smithing at a young age, and he did the same for his son, Jet. The Skepna family "motto" had been passed down through many generations and held strong through the years: "A skill learned early is a skill mastered early." So, at the young age of eight, Korbin had started his apprenticeship under Jakob as an armorsmith. Korbin later changed his focus to crafting blasters and melee weapons. He passed his passion onto Jet, also passing on what knowledge he retained on repairing armor from his father Jakob. Perfection was an obsession of his father and grandfather, as they were once a family that supplied Mandalorian warriors as they headed to battle. In keeping with tradition and family values, Jet began his apprenticeship under his father at age eight.

From the start, Korbin demanded perfection from his young apprentice. From the time he woke up to the time he was allowed to sleep, Jet was put to work learning how to make an effective blade. Bladesmithing was his first lesson to get Jet used to a more simple craft before getting into mechanics of blasters and the finer points of making effective armor. Jet caught on quickly with crafting deadly melee weaponry. His first blades were undoubtedly shotty and dull, but within only a month, his blades became that of near art. They were balanced like no other, light in total weight, and sharp enough to cut clean through an unarmored person. His blades were tested on lethality on dummy humanoid bodies made from a composite material meant to mimic an actual human. After another month of making perfect bladed weaponry, Korbin began a long-winded, detailed instruction on blasters. Jet's first project was disassembly and reassembly of an EE-3 carbine. Repetition was a key skill in mastering the craft of this specialization in weaponsmithing. Jet spent over two years taking apart multiple blasters and reassembling them while Korbin timed Jet to track improvement. As he got faster, he was subjected to piecing together two different blasters from pieces of the two he was instructed to assemble scattered on a table. When he wasn't disassembling or reassembling blasters, he was studying exploded diagrams of the most common blasters in use. By age twelve, he had mastered standard issue Imperial weaponry, among other such firearms. His favorite blaster by far emerged to be the EE-3 carbine he would eventually come to wield in his travels.

The Teenage Years Now at age fourteen, Jet was beginning to actually fabricate weapon parts and learn to fix and modify trigger assemblies on various blasters. Having practically lived and breathed these parts for the last six years, Jet excelled in fabrication and modifications. By age seventeen, there was almost no blaster that Jet couldn't fabricate and assemble, and it became clear that Jet was going to be a major player in the weaponsmithing community. With there being nothing else for Korbin to teach Jet on weaponsmithing, it was time for him to learn the last teir of armorsmithing. Korbin struggled to keep Jet's interest in armor craft. He had made his mind up that he would be a weaponsmith. It was his passion. After only two years, Korbin ceased his attempts to teach Jet about armorsmithing. He had only learned to repair armor at this point in time. At age nineteen, Joakob Skepna, grandfather to Jet, passed away. At the conclusion of his funeral, Korbin took Jet aside at their home in the poverty-stricken depths of Nar Shadaa. Inside a moderately sized footlocker that had been stored in a closet for quite some time laid Jet's inheritance. The footlocker had a fine layer of dust on it and was marked "Property of Skepna Smithing," a small company that Jet's grandfather had for a short period of time several years before the Battle of Yavin. Korbin unlocked the footlocker and motioned Jet to look inside.

Jet opened the dust-covered container and first removed a familiar item that was laid to rest atop the contents within: a dark blue helmet with a T-shaped visor. Jet looked with optomistic curiostiy at his father, who silently encouraged Jet to keep digging through the contents. Following the silent instruction of his father, the next item he removed was hand-crafted Mandalorian-influenced armor that matched the helmet he had just discovered and bore a black Mandalorian skull, centered on the chestpiece. The armor excited Jet as he kept searching the contents. Under the armor, Jet found a pair of gauntlets that had been designed to allow for modifications for small weapons and/or distraction/trapping devices. But the item that made Jet's inheritance better than credits or an estate laid at the bottom: a Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack with added storage compartments for anything from data pads to lockbreakers to grenades and everything in between. Jet looked upon the equipment left to him from his grandfather in awe. His father patted him on the back and left the room. Jet replaced the items and left the room. This moment in his life was to be the catalyst in the decisions he made throughout his life. He valued the armor and equipment his grandfather left him more than anything. He had been filled with tales of Mandalorian glory since he was a boy no more than four years of age. Now, he had part of that legacy.

Imperial Life Despite his lack of care for Imperial agenda, Jet took a job repairing blasters for Imperial Troopers. His favorite jobs were trigger modifications for Imperial snipers. Jet quickly became the go-to man for Imperial troops. He made and adjusted scopes, lightened trigger pulls, increased fire rates for various blaster models, and increased maximum round capacities. While employed under the Empire, he acquired parts to EE-3's that his superiors deemed "unrepairable, even for the masterful skills of Jet Skepna." It took him only a year to attain all the pieces necessary to make his own EE-3 carbine. He reduced the trigger pull by half and doubled the fire rate ability. Additionally, he added a rate of fire selector so he could fire single shots if he ever needed the accuracy for eventually adding a scope. But that was down the road quite a ways. At age twenty-two, only two years after beginning his armory within the Imperial Army, he decided he would branch out to other firearms. In order to gain more credits, he began repairing and modifying firearms for the New Republic out of his home in Nar Shadaa's middle-class sector. It didn't take very long for the Empire to discover his at-home shop, although it took them longer than Jet expected. Luckily, he wasn't home when the Imperials destroyed his personal shop. Deciding that it was time to move on, Jet managed to grab most of his tools and the items left for him by his grandfather before he left for a new life elsewhere in the galaxy. He made his way to Coruscant, where he settled down and began life anew as an armorer for the New Republic. Although he was skilled, his past as an Imperial armorer was known, and he wasn't much liked by soldiers of his new alliegence. He made what he could of it, and despite some animostiy toward what he once was, he was now the highest paid weaponsmith in the system at only age tewnty-four.

Shootin' & Slashin' With Korbin Aside from being a skilled, well-rounded blacksmith, Korbin was a solid marksman. He had once been a soldier for the Empire, quickly earning the Empire's most difficult marksmanship decorations to earn. It was a decoration that displayed him as one of the Emporer's top ten marskmen. Between teaching him how to make weapons, Jet was taught how to use them. After all, what was a weaponsmith if said "weaponsmith" didn't know how to use his products? He was a natural born shot, quickly learning to properly sight in a target. His trigger pull was flawlessly steady and true. The bullseyes of the targets his father had set up for him might as well have been constructed as holes with the deadly accuracy Jet had quickly developed. Korbin moved Jet onward in his marksmanship development by integrating moving targets and shooter movement into his training. Eventually, Jet had progressed into split-second "shoot/don't shoot" scenarios in the small range Korbin had access to from the authorities on Nar Shadaa, given what his profession provided for them. Jet had impecable accuracy at all ranges from 10 meters all the way up to 500 meters away. It didn't take him nearly as long to master his basic shooting skills as it did his smithing skills. In just three short years, he had mostly perfected his marksmanship. With that, Korbin introduced Jet to hand-to-hand and melee combat, should he ever need to know those skills for future conflicts, justifying the lessons by telling him that he may be called to battle someday.

His melee training was short, albeit slightly longer than his hand-to-hand lessons. They utilized blades Jet had crafted at the start of his blacksmithing instruction to avoid possibility of inflicting more serious wounds on each other. Korbin knew little of melee combat, but he felt it was sufficient what little knowledge he had to get Jet through any sticky situation he may find himself in, if such a situation was in his future. Each step was to be matched with a specific counter-step in swordsmaship. Each attack would be fast, and Jet would have to learn expeditious and effective counters to such attacks with effective defense followed smoothly by a counter-attack. Thrusts and slashes were the primary attacks focused upon while the parry was a favored counter. Jet never really cared for the "melee dance" as he referred to it, but in the back of his mind, he knew it would be necessary knowledge should he ever face opponents in close combat. He would continue to practice his swordsmanship and marksmanship in his spare time to keep his skills sharp. He valued combat skills as much as he did his developing progression.

The Unveiling Saga Aged now to twenty-four standard years, Jet was settled into life on Coruscant. His life had, in the eyes of outsiders, hit a downward spiral as he was informally ostrisized by both the Galactic Empire and most of the New Republic. Fortunately for him, criminals could afford to pay big money for modded weapons, which was fine with Jet in all aspects. Nothing he did wwas illegal to his knowledge. Living in the underbelly of Coruscant with the criminals, it was hard to play dumb with authorities, but in the eyes of the law on Coruscant, his shop was completely legal, thus it remained open. His business was now primarily swoop gangs, which was fine with Jet. Eventually, however, he knew something had to give. Would he be called back to the Empire's forces, or would the New Republic come knocking at his door? Time would only tell, and Jet was willing to sit back and let his destiny unfold.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jet Skepna has a strong background in weaponsmithing and general marskmanship, making him a deadly foe with nearly any ranged weapon.

Family[edit | edit source]

Korbin Skepna (father), Tala Skepna (mother), Jakob Skepna (grandfather, deceased)

Training and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Jet recieved all of his hands-on training from his father, Korbin Skepna, a former soldier of the Empire. He recieved extensive marksmanship training from his father in a multitude of scenarios and conditions while progressing through his weaponsmith studies.

Personal Armor[edit | edit source]

The personal armor set of Jet Skepna was crafted by his grandfather some years before he was born. The helmet is a traditional T-shaped visor set in a ddark blue dome build. The rest of the Mandalorian-inspired armor follows suit in color pattern with navy blue plating set over a slightly lighter blue armor weave that is flexible in nature to allow for maximum range of motion. The chestpiece features a black Mandalorian skull. Equipped on his back is a Mitronomo Z-6 jetpack. Additionally, the gauntlets on Jet's armor are modifiable to exchange parts to accomodate various darts and other weapons.

Bladed Weapons[edit | edit source]

Jet primarily uses vibroblades for any melee situation he may find himself in.

Special Weapons[edit | edit source]

Special weapons wielded by Jet Skepna include cconcussion, frag, and stun grenades, thermal detonators, wrist-mounted dart guns, EE-3 carbine, and dual Westar-34 blaster pistols

Hand to Hand Combat[edit | edit source]

Jet has no formal hand-to-hand form of combat. His experience in this form of combat merely extends to schoolyard brawls.

=Personal Spacecraft[edit | edit source]

Firespray-31 class patrol and attack craft aka "The Hunter's Mark"

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