Rama Sha

Full Name
Prince Rama Ramierz Sha III
Sith Master
Darth Shatan,
Leonardo "Lenny" Nero.
but appears mid 30s.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Ord Mantel
Nuriko Hessan Sha (Whereabouts Unknown)
Other Family

Father: King Mogual Sha (deceased)
Mother: Queen Cindra Sha (Deceased)
Brother: King Trace Sha
Half-Sister: Princess Alisa Sha

Daughter: Kali Sha

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Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Rama Sha is the younger of two sons born to King Mogul and Queen Cindra of Ord Mantell. From birth Rama was trained to be part of the ruling class. When the great plague came to his home world not even the Royal family was safe. Rama was only 5 when his mother died, but it shaped his future destiny. His mother's death left a great saddness in his heart, and changed him from a happy-go-lucky child, to a dark repressed loner.

Several years after his Mother's death, a territory dispute brought Ord Mantell to the brink of war. The Senate dispatched a Jedi Knight to settle the conflict and bring order back to the planet. The Jedi ignored Ord Mantell's claims and returned all the land taken back to Ord Mantell's enemies. Although upset by this King Mogul accepted it, but the people's anger over the situation gave rise to many revolutionary groups that would later over-throw the monarchy. The Jedi also noticed how strong the Force was with Rama and his older brother Trace. He asked permission to take them both back to Coruscant to train them as Jedi. Mogul refused to let him take Trace as he was Heir to the throne, but allowed Rama to be trained. Rama did not want to leave, but the Jedi assured him that they could teach him to control his fear and sadness so Rama agreed to go back with him.

Rama trained until the age of 18 when he attained the rank of Jedi Knight, but soon after his promotion an old wound tore wide open. Word was sent that a revolution had taken place on his home world. His father had been executed, his brother exiled, and he was a wanted man. A wave of feelings that Rama had trained so hard to master came flooding back in. He tried to hide this from the other Jedi as best he could, but deep down he blamed them and his master for what had happened. Soon he met Lady Mara Jade, the leader of the Sith Empire. She seemed to understand what was happening to him and they became romantically involved. It was getting harder and harder for Rama to hide what was going on, as his behavior changed to that of impatient rebel's as he fell deeper and deeper into the Darkside.

During a fight with the Mad Sith Lord Bromine, Rama lost his right arm to his saber blade. A very crude robotic arm was made to replace it. Rama hated this and began wearing a full arm glove to hide it. Rama's anger and sadness soon turned to rage. He could no longer go on being Jedi, the darkside had completely consumed him. He left the Jedi Order to join up with the Sith Empire. He began to learn the secrets of the Darkside from his new Master, Bromine. In the Sith, Rama found the power and respect that the Jedi had never given him but his relationship with Mara soon fizzled out and he was alone once again.

Soon Rama begin to have to fight the very people he grew up with. During an especially nasty bout with Garik Logran, Rama's body was destroyed. Only through cloning technology was his life saved. After Rama's "rebirth" he continued to serve the Sith. He trained his first apprentice, an another turned Jedi, Auriga, and was the first Sith to be given the rank of Warrior. He opened up a small business on the side called Rama's Corner, a bar where all the the combatants could come to kick back and relax. He also restored his Vanguard Ae3 Scoutship that was a going away present from his father but had fallen into disrepair when he was Jedi. The newly rebuilt "Star Phoenix" became one of Rama's trademarks, using it to quickly enter or leave battles.

During a recruiting mission Rama met someone who would change his life forever. From the first moment he saw Nuriko Hessen, he knew he was in love. Soon he was spending most of his time with her and the more he talked to her the more enchanted he became. His first marriage proposal was turned down, but after an extended courtship they were engaged to be married. After his engagement, Rama learned of the retirement of Bromine, his Master and current Leader of the Sith Empire. Even though he considered himself only a grunt, Rama was named Leader and he and Nuriko were married before the whole Sith Empire. Although his anger and lust for power remained, the sadness that had plagued Rama for so long was finally gone.

Recently Rama returned to his home of Ord Mantell, to reclaim his home world and punish those who had wronged him, but he was never expecting what he found. Frozen in Cryo sleep in the lab under the castle was his long lost brother Trace, who he thought had be exiled. As big a shock as that was, there was a bigger one. Rama had a little sister named Alisa who had also been Frozen. After Reuniting with his brother and his sister Rama returned home for yet another shock Nuriko, Rama's wife, was Pregnant.

Rama is one of the few Dark Jedi, a person who attained the rank of Jedi Knight and then turned to the Darkside. He believes the Sith should be run like a mafia, a money making business instead of an army. He also believes in fate and thinks everything happens for a reason. He puts much faith in this and believes that fate brought him and Nuriko together.


Nuriko Hessen Sha (Wife)
Mogul Sha (Father) [deceased]
Cindra Ka Sha (Mother) [deceased]
Trace Sha (Brother)
Alisa Sha (Half Sister)
Fujiko Hessen (Sister-in-Law)

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