Xylan Ryyk

Full Name
Xylan Ryyk
Sith Lord
Darth Letifer
1.83 Meters
185 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Storm Malystryx
Other Family
Athena Somir – Mother Darth Zeta – Brother

Character Name

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Xylan Ryyk was born on the planet Coruscant. Attuned to the Dark Side of the Force at a young age, he was targeted by the Jedi as a possible threat. Due to the constant teasing and pestering of the locals, Xylan began to bottle up all of his anger. At a time, that anger burst through and the result was the destruction of the building his family and others lived in. Fleeing upon a merchant ship, Xylan worked for them up into his older teenage years where he came across the knowledge of the Sith. Ending his relationship with the merchants, he traveled to Munto Codru where he was accepted into the Sith Empire as a Disciple of the Sith. Trained by Athena Somir for most of his life alongside a Zabbrak named Zeta whom he considered a brother, Athena eventually adopted Xylan as her own son. Achieving the rank of Sith Warrior under her tutelage, Xylan left with his Master when she fled Munto Codru to continue his training. Eventually returning back to the Sith Empire, Xylan has achieved the rank of Sith Lord. Apart from being a Sith, Xylan is also a skilled Assassin. His training gives him a heightened advantage in combat. Stalking in the shadows, he strikes quick, killing on a whim.


Xylan Ryyk had a mother and a father, but due to an accident that resulted in memory loss of his childhood, their names are lost forever. He considers Athena Somir his mother and Darth Zeta a brother.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Sith KnightEdit

My character achieved the rank of Sith Knight on 02/18/2008. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Speed, Force Leap, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Throw, Force Communication, Force Control Pain, Force Levitation, Force Sense, Force Shield, Force Resonate, Force Enhancement, Farseeing, Force Masking, Force Dark Aura, Force of Shadow, Force Choke Hold, Force Electronic Communication

Sith LordEdit

My character was bestowed the rank of Sith Lord on 12/04/2008. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Absorb, Force Illusions, Force Lightning

Sith MasterEdit


No current Apprentices.

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My name is Michael C. Fancher. I was born September 29th, 1986 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have been role playing in the Star Wars Universe since 1998. I was 12. I started in the Talk City chat rooms as Lord Ryyk and Scout Trooper Alpha 9. After the chats, I found my way to in 2003 where I have been role playing since.

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