Dylan NormalAttire

Full Name
Dylan Riley
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Belgar, Belgaroth (not born, but considers it home)
The Black Sun
Other Family
Morgan Riley (Father - deceased), Mother Unknown, Siblings Unknown

Dylan Riley

In CharacterEdit


  • Schooling: Imperial - Academy of Carida
  • Rank Obtained: Lieutenant (Dishonorably Discharged)
  • Ship: Morgan (named after her father) ─
  • Weapons: A280 Blaster Rifle, 6" Vibroblade (hardly ever used)
  • Hobbies: Sabacc, Drinking, Shooting ─ in that order


Dylan goes for simple. She wears no makeup unless dressing the part for a job. She wears her chestnut hair down when lounging and up in a pony-tail when in the shop or out in the field. Her hands are found callused from working with them day in and out and her nails are filed short. A bracelet of leather and beads is wrapped several times around her left wrist, a gift from a client. Her attire is comfortable and effortless consisting of a bland colored tank or shirt and dark, skin hugging, jean type material pants. A dark brown leather jacket is often worn and considered part of her visage. Multiple belts can be found around her figure. One at her waist to hold her pants, another loosely hanging at her hips, cocked to the right holding the Blaster. A Vibroblade is cinched around her left thigh and a small Blaster can be found in her calf high boots.


After having been a yes sir individual for 5 years, Dylan found she much preferred speaking her mind when asked. Although she tends to sit back and watch, silently calculating everything around her like she would a piece of machinery, she won't hesitate to speak the truth or call someone out. She has a dry sense of humor and even if finding something extremely amusing might not show it in the manner most would. She takes her work extremely seriously, often not having the time for pleasure. However, when there is time, she will find a table in the region for a game of sabacc and drinking, socializing like anyone without something to hide. Having grown up around men, machines and weapons her entire life she is often pegged as a tomboy - just one of the guys - and she prefers it that way. Her name is often confused with a man's and she finds in her line of business it helps as most would not do the same dealings with a known woman. Rarely, her feminine side is able to show itself on few missions where she takes on a different persona. She finds it a fun game to act as an aristocratic, haughty woman.


Pre Imperial DaysEdit

Dylan grew up in an Imperial family. For the first 5 years of her life she was moved from one facility to another until finally her father was stationed on Belgaroth as a machinist and weapons expert for the Galactic Empire's testing facility. At the age of 1 her mother disappeared. She found no answers from her father later in life and still has no idea who her mother was or whether or not she has any siblings. Growing up, Dylan became adept with machines and weapons having worked alongside her father. She led a simple life tinkering and building things, had little friends, and no real dreams. Her father often pushed and prodded her to study and learn in hopes that she would get accepted into one of the Imperial Academies. She loved her father dearly, but had no desire to enter and instead wasted her days modifying weapons and testing them. At the age of 22 a freak accident on one of the testing grounds resulted in several dead soldiers, technicians, and her father. After sulking around for months she decided that it was time to live up to what her father wanted and began studying and preparing herself for the entrance exam into the Imperial Academy. At that point in time she didn't really care which one took her in as long as she was given proper training, schooling, and succeeded above her piers. Having aced every exam, specifically the knowledge and use of weapons in combat, Dylan found herself on a ship to Carida. She had been accepted into the pristine Academy of Carida despite having heard the prejudice against women.

Imperial DaysEdit

Life on Carida was challenging. Being a young woman in a predominately male community made it tough for Dylan to concentrate on her studies. She did her fair share of partying, but when it came down to it she would spend hours preparing for a test and learning everything she possibly could. She excelled in weapons training and combat but had mediocre marks in flight and leadership. If it didn't involve taking something apart and putting it back together with improved modifications, it didn't hold much of an interest to her. In her second (of 4) year at the Academy, Dylan managed to fall into the wrong crowd. She found herself trafficking weapons she had modified herself not only for the students but for some troops and even instructors. Her and her little band became quite good at making extra money, she had even gotten into playing different characters when selling the goods. By the time they graduated they had a small little business that had spread throughout the Carida System. Dylan graduated with honors, making Lieutenant alongside many others in her class. She went on to do several small missions for the Galactic Empire for about a year before her identity as one of the weapon trafficking cohorts was made. They dishonorably discharged her for illegally supplying weapons.

Post Imperial Days to RecentEdit

Morgan Pursuer-class

Morgan, Dylan Riley's Pursuer-class enforcement ship.

After leaving the services of the Galactic Empire, Dylan and her associates parted ways, but not before getting the name of a very up and coming talented weapons designer, who was just about to graduate from the Imperial Prime University. She made a quick ship purchase with her stash of credits, buying the first thing she set eyes on. She promptly named it Morgan after her father. It took several weeks to get all the necessary pieces in place and the Morgan up and running. By that time, her potential employee had graduated and was about to be whisked away to work. She intercepted and talked a young man by the name of Spencer "Hotch" Hotchins into joining her.


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About the RoleplayerEdit

This character is played by Jennifer, a veteran Roleplayer that got her start in the TalkCity chatrooms in 1999. Jennifer is currently 26 years old. She is a graphic designer and enjoys using her abilities to help with character signatures (when she's not being lazy).

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