"Life is beautiful and intricate. There are lessons to be learned in every aspect of existence; from and beyond the Force itself; personal and worldly; physically, mentally and spiritually, in every domain." -Remus to Satkia Beltrak


Full Name
Joseph Ferran (born Joseph Morrow)
Jedi Apprentice
Remus, Eko, Arto, O
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
Sara Ferran (adopted mother - deceased)

Cid Ferran (adopted father - deceased)

Dimitri Morrow (blood father - deceased)

Alexandra Morrow (blood mother - deceased)

Cecilia Morrow (blood sister - deceased)

Sophia Gallagher (blood half-sister)


Once a Sith Warrior, Remus had always found himself rejecting conventional Sith teachings, much preferring the study of universal balance between Dark and Light. Always the philosopher and scholar, he eventually drove himself away from the Sith to become a Jedi, although would sooner call himself a 'Grey Jedi' than anything else. He idolises the ancient Je'daii civilisation - the 'grey' precursors to the Jedi - and their teachings of balance between the Dark and Light Side, and secretly hopes to one day revive their teachings.

A scientist by default, Remus has grown fascinated in midi-chlorians and their connection with lifeforms and the Force, as well as the connections and relationships between the Light side and the Dark side. Slowly, he builds his library of universal knowledge that he so desperately strives towards accomplishing.


Early Days

Growing up in the underworlds of Coruscant, Joseph Ferran had a rough upbringing. Born into a poor family with a sick mother, he was an only child that suffered from regular physical abuse from an often-drunk father. When he was 15 years of age, his mother died causing his father to lose what little amount of sanity he had in him and beat Joseph within an inch of his life. In one violent instance, Joseph nearly died, but felt himself rushed with a burst of hidden energy and power which motivated him to retaliate, resulting in him stabbing his father repeatedly until his demise.

In roughly a year's time, Joseph managed to find a way off of Coruscant, after hearing news of a smuggler vessel docked nearby the slums of his home. He was able to sneak aboard the vessel heading off-world, during which he hijacked the ship. He killed the smugglers and sold their goods to the original buyer which, by shear luck, landed him with a series of further smuggling jobs.

For a year he smuggled his way through the ranks of the underworld, and met his soon-to-be love of his life, Lola Alenier, a fellow smuggler of about the same age as him. They decided to settle down, where Joseph would start a new life with her and make a living as a farmer and trader. Unfortunately, the relationship was shortlived and Joseph was betrayed by his lover due to threats of murder for both of them. He left Lola to the fates and returned to space, smuggling for another 10 years...

The only salvagable image of Remus before his time with the Sith (during his time on Stars' End).

He moved from one planet to another as a smuggler and thief under the aliases 'Eko', 'Arto' and 'O'. For a short time was imprisoned in Stars' End, where he met Bane, who became a good friend to him, until he managed to escape and continue his smuggling work. He eventually heard news of The Sith Empire recruiting and, tired of the routined lifestyle he had set himself in, thought it could be a chance to hone his abilities and open a new chapter…

Joining the Sith and Becoming Reborn

"Eko died with his 'family'. I am reborn now. I am now... Remus." -Remus after murdering his family

Upon joining the The Sith Empire, Remus, then known as Eko, quickly developed a rivalry with fellow Sith Disciple Lynnia, confronting her on numerous occasions often resulting in verbal and sometimes physic

al attacks. His constant teasing was suddenly silenced when Lynnia gave him a lesson he would not soon forget.

Training under the ever watchful gaze of Mandalorion Darth Heretic, Remus quickly picked up on his Force training, learning basic Telekinesis very quickly, however soon after, Heretic disappeared from the Sith temple, leaving Eko's training unfinished. This was finally resolved, however, when the Echani Raien Keth offered to train him after an encounter in a ruin on Munto Codru.

Remus reborn.

After some time of training, Remus began to have visions and nightmares regarding his past, and soon journeyed to Maridun with his master to confront his innermost demons. There he discovered the truth of his parents - His biological parents were a happy, prosperous family with a daughter, who abandoned Remus upon his birth. When he learned about this, Remus lost his mind and killed the whole family, and later moved to destroy the entire village where they were residing. At this same time, Bane, an old friend of Remus and now a Jedi, happened to be there by coincidence and attempted to reason with Remus, but to no avail, and the slaughter continued. It was at this moment where the man known as Eko ceased to exist and Remus was born.

Promotion to Warrior, Building of Alliances and the Claiming of a Servant

“Remus, besting every challenge I have put before you, you kneel a disciple and rise a warrior, able to go forth as you desire from these walls in the service of the Empire.” -Raien Keth

Shortly after these events, Remus was awarded the rank of Sith Warrior and all of the freedoms it included. He began travelling the galaxy once again, looking for unique and rare parts to contribute to the construction of his lightsaber. On his travels he met the Lirit Stian, a Ryn Jedi whom Remus took an almost instant

liking to. With her assistance, Remus claimed a part for his lightsaber from an old contant he claimed during his smuggling years, however was later attacked by an old nemesis hired to hunt him down. During the small ensuing alleyway fight, Remus received a shot to the arm. This was easily remedied, however, with the persistance of Lirit to use the bacta that Remus had stocked in his ship. From there they parted ways.

Cailín, Remus' wyrwulf companion.

Whilst travelling into the forests of Munto Codru one morning, Remus stumbled across a pack of young, feral wyrwulves. The biggest, although not the alpha, took greatest interest in the Sith. A small squabble broke out between this wyrwulf and the alpha, who quickly left along with the rest of the pack, leaving Remus and the wyrwulf alone. A predatorial beast shortly appeared afterwards and attacked the two. Remus fought the creature for at least half an hour until finally killing it, proving his dominance and strength to the present wyrwulf. Recognising the strength, she then proceeded to follow him, becoming his loyal companion. Remus' train of thought lead to the plan of raising the young canine to adult, humanoid life, when by then she would remain loyal as she did in animal form, and would act as Remus' servant and student. However, time would tell...

Not long after these events, the Warrior took his new wyrwulf companion along with him to Coruscant alongside the Sith Knight Darth Proeliator. Together, they sweeped the building in search for artifacts, tools and knowledge, although they activated a defence mechanism from the Temple along the way. Fortunately, they quickly dispatched of them and made an easy escape.

Further Training, Independent Philosophies and Lifechanging Events

Shortly after this time, Remus helped Darth Proeliator in recruiting Ashaiya, a wild 14 year old, into the Sith. Impressed with her audition, he ultimately contributes to her fate with joining. Not long after, Remus travels to Onderon, taking in the history of the area. There, he meets the Dark Jedi Alen Na'Varro and a spat of battle explodes in an alleyway between the two, before Remus makes a swift escape, mocking Na'Varro all the while. After some meditation, he predicted that this meeting would not be their last.

Eventually, Remus travelled to Coruscant for business reasons, and whilst doing so meets Bane, his old friend whom he betrayed on Mariduun. Suddenly, the guilt of everything he had done to him hit him all in one instant. He also felt the pain for his adopted mother, Sara Ferran, the only person to ever love him, on the exception of Bane. Completely stricken with pain and remose, Remus broke down and fled Bane's presence. This event and all the events building up to these moments started to haunt him terribly, so he attempted to heal himself via meditation and, when that failed, constant walking through the wilderness of Munto Codru. During his walks, he stumbled across the Sith Knight Fari-Fax, who he seeemd to share some manner of mutuality with. Together, they walked back to the Sith Temple, discussing their philosophies and opinions, yet avoiding their real reasons for being so far out in the wilds.

Still finding no resolve to his thoughts, and trying to avoid the ultimate, Remus traveled to Drifter's Paradise in hopes of forgetting all about himself, his worries and everything to do with the Sith, for a small amount of time at least. There, he met Princess Terra Drakontas who he began to discuss professionally with about financing her home planet in exchange for trade perks.

Around this time, the Warrior also began to seek out the training of other Sith Knights, frustrated with the disappearance of his current master, and giving no mind to the concept of loyalty. He learned the power of Force manipulation and resonance from Sith Knight Baska Tankreyd, which helped him greatly in his persuits of power on Xextos, giving him greater influence over his subjects. He also studied Makashi (Form II) under the instruction of Darth Proeliator.

Remus, the free-thinking Sith.

Remus later met the young Ashaiya once more and learns of her preference of mind over matter. Secretly he became irritated that he was not the right rank to train her himself, thinking they would be a great duo, but he expresses his own personal philosophies onto her; philosophies of independent mind and, in some way, disloyalty to the Sith Empire. However, he was careful not to tread too far into the realms of opinions, for fear of being overheard or betrayed.

Unfortunately, Remus' history finally caught up with him. Still stricken with grief and haunted by what he had done to Bane, and his inability to help his mother from well over a decade ago. Sending a holomessage to Lirit, asking to meet her on Coruscant, Remus travelled to the place of his birth, slowly degrading into a jittering nervous wreck. When he arrived, with Lirit, he entered the remains of his old home, which shortly fell onto the duo. For a time, Remus was unconscious, yet received a vision of his mother, who spoke directly to him, reassuring him that he did not cause any pain in her life, nor was her death his fault. This eventually caused Remus to let go of his pain and guilt, and he experienced a spiritual reawakening.

Defection To The Jedi

After the moments of personal salvation on Coruscant, Remus began to question himself as a person, most of all as a Sith. He started to value life much more, and eventually transformed his crime syndicate, Eko Enterprises, into an honest transportation and trading company. He began to find himself stumbling across more and more Jedi, including Guardian Satkia Riker, Master Amalia Braska and Terrance Wilkinson. Pondering on the Force, he understood that it was guiding him towards another path. He visited the Jedi tavern on Yavin to make more sense of his thoughts. There he re-encountered Lirit and Terrance as well as meeting a relatively newer Jedi by the name of Talitha Vadoma. His discussions with them only further amplified his contemplations.

Remus, the Jedi.

Finally, Remus made the decision to leave, but he had one more thing to do first. Back on Munto Codru, he summoned Ashaiya to see him at his quarters. To her he said his goodbyes, but not before giving the young Sith his long-used, much-trusted dagger, as an heirloom of sorts. With Cailín, he left his life on Munto Codru behind, but was sure he and Ashaiya would meet again, some day.

To Yavin he travelled, to follow his destiny, and over a process lasting but a few weeks, the Jedi Council took him in. Master Satkia Beltrak took him under her wing, thus beginning his long path of Jedi training...


During his time on Munto Codru, Remus stumbled across the young wyrwulf that became to be known as Cailín, who very quickly became a loyal companion. The two gradually developed a Force bond, to the point where they both share very similar thoughts most of the time, all the while maintaining their own psychological independence. So far, Cailín remains a young canine, but Remus has plans to train her fervently when she grows into a humanoid.

Frozen Star

The lobby area for Frozen Star.

Slowly, Remus began to build up a small crime syndicate on Nar Shaddaa, leading it until the pseudonym of 'O'. Having gained many contacts from over a decade of smuggling, he was swiftly able to form a business with regular income, naming it Frozen Star. Whilst the majority of Frozen Stars' business came from smuggling, it also included loan sharking, gambling, extortion, kidnapping and, occasionally, slave trading. The syndicate developed contacts within the Hutt Cartel and Black Sun, and soon became rather infamous, attracting a lot of attention from various law enforcement organisations.

Around the time Remus returned to his former home on Coruscant with Lirit Stian, the syndicate's headquarters were raided by Imperial agents. From that point on, Remus washed his hands of Frozen Star. Yet the company lives on, continuing to deal unsavoury business.

Physical Features

Remus wears a ring with his blood family's insignia. It was obtained from his blood father after he murdered his family in Maridun out of revenge. He initially wore it as both a mockery and a trophy. Now, as a Jedi, he wears it as a symbol of what he once was, and a reminder never to fall to such levels again.

The Morrow family ring, taken violently by Remus during the slaughter of the Morrow family and their village.

Training and Abilities

Jedi Padawan

Remus was trained by Satkia Wayne in the following Force skills and abilities:

  • Jedi Philosophy
  • Force Persuasion / Telepathy / Mind Speak
  • Force Pull / Push
  • Force Speed
  • Force Jump
  • Force Control Pain
  • Force Sense
  • Force Throw
  • Force Levitation
  • Force Beast Language
  • Lightsaber Combat Form I: Shii-Cho

Jedi Apprentice

Remus was trained by Satkia Wayne in the following Force skills and abilities:

  • Lightsaber Combat Form II: Makashi
  • Force Shield
  • Force Resonate


Early Days With The Sith

The Reworkings Of A Man - Remus, then known as Eko, steps into the Sith temple for the first time and is recruited into their ranks, meeting Lynnia and Heretic for the first time.

Just An Echo Of The Past [training] - Remus has his first lesson with Darth Heretic, taking his first steps into the Force.

New Blood - Remus is taught a lesson from his fellow disciple Lynnia, who explodes in anger at him due to his arrogance.

A Dark Corner... A Very Dark One! - Remus meets and exchanges pleasantries with Galvin and Sirus Varian.

Twilight Temples, The Irish Restored To Black - Remus meets Darth Surtr, who later becomes his master, and explores a ruin filled with ancient secrets, battling with a terentatek along the way. He also gains a lightsaber crystal during this expedition.

Joining Surtr

It All Has To Start Somewhere - Remus swears his allegiance to the teachings of Darth Surtr and receives visions of his past's hidden truths.

Conquering Temple Ridge [training] - Remus, now with a new master, Darth Surtr, learns alongside Sianna extensively about the Force as well as several deeper lessons about life.

Confronting One's Past... - Remus discovers the truth about his parents and is reborn, changing his moniker from Eko to Remus after slaughtering a village with his master. He also has a bout with the mercenary Tal Kote and the Jedi, his old friend, Bane Shosten, who he attacks mindlessly, resulting in the loss of Bane's arm.

Way Of The Saber [training] - Remus learns from his temporary master, Darth Reverence, in the art of basic lightsaber combat.

Into The Pit [duel] - Remus tests his newly learned skills in lightsaber combat against his master Surtr.

Remus' Rebirth And Ascension [promotion] - Remus is promoted to the rank of Warrior by his master Surtr.

A Darkness Ready To Be Nourished [recruitment] - Remus reunites, reluctantly, with his former lover Lola Alenier who wishes to join the Sith, which causes him to temporarily lose control of his emotions. He gives Lola a series of questions that hopefuls are always asked, albiet with more malice than usual, before leaving in anger, allowing Darth Zeta to continue the test.

Surtr's Disappearance & Remus' Independence

Foul Atmospheres - Remus has an unannounced social gathering with his fellow disciple Sianna as well as meeting the disciple Layla Cimmerian.

A Reunion Overdue [duel] - Remus meets with his old friend Galvin, who returns after disappearing to train devoutly, and has a quick, friendly spar with him, in which he loses.

Convergence On Little Coruscant - Remus travels to Nar Shaddaa in order to find a diatium power cell for his lightsaber and meets the quirky Jedi Padawan Lirit Stian along the way.

Leader Of The Pack - Remus finds a young wyrwulf in the forests of Munto Codru and claims her as a companion, with the intention of making her, in her later humanoid form, his servant and student.

Ravaging The Halls Of The Dead - After an invitation from Darth Proeliator, Remus travels with the Sith Knight and his wyrwulf Cailín to the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, finding instances of trouble on the way...

Stepping In To Hell [recruitment] - Remus assists in the recruitment of 14-year-old Ashaiya.

Clashing With 'Rivals' - Remus travels to Onderon where he meets the Dark Jedi Alen Na'Varro. The meeting quickly turns into a fight from which Remus ultimately escapes from.

Return - Remus meets with his old friend Bane Shosten, which brings back painful memories for both of them.

Unexpected Encounters Troubled by recent events involving Bane, Remus walks long distances across the Munto Codru landscape and stumbles across the Sith Knight Fari-Fax.

An Interesting Meeting - Remus travels to Drifter's Paradise and meets the Jedi Princess Terra Drakontas - neither of them realising the truth of their Force abilities and allegiances.

The Blonde Storm [training] - Impatient with the absence of his master, Remus seeks to learn Force abilities under the guidance of Baska Tankreyd.

We Meet Again Remus and Ashaiya meet again after their initial encounter during Ashaiya's recruitment and shares his personal philosophies, most of which appearing contradictive of those of the Sith.

A Moment In Time [single post] - Remus tries hard find peace with himself, in regards to memories of Bane and his mother, but finds nothing but more sadness.

Payback - Remus, while visiting one of his first clients for Eko Enterprises, meets the Republic Intel leader Maggewetok - under the guise of Shadow - who, coincidentally, has a score to settle with the very same client, and uses this opportunity to forge an alliance with the Republic leader.

The Contention Form [training] - Impatient with the absence of his master, and deciding how little he cares about the word 'loyalty', Remus seeks out Darth Proeliator to continue his training in lightsaber combat, focusing on the Makashi form.

Solace Of The Echani: Homecoming - Taking advantage of the state that Raien Keth had left Xextos in, Remus travels to the Echani planet, corrupting the minds of the council to do his own bidding, until Hana Quane returns to find answers with her daughter Ressa, who has travelled for her trials of womanhood. The corrupted minds of the Xextos council bring Hana into submission and imprison her, forcing Ressa to escape the planet. Shortly after, Remus leaves, feeling too heavily involved in affairs that are not his own.

Exploring The Past, Making Friends & Realising The Truth

Confronting One's Past II: The Ferran Child - Still stricken with greif and guilt from his recent meetings with Bane, Remus travels back to his slum home on Coruscant to face his fears, with the help of an old friend...

Let's Keep It Neutral - On Coruscant, Remus meets the Jedi Terrance Wilkinson and discusses with him work, life and the Force.

Building Alliances - Remus meets Sith Master Maize Rayne out in the Munto Codru Wilds. Together, they discuss their own philosophies on the Force and Maize's loss of memory.

Peaceful Encounters - Remus travels to Naboo for meditation and peaceful musings, but discovers the Jedi Master Amalia Braska antagonised by a group of drunkards. Saving Amalia from the gang, Remus shortly befriends the Jedi.

Murmers In The Force - Seeking to find himself and his true directon for life, Remus travels to Aquilaris Minor to meditate, following the guiding light of the Force, and stumbles across the Jedi Guardian Satkia Riker. With her words, he discovers things about himself that he never suspected.

Crossroads I - Still unsure of what to do with the decisions before him, Remus travels to the Jedi tavern on Yavin to meet with whomever would be willing to help him. There, he reunites with both Lirit and Terrance as well as meeting Talitha Vadoma.

Farewell - Remus finally leaves the Sith, but not before completely some unfinished business...

Joining The Jedi

Accepting One's Destiny - Remus travels to Yavin with Cailín and is interviewed by Jedi Masters and friends Amalia and Satkia. The interview leads to temporary containment for them and they wait for the Jedi Council to summon him for the final stages.

This Took Us Long Enough - Remus and Cailín are summoned by the Council to answer questions relating to their future. Several days after, they are resummoned and recruited officially into the Jedi Order.

Let's Begin [training] - Remus discusses Jedi philosophy and the Jedi Code with Satkia.

Morning Light [training] - Remus starts learning the basics of Jedi Force training with Satkia, beginning his connection to the Light Side.

Focus And Peace [training] - Remus begins to learn more physical aspects of Jedi training with Satkia, starting with running and jumping and later to lightsaber combat.

A Visit To The North - Jedi Master Nyssa Farifax pays a visit to Remus' cell.

Speaking Your Dialect [training] - Remus starts the long toil of Beast Language training with Satkia.

Strange Times Indeed [spar] - Remus is met by Jedi Guardian Zakk Bannon, on Satkia's request, to test his skills in lightsaber combat.

Freak Like Me - Remus is visited by Lynmeira Verashy, a Jedi Apprentice who had recently had experiences with the Dark Side and the temptation to fall towards it, and one who naturally gained a curiosity with the recent turncoat.

A Pair of Scholars With Swords in Their Hands [spar] - Remus is visited by Talitha and the two practice lightsaber combat together.

We're Connected, You And I - Remus is visited by the young Jedi Padawan Sophia Gallagher, and discovers deep secrets about their lives.

Possible Answers - Remus receives a visit from Aizen Keth, son of his former master Raien, and he is subsequently haunted with memories of his past.

This Is Not An Interrogation -  Remus is visited by Drake Vallen, a relatively new member to the Order and former CorSec investigator

New Revelations [spar] - Their third meeting, Remus spars with Nafrayo, though is eager to hear news of his old Sith friend Ashaiya.

A Jedi's Defence... [training] - Remus trains in unarmed martial ability under Caltin Vanagor alongside Lorenza Pyrrin, Desiree Valara and Talitha.

Proving Grounds - Satkia takes Remus to the planet of Tython.

Becoming An Apprentice

Opening Doors - Remus is raised to the rank of Apprentice by Master Satkia, and awarded freedom from the Jedi facility.

The Second Form [training] - Remus studies under the instruction of Master Satkia Form II of lightsaber combat.

Wandering Cold - After travelling to the Mountain Side Tavern, Remus is confronted by Keeva Thymes about his defection.

Expanding Knowledge [training] - Remus learns Force Shield and Force Resonate from Master Satkia.

An Old Post - Upon arriving at Iziz on Onderon, Remus is arrested by the Imperial occupation and interrogated by Officer Verica.

Mechanical Meditations - Months after Satkia's absence, student and master catch up in the Jedi Gardens as Remus meets Satkia's new son Ethan. The following day, Remus constructs his first lightsaber.

Coming Conflicts

Without Sight - Remus is plagued by nightmares of an oncoming storm he can sense in the Force.

Deep States - Deeply disturbed by his visions, Remus goes into a self-imposed exile to Tython for several months, eventually meeting the Jedi Masiri in the midst of her own problems.. The two seek the ruins of an ancient temple to find answers.

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