Sumor Rayial

Full Name
Sumor Rayial
Sith Lord
Summoner, Sums
215 Lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Shadowstar, Emelie
Other Family

Sumor Rayial

Brief BiographyEdit

An expert in most forms of combat, Sumor’s military background provides a unique set of skills not a part of normal Sith repertoire. Sumor is a tactical genius who at one time commanded The Sith Empire's military juggernaut, he approaches all forms of combat like a chess match trying to think four or four steps ahead of his opponent. He is known throughout the galaxy for atrocities carried out by his hands or through his orders. While his demeanor may be low key and unassuming the Sith Lord is always analyzing a situation looking for the openings which he can exploit.

Personal HistoryEdit

Recent HistoryEdit

In recent months Sumor has returned to the Empire after a leave of absence where he participated as a mercenary general in a war on a small outer region planet. Since his return he has accepted Darth Acherous (Jorick Bastion) as his apprentice who is looking to be trained both as a Sith and as a general.

Sumor has also continued his business relationship with Emelie Shadowstar. Recently he aided her in recovering an investment from a Vigo of the Black Sun. However rather then simply recovering the money that he was owed, Sumor decided that it was a better decision to replace the Vigo and take over his operations. With these developments Sumor has decided to take a more hands on role in the overall operations related to the money he has invested with Emelie Shadowstar.


One of the most veteran Sith at the Empire, Sumor has held several important positions at the Empire, including being a one time Council Member and Head of the Sith Empires military force.

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Military HistoryEdit

Pre-The Sith EmpireEdit

Prior to discovering his force abilities and joining the Empire Sumor was a member of the military on his home planet of Tarris. Joining on his 18th birthday he chose to enlist in the Army rather than the Air Force or Navy.

His career started off as most in the military. As an enlisted man Sumor began as a Private and slowly worked his way up through the ranks. As a Corporal Sumor was selected to enter the Tarris Army's sniper school where he earned top marks and graduated at the top of his class. Immediately he was assigned to the Tarris Army's Special Operations Command and promoted to Sergeant. By the time he was 21 Sumor had been promoted to Sergeant 1st class and given command of a special operations unit. Over the next year Sumor and his team distinguished themselves in several major operations against Tarris rebels who were trying to overthrow the government.

Having distinguished himself as a master tactician and superior leader Sumor was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant and assigned as leader of an elite covert operations and intelligence team called Black Omega. In the tradition of the unit Sumor took the code name of Summoner, a name he continued to keep when he joined the Sith Empire as Summoner.

Development of the Sith Empire MilitaryEdit

When Sumor joined the Empire it was in a state of transition. The Jedi had attacked the Empire and destroyed the base they had been using for years. What followed was a mass Exodus from the Empire's former headquarters. It was on this mission for the Empire that Sumor was first able to show his military skills to the other members of the Empire. Shortly following the take over of Munto Codru and development of the headquarters the Empire began to build a series of shipyards with which they began to build a massive fleet which was then sent out into the galaxy to wreak havoc.

After several missions to take over planets and expand their Empire, including the home planets of Dalethria Kasajian and Dara Shadowtide, Sith Master Ogre Mal Pannis named Sumor Head of the Empires Military. As the Head of the Military Sumor and his military staff, which included Varlon Konrad, Dyne Darkforce, Vega and Ket Van Derveld, Khendon Sevren, and Daegal Murdoch, created one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy, the culmination of their work was the destruction of not only the Jedi's headquarters, but their entire planet.

Height of the Sith Empire MilitaryEdit

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