Full Name
Ondraeya Li
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
New Republic
Other Family
sibling:Maya, Mayisa


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Accepted into the New Republic Navy by the admiral, Ondraeya is indoctrinated into a special training program given by Arestul aboard the escort vessel, the Paladin and starts her new career in the engineering department. Learning how to submit to male officers giving her orders will be the biggest hurdle, but she's determined to see this through.

During an accident in a nebula, Ondraeya's life has turned upside down. A strange explosion in the engineering area reacted with the generators and has changed her forever. Waking with a new identity and powers, the once-engineer's life has changed forever. Finding the crew of the ship all dead, she's trying to understand how this had happened to her and not anyone else aboard only to be rescued by a Force user that helped her understand. Now a member of the Penumbra on Ruusan, she's begun a new chapter studying this newfound ability.


Growing up in the matriarchal society that deemed males as lower class, Ondraeya discovered that she had a knack for digging into electronic devices with an unending curiosity as to how things worked. At six she was opening up certain gifts instead of displaying them and using them the way their creator had intended. Though as time went on, she learned how to put them back together instead of having parts in a box that she had to hide from her mother or aunts who had spent the money on these things. Having two sisters, Ondraeya found herself soon having to learn how to fit in as well as help them learn a fashion sense that was acceptable to the higher echelons that their family lived and worked with. However, that desire to be a mechanic and electronics guru secretly sparked a hobby for the socialite. One that expensive parties and blowing thousands in a mall couldn't satisfy. Having found her calling, she continued spending her private time in her room, the library, book stores and the garage with her latest project.

Once the daughter of the Secretary of State began maturing, however, things changed. Her mother and grandmother began interviewing suitors for their eldest - a process that Ondraeya had little interest in. Besides, men were only for carrying the baggage and other mundane things; so why all the fuss? Her attitude on the situation finally won over and instead of marrying her off to some servant of the Grand Admiral, she was given the companionship of a son the Army's Joint Chief. It took some time for Garrett to accept his new role, but the male had his own qualities. Ondraeya soon found out that the Joint Chief had been secretly training her own cadre of spies and special forces for uses in the Rifle Worlds and beyond. They could get places that were expected to be done by a female from Hapes, not a male, so giving them the advantage.

Now, Garrett was her protector as she graduated regular private school and went on to college. Their six years there, she began to depend on him for various other tasks as his own training continued in the background. Being approved by the Queen Mother, the units of males utilized for secret missions also helped get more intel on the growing Imperial - Republic war that had been brewing for some time now. College now done, the daughter of the Secretary of State announced her plans to join the New Republican navy. One that fell on unhappy ears, though after they realized their incessant hounding wasn't going to sway her, they relented and made demands of their own. Ondraeya was going to make a name for herself in that male dominated society for nothing else was acceptable. Not for a Lady of Hapes.


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  • Force Levitation; Force Sense; Telekenesis; Force Leap; Control Pain; Telepathy; Force Throw


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