Full Name
Callista Adrie Ming
140 lbs
Eye Color
Metallic Grey/Blue
Hair Color
Brown with Blonde highlights
Home Planet
Dark Spire of Ruusan
Other Family
Corin (Father), Vera (Mother, deceased), Gythe (Brother), Syndell (Daughter)

Callista Adrie Ming

In CharacterEdit



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Recent HistoryEdit

Callista’s dark side journey started at The Sith Empire under the tutelage of Dara Shadowtide. There she trained to the rank of Sith Lordess, one step below Master. At that point, she started believing that The Sith Empire was changing. The Council had rotated different seats countless times and she no longer saw it as a strong authoritative figure in the galaxy.

Drako, a TSE defect, approached Callista about working as a double agent for The Galactic Empire as well as the Dark Jedi of Rannon. She agreed and began spying on The Sith Empire, reporting to Drako and Invictus before being caught by Athena, her blood sister. Callista fled. Ties, however, kept her partially bound to the Sith as she had fallen in love with Darth Phantom. They continued to see one another. Drako eventually caught wind and confronted the then pregnant Callista. He attempted to kill her for her treachery, but was stopped by Phantom. At that point, Phantom and Callista both went into hiding on a remote planet, vanishing for a couple years.

When they resurfaced, Callista and Phantom set sails for the newly gathered Dark Jedi on Ruusan. Their daughter is still currently in hiding.


  • Corin (Father) and Vera Ming (Mother) were farmers on the watery world of Chad III.
  • Vera Ming died while Callista was in a coma.
  • Corin Ming remarried and had a son, Gythe (Brother) while Callista was in a coma. Their current whereabouts and condition are unknown.
  • Althought not married, Callista and Phantom are inseparable companions.
  • Callista gave birth to their daughter, Syndell, 2 years ago. Syndell is currently in hiding.


Callista had originally joined The Sith Empire and gained the rank of Sith Lordess under Dara Shadowtide before realizing she no longer belonged there. She joined the Dark Jedi as an agent, spying on the Sith. Events led her to flee and hide for several years before finally rejoining the Dark Jedi on Ruusan.

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First Training Thread


  • When rejoining the Dark Jedi after many years, Callista's rank was demoted to Apostle.
  • She trains under her companion, Phantom.


  • Force Speed – action or motion used to accelerate normal movements quicker
  • Force Leap or Force Jump – Leaping or Jumping abilities that travel higher
  • Force Pull and Force Push – Pulling or Pushing objects and it is similar to telekinetic Pull or Push use
  • Force Throw – Throwing objects away and it is similar to telekinetic Throw use
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy - You can receive an emotion and thought from others and then return thoughts via the Force to the same individual. This is a form of Force communication.
  • Force Control Pain – used to help with controlling your physical pain
  • Force Levitation - involves using telekinesis aided by the Force to lift yourself or items into the air
  • Force Sense - allow Force sensitive users to feel the Force energies around them and you will sense the force in a certain place and whether it is light or dark
  • Force Enhancement- to help you focus during long or short periods while you are tapping into a vast amounts of dark side power; you can use one Force Power Level above your own when it is used; however, you will succumb to exhaustion the moment your Force Power usage affects your opponent or target
  • Farseeing – allows a force user to "see" into the future, past, and present
  • Force Masking - block your own Force signature from others nearby you
  • Force Dark Aura – allows you to create in the immediate surrounding coldness, fear, and uneasiness
  • Force of Dark Shadow - allows you to create a dimming dark light or shadows within a lit area
  • Force Shield - ability to raise a lesser or greater Force Shield or Force Energy Wall
  • Force Choke Hold – allows you to choke your opponent, but please keep in mind that Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian, and Jedi Master are able to defeat the use in a correct manner of distraction or forcing the attacker to lose control
  • Force Resonate - allows a person to send a vibrating resonance into an object or area of material
  • Force Electronic Communication - allows a person to communicate mentally with known electronic systems using receptive and projective telepathy similar to Luke communicating with R2



Roleplaying Thread LinksEdit

Final Beginning - Rejoining the Dark Jedi

Out of CharacterEdit

Callista started out as a chat based character in the TalkCity chatrooms in 1999. Her main storyline was taken from the Callista Ming of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Just as she did in the books, the Callista of TalkCity started as a Jedi. She was part of the Jedi Force Circle with few other Jedi before being turned to the dark side by Darth Kal. Her name then became Darth Callista and Lady Callista before finally settling on Sith Lady Callista when TalkCity allowed people to enter any name they wished (before it had to have a preset suffix such as Darth, Jedi, or Queen). Callista roamed the different chatrooms (Naboo Swamp was her home) and met many individuals, including Dara Shadowtide.

On July 28th, 2000, Callista made the move to Ezboards before officially joining The Sith Empire early April, 2001 under the tutelage of Dara Shadowtide. She went by Lady Callista until The Sith Empire branched and eventually moved to where she now just goes by Callista.

Over the years her history has developed and although it still remains that she was a Jedi prior to turning to the dark side, most of the TalkCity events have been removed.

About the RoleplayerEdit

This character is played by Jennifer, a veteran Roleplayer that got her start in the TalkCity chatrooms in 1999. Jennifer is currently 26 years old. She is a graphic designer and enjoys using her abilities to help with character signatures (when she's not being lazy).

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