Full Name
Royal Adviser
Darth Mundus
Njzrău Liktenis
7'1" / 2.16 mts
338 lbs / 153.3 kgs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Human ???
Dark Spire of Ruusan
Other Family
Mother - Jahät Kötü
Father - Nieżyczliwy Miztli’tzin
Sibling - none

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Lykaios was born Njzrău Liktenis in Malidris (capital city of Iridonia), to his father Nieżyczliwy Miztli’tzin and Jahät Kötü, his mother.

Just before Njzrău turned three, his father decided it was time to leave their harsh homeworld behind and search for better opportunities. Like any head of family, all he wanted was the best for his wife and child; in his eyes it was crystal clear that Iridonia did not offer such things. In order to obtain passage out of the planet, Nieżyczliwy accepted a post in a smuggler colony in the Northern hemisphere of Iridonia. It was a desolate part of the world, perfect for a smuggling operation; the settlement rested at the foot of a canyon, which offered perfect escape routes and provided a hiding haven for those who needed it.

It all happened while his father was away during one of his missions. Njzrău was now eight, but his body was already that of a young Zabraki adult; he had worked hard with his father, loading and unloading cargo, moving crates, operating machinery, anything and everything. Even his crown of vestigial horns was not that of a child, but what happened was simply too much, even for an adult.

A deal between the Zabrak smugglers and a group of Trandoshans had gone sour, a bad deal all around but the reptilians ended up getting the shorter end of the stick. Yet, in their snake-like eyes it could not end like that, their vindictive nature dictated otherwise. And so they managed to track down the Iridonians’ camp and plan their vendetta. Patiently they waited and measured their opponents' every move, kept track of their every mission, who left and who stayed behind, their posts, their shifts, their numbers, everything and anything.

And so, one morning just before sunrise, the retaliation began. Snipers took out the males standing guard; without warning tents were set on fire, females and children brutally murdered. Frozen by fear all Njzrău managed to do was to hide in a crate in a mock-up warehouse. All he could hear were primal screams, suddenly silenced by blaster fire and followed by the green humanoids’ war cry. Then, nothing but silence…

Seconds seemed like hours, hours seemed like days, but Njzrău dared not leave his hiding place; after whatever little light came in through a tiny whole in the create was gone, he finally managed to gather the courage to come out, it was dark already, which meant that at least 26 standard hours had gone by.

He could not believe his eyes, dead bodies everywhere, women and infants alike. Suddenly it hit him, his mother! Where was she? Did she survive? Did she make it to the canyon and into one of the caves? With a sudden rush of adrenaline, he started running through the camp, first his tent, she wasn’t there. Then his mom’s friend’s, where together they used to cook for the men, she wasn’t there either. He ran and he ran and his mom was nowhere to be found. After giving up, he fell on his knees, before him a pile of bodies with a pair of feet sticking out from underneath. As soon as he saw them, he knew, he had found his mother, or rather her desecrated carcass. With all his strength she unburied her from the agglomeration of corpses. She had been beaten, violated and killed mercilessly but something didn’t add up, her wounds were not similar to those inflicted in the rest of the cadavers.

Abruptly it all made sense, even though his sight was almost blinded by his tears, he noticed the wounds in his mother’s abdomen and only one explanation could added up. The injuries were eight small cuts in the shape of a crown, eight! Zkáza, a gargantuan Zabraki male, had lost two of his vestigial horns in a fight and he always looked at Jahät through the eyes of lust. Fueled by rage, Njzrău started to look for Zkáza’s body to no avail. Then, for no apparent reason and guided by an invisible force, his attention turned to the entrance of the canyon where a trail of blood laid leading to one of the caverns. In it, Njzrău found the other Iridonian, who was mortally injured. After a heated exchange of words in which Zkáza admitted to Jahät’s murder, Njzrău killed the old Zabrak, only he did not how, for he never laid a hand on him.

And so ended the first chapter of his life, with him finding his way back to Malidris and finding passage offworld.

It had been twenty-three years since Njzrău ceased to exist. As soon as he arrived to Coruscant, the ten-horn-headed Iridonian took the phonetics of his father’s appellative and turned them into his own name: Mixtli. He went on to become one of the most accomplished and wealthy bounty hunters the galaxy had ever seen. Of course having The Force at his side, helped matters immensely. He never knew it, but that is why he was always one step head ahead of his bounty.

At the peak of his career and having amassed a countless, unimaginable fortune, he had opted for retirement. More so, he had opted for marriage. Yet, apparently he was not destined for happiness.

Having returned from what was supposed to be his last contract; he entered his home (located in the richest neighborhood of the city planet) to find the walls of his loft stained with blood, the blood of Lissania, his fiancée. As wealthy as he was, for the second time in his life he had lost everything.

As perturbed as he was, he was strangely calm, his head was surprisingly clear and the wheels on his mind were already turning to execute his revenge. There was no doubt in his mind this was a retaliation of sorts, someone’s petty attempt to get to him. His safe was tampered with, but little else was missing, they had not taken any real valuables, so a robbery gone wrong could certainly be ruled out. And the more he looked at her body, the more he knew they had taken their time, they had made her suffered, she had endured a great deal of pain. He promised himself he would have to return the favor.

But to even try to narrow the list down to a starting point could prove nearly impossible, he had more enemies than he could even begin to imagine, precisely the reason why he was retiring; yet somehow, he knew where to go. Again, without his knowing, The Force acted as his ally.

After several standard months and a good amount of credits, he found Lissania’s murders. He remembered them well, a gang of swoop bikers wanna-be mercenaries who called themselves The Krayt Dragons; he had beaten them to a contract and they did not take it well emotionally nor financially, if he recalled correctly, they had lost almost everything actually. Apparently they had gone their separate ways after Lissania’s demise.

True to his promise, Mixtli hunted down each and every one of them: Gaegre'ona, a female Twi’lek; Hordo, a male Rodian; Grraporriwko, a male Wookie; Grepo, a female Bothan and Girthea ‘Lorennyy, a female Gamorrean. Each and everyone of them was handed their death but not before being submitted to indescribable tortures. After killing the last one, a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Desaevio revealed himself to Mixtli. He unveiled himself as the architect of Mixtli’s latest tragedy, it was supposed to be a test for the Zabraki bounty hunter.

A test of skill, determination and worthiness…worthiness to become his apprentice and learn the Dark Arts. Unable to grasp the meaning of this, Mixtli charged the Sith Lord, only to be welcomed by a surge of Force Lightning. Unable to even come to his knees, Mixtli could do nothing but agree to Desaevio’s demands and so Darth Mundus was born in a baptism of darkness.


Mixtli became Darth Mundus under the tutelage of Darth Desavio. His facial tattoos are those typical to his clan

But the Sith Lord fell ill and unable to complete Mundus’s training, on his death bed, he tasked Mundus with finding The Sith Empire and further his schooling of the Dark Side of The Force. After a long search Darth Mundus found The Empire in Munto Cordru.

He first became apprentice to Dark Lady Zena but she had to absent herself from TSE, and so he turned to the ancient Force Vampyre, Drako, whom he followed to The Sovereign Galactic Empire. After they first arrived in TSGE, Drako saw a vital flaw in his apprentice; unlike the Force Vampyre, Mundus was not immortal, hence why Drako decided to gift him with the course of immortality and Lykaios was born. During his stay in TSGE, Lykaios was appointed as Drako’s personal guard and given charge of The Imperial Knights, an elite force of Force Users, destined to protect the galaxy from the coming Darkness. TSGE is also where Lykaios adopted his daughter, Eaven.

Due to unknown circumstances, the leave of the Force Users from TSGE is nowhere to be found in the annals of galactic history. It is said that it was a power struggle that forced their move to Rannon, rumor has it the Emperor went mad, the only truth is that no one knows for sure.

But Lykaios was forced to move once more, this time to Ruusan, where along with Nathanial K'cansce they formed a Sovereign Principality. The move is said to occur due to a plague outbreak that destroyed the entire whole of Rannon. It is also said that such plague, caused Lykaios to lose his connection to The Force…or did he?


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