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6ft 6

215 Pounds
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Trandoshan Government

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Non Disclosed
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Open, but no character death, or loss of career without a request.


About the NPCEdit


Lekt is a large, well built Ambassador from Trandosha. He has a darker shade of skin than some of his race, yellow eyes, and as with most Trandoshans, is an imposing physical presence. He usually dresses well for his race, having plenty of money, but still always has a weapon close at hand, usually a blaster. He has a big scar of teeth on his right leg, from a hunting accident as a boy, which hasn’t seemed to ever fully heal, and causes him to walk more carefully on his marked leg.


The Ambassador is out for his own ends, he doesn’t care about other factions, he cares for his own position, and the continued amassing of more influence. He will ally himself with anyone if it benefits him, however, Ambassador Lekt does prefer working relationships with those he knows, and doesn’t give up what he’s gained easily, being slow to change his views about something. He has a well known temper if things don't go his way, but doesn't usually act on it physically, unless pushed, then there is no stopping him.



Ambassador Lekt can usually be found flying between planets on starships, or attending diplomatic conferences. He is rarely in any one place for long, and has apartments all over the outer, as well as the inner rim. When not on duty working for the Trandoshan government, Lekt enjoys hunting, arena sports, and scheming for his enemies demise.


Lekt grew up on Trandosha, but finding little interest in many traditional, more aggressive Trandoshan pursuits, took to a life in politics. From a young age he was always the one leading, rather than following, and organizing rather than being manipulated. He dislikes being told what to do with a passion, which has seen him almost thrown out of office twice in his younger days. His temper is quite well known, outbursts of emotion have meant Lekt has had his government deny his request, to be on the list of possible diplomats sent to Coruscant as senators, despite being one of the most well connected diplomats the Trandoshans have.


Lekt is connected to Raien Keth, he helped negotiate the Mustafar production contracts, and now Trandosha currently shares much of the production capacity of Mustafar with Thyrsus , under the controlling eyes of the Loronor Corporation. Raien, and Lekt have formed a close working relationship over the years, with Lekt often providing material for Raien to undertake missions for the Dark Jedi. In return Raien occasionally provides Lekt with the Sun Guard's manpower to undertake his own goals anonymously, as well putting the overt manpower of Thyrsus behind Lekt at times. Both men are vested in the continued survival, and prosperity of the other. This cooperation often happens in distant reference rather than an act, but they occasionally meet face to face when appropriate.


Negotiation – Lekt is an average negotiator in political circles, but he knows protocol, and his way around many diplomatic chambers.
Mercenary Contacts – Lekt has a wide degree of mercenary contacts which supply him with ships, and weaponry, arranging the Mustafar contracts only added to this personal stockpile of resources.
Light Blasters – Lekt can handle a blaster, but he isn’t a skilled soldier, preferring to let others fight for him.

Roleplaying Thread LinksEdit

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