Banbuis Lau


Full Name
Banbuis Lau

Planetary Governor
5ft 10

151 Pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color

Dark Jedi, Thyrsus Government

Other Family
Wife - Lemi Lau
NPC Creator
Open to Dark Jedi, but no character death, or loss of career without a request.

Banbuis Lau

About the NPCEdit


Banbuis Lau is often dressed in ornamental looking clothing, sandy colored robes especially. He has deep silver Echani eyes, but shaves his hair completely off, marking his head instead with colorful tattoos. He often wears headdresses from a variety of cultures, as well as jewelry, and trinkets.


Banbuis is completely influenced towards the will of the Dark Jedi, who are currently occupying Thyrsus, although their nature is unknown to him of course. He is a survivalist, not a strong man by any means, but a certainly a deal breaker who loves the spotlight of public office. He is lecherous when it comes to the opposite gender, but still a disciplined mind when it comes to Echani related study, such as the arts of war.

He thinks little of the Empire, considering it too constricting for his tastes, but has no firm opinions on any other major faction, preferring to sit on the fence.



Banbuis can usually be found at either a party of Thyrsus’s elite, giving a speech in front of the camera, or at one of his luxury mansions located around Thyrsus’s major city, Rhyaress. He rarely ever leaves the planet, as his life is simply too good at home.


Banbuis was an only child, growing up in a changing society, where the old Echani ways of strict study, and discipline, were fading. His family embraced this change, educating their child in a wide variety of human like cultures. He was spoilt by his parents, always getting the best of everything, and that view of life went into adulthood with him. He is now with his sixth wife Lemi, having very little sense of monogamy, or respect for his partners.

Banbuis is a political opportunist, through a mix of fortunate luck in bad times for his people, and some of the best speeches ever given, he has worked his way up the political ladder to the role of Planetary Governor. Banbuis's major breaks have come from his rich family founding various charities, to support Thyrsus's young, these foundations have done wonders for his self image, which he has exploited to its full potential in the political arena.

The current resurgence of Thyrsus’s old ways has put Banbuis on the back foot, but above all he is a political survivalist, and he will make any compromise he can to stay in the public spotlight.


Banbuis has a strong connection to the infiltrating Dark Jedi, who are coming into Thyrsus’s government, although he is unaware of their true nature in his dealings with them. The planet he governs has slowly been swept up in a pro Echani, almost xenophobic public temperament. Because of strong internal, and external pressures, he was forced to affiliate himself directly with Hana Kae, and Raien Keth; he uses their support to stay in office, just as they, and others, use him to influence the Dark Jedi's will on Thyrsus.


Public Speaking - Banbuis is a gifted political speaker, able to craft some of the most stirring words at just the right time, for best effect.

Thyrsus Influence – As Planetary Governor of Thyrsus, Banbuis has a substantial influence over the planet, and its surrounding assets.

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