Gabriel Kythe

Full Name
Gabriel Ezekiel Kythe
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
New Republic
Lenka Petrova
Other Family
Mother - Josephine Kythe
Father - Eli Ezekiel Kythe

Kythe, GabrielEdit

In CharacterEdit


Gabriel's was born on Bandomeer to a miner and his wife. His early years were a difficult existance but not as bad as it could have been. When Gabriel was sixteen he began to go to work with his father, quickly becoming one of the most efficient miners in the business. Through sheer hard work he earned enough credits to buy shares in the company and eventually was given a Foreman's position, athough he always did as much work, if not more, as those he oversaw. After gaining the foreman job, he saved his credits up in order to pay for an Master Engineer's degree at the Bandomeer Imperial Institute of Technology, majoring in mechanical engineering. During his time as a Foreman, Gabriel met a Cathar named Lenka Petrova. Over time their friendship grew and they often worked together on various projects. When he discovered that Lenka was, in fact, a slave sold to the company, he was furious. Using all the money he had, Gabe bought her from the company and set her free.

Having lived on an Imperial Planet all his life, while Gabriel hated the Empire, he viewed them as a necessary evil. It was only recently, however, that reports came in of the war breaking out and he knew that there was a place for him and Lenka elsewhere in the Galaxy, even if it meant fighting for it.

After booking them passage to a neutral world, the pair then traveled from there to Telos, where, after a stressful immigration process, they worked for six months as engineering foremen repairing the damage done by the Imperial attacks. Together, they are planning to join the New Republic Army.



Mother - Josephine Kythe

Father - Eli Ezekiel Kythe

Equipment, Property and BelongingsEdit

Vehicle: T4-B Heavy Tank

Ranged Weaponry: Modified Dissauder KD-30 slugthrower with non-acidic ammunition and a Custom slugthrowing semi-automatic rifle

Armour: Custom made protective suit, initially used for protection during blast mining.

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