Je'karta Kote


Full Name
Je'karta Tar Kote


175 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color

Sundari, Mandalore
Human Male
Kote Clan mandalorians
True Mandalorians
Galactic Republic

Other Family
Tal Kote (adopted son)
Prudii Kote (adopted son)
Naast Kote (adopted son)
NPC Creator
Tal Kote


A Kote's SurvivalEdit

It really wasn't much to be born into the mandalorian lifestyle? Everyone had their own beliefs, their own styles of training, and their own was of fighting. A warrior's path was always different. You could never predict the outcome of what would happened. It seemed hard enough to hold Kote mandalorian blood, and yet being born on a completely different planet; seperate from Manda'yaim. Je'karta Tar Kote was born on one of the mandalorian worlds of Concord Dawn. During his childhood; Je'karta was not a mandalorian thought of to actually have the last name Kote. In fact, many would believe a mandalorian to actually have an easy time upon this world. Several of the reasons revolved around the conflicts that the mandalorians were going through. They never really saw the fighting going on between different clans and splinter groups like the Death Watch. But just as shown; Je'karta's life was a little on the sour side. His life remained on Concard Dawn with little family to go around to. His own memory of his parents were as such: a mystery. He was seen as the child that was left behind with no hopes for a future. The small town that Je'karta lived within saw little travelers from the outside world. Those who were called True Mandalorians never paid any interest in visiting those who were born on worlds other then Manda'yaim. They believed them as outcasts. People who would never show the galaxy the truth about themselves.

With the sudden and explicit uprising of the Mandalorian Civil War in 60 BBY; a battle that pitted Jaster Mereel's True Mandalorians against the splinter group known as the Death Watch. It was at this time that Je'karta was at the age of 13 and had been learning what he could about the mandalorians. The different acts that followed the Resol'nare, the language that the mandalorians spoke, and even the code that a warrior lived by. Je'karta had trained himself with no teacher to become a warrior.... someone who could fight even if he was not born on Manda'
Jekarta Kote

During the Mandalorian Civil War


However, the conflict of the Mandalorian Civil War soon came to Concord Dawn. The fighting between the True Mandalorians and the Death Watch had taken to the streets where even more bloodshed and carnage followed into the footsteps of those who really didn't want to become involved. All around the Death Watch killed off any individual that looked to be a threat to them; whether or not they were seen as Jaster's True Mandalorians. In the several days that the fighting broke out on Concord Dawn; Je'karta took refuge in a small base ten miles outside of the main city where the Death Watch had been holding. Je'karta had trained enough to learn that Concord Dawn was his home, and that he now needed to defend his home against those who threatened to destroy it. Those a part of the refuge group of mandalorians came with several ideas and plans so they would be able to take the main city back away from the Death Watch mandalorians. That very next morning attacks and riots fell onto the main city streets. Both rebel citizens from Concord Dawn and Death Watch mandalorians fought it out in control of the main city. Je'karta being the one of the rebel individuals followed into the fray fighting hard with what little skill he had. The fighting only lasted mere hours; resulting in severe death and injury. Je'karta who had been fighting to gain control of the main city had been shot by a Death Watch. In the mere instant that he was about to be killed; Jaster's True Mandalorians showed up stopping anymore carnage. Those a part of the rebel group were saved by the True Mandalorians and taken back to their camp to receive medical attention.

Only a few had survived counting in with Je'karta. During his recovery one of the True Mandalorian's recognized how much honor, courage, and pride Je'karta had for fighting against the Death Watch. The man didn't give his name; he only introduced himself as a Kote mandalorian from Manda'yaim, and offerred him a chance to train more to home his skills in combat so he could continue fighting for what he believed in. With much gratitude Je'karta accepted the offer, and later that week left Concord Dawn back to Manda'yaim where he would finally see the training he could to become a true warrior of the mandalorians.

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