Karton Kissh


Full Name
Ch'Klath'ioon Ahiqukiss'hia

2.1 m

90 kg
Eye Color
blueish green
Hair Color

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The Hutts, Ryloth criminal syndicates, Coruscant gem-skimmers, Kessel afiliates, Imperial Remnant

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Karton Kissh, infamous bounty hunter and assassin.

About the NPCEdit


Kissh's dirt-colored Quarren skin is scarred with past conflicts, and many of the mouth-tentacles surrounding his mouth have been ripped off, only one remains. Kissh is quite large, even for a Quarren, and he easily towers over all but the talest opponents. He wears a padded flightsuit with grenades strapped around his shoulders and waist, and a heavy blaster pistol always waits to be drawn from his hip holster.


Kissh is deceptively smart, and he often tries to hide the fact that he's much more canny than he would appear. Kissh takes special pleasure in hunting down Republic loyalists. On Ryloth he murdered a Jedi named Karial, and enjoyed it quite a bit; since then Force Users, be they dark or light, Sith or Jedi, have been his favored prey. Kissh doesn't speak much, prefering not to take the chance of accidently letting a pivotal peice of information fall from his lips. Despite his tight-mouthed attitude he's gotten a reputation as a bounty hunter and assassin who excels at taking on Jedi. One setback he's suffered was the theft of his gunship, the GAT-12m Skipray Blastboat stolen by Wyrt and sold to Sendodge, Mathias; Kissh has a personal grudge against both.



Kissh hates having to wait and when it suits him he simply leaves on sector in his modified I-BEAM Star Fighter he calls "Quartermaine" in search of new work. He's quite infamous, and never has to search for work for long. Kissh usually spends the money he earns on upgraded systems, spartan rations to stock his ship, and then drinks away the rest. Irregular drinking binges on Nar Shadaa have become the hallmark of Kissh, but since he had his original GAT-12m stolen on one of these binges on Tatooine he's stopped getting drunk there.


Running slaves to the mines of Kessel and then taking spice back through the maw was one of Kissh's first jobs. It wasn't long, however, before the Hutts of Nal Hutta had him doing trade missions and bounty collections on targets as far as Corelia and Coruscant. After a breif stint of imprisonment during the Galactic Civil War by the Rebel Alliance Kissh developd a deep distate for the rebels and the Republic they set up. While on a drinking binge on tatooine he had his ship stolen by Wyrt, a Toydarian smuggler and jewel theif, who sold him a bad speeder on Ryloth.


Kissh hates Wyrt more than anyone else because not only did he steel a wealth of Krayt Dragon Pearls, sold him a faulty landspeeder, and stole his ship, but he has also repeatedly tricked and escaped his grasp. Though he doesn't share the same hatred for Sendodge, Mathias as he does for Wyrt, it is still fairly considerable because it was him who bought Kissh's ship from Wyrt after he'd stolen it.

Sendodge also has a special bounty placed on his head by Gabbo the Hutt, a particarly venomous peice of work, and Kissh wants to collect on not only that bounty, but also the reward for the gems Sendodge is unwittingly carrying on his ship.


Kissh is a magnificent shot and sniper, well versed in hand to hand combat, a suitable mechanic, speaks several languages including Ryl, Huttese, Basic, Binary, Quarren, Dosh and Mon Calamarian, a frighteningly skilled (though cautious to a flaw) pilot, and a well-respected cook.

Roleplaying Thread LinksEdit

"You Must Say That to All the Hutts!" -- Kissh takes a theif and spacer named Mathias Sendodge hostage in order to collect a bounty on his head.