Raien Keth

Full Name
Raien Keth
Sith Knight
Darth Surtr
32 (Originally 24)
5ft 11
169 Pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Silver tinted Ivory
Home Planet
Other Family
Mother - Jemi Keth
Father - Khanrith Keth
Brother - Aiden Keth
Sister - Kiara Keth
Sister - Raya Keth
Sister - Issra Keth
Son - Aizen Keth
Daughter - Ressa Kae
Niece - Saeria Aldan
2 other Siblings.

In CharacterEdit

Once a disciplined, dedicated Echani warrior, unrelenting in his pursuit of excellence of the art of combat, and a hero to his people. Now fallen far from the honorable warrior he once was, through betrayal, carnage, and pain he has built himself anew. The Sith often reserves judgment about someone until he has seen them in combat, because for an Echani there is no clearer way to understand your foes, and for Raien, no greater enlightenment of the future than their final breath. Yet still the cause to save his people and family is there, twisted beyond all recognition of what it once was...

Major Plot Points to dateEdit

There have been so many, I will just cover some of those that have crossed several threads, the rest are in the links!

Thyrsus, and the restoration of the EchaniEdit

Alongside several characters Hana Kae, Sanfis, and with the Dark Jedi's backing, Raien tried to restore the scattered Echani people and give them a traditional home on Thyrsus. He was elected general of the Thyrsus war council, and with the help of Sanfis and his Echanar Hana Kae, he tried to start a war with Serenno to give his people a common cause to once again unify them. He put much of his life and blood into assassinating several senators, destroying key figures to plant evidence, and arranging weapons contracts to rebuild Thyrsus, as well as making several minor political NPC contacts during his work, or running other missions for the Dark Jedi during this time. He felt betrayed by his former lover, and the Dark Jedi, after they abandoned the cause to focus their attention elsewhere. In his bitterness at what he felt was the betrayal by family, his child being hidden from him, and a loss of a large part of himself in having no cause to balanced the darkness, a Darkside which he had long struggled with internally, he was drawn to the Sith. Not out of revenge, but out of thinking anyone else too weak to fight for better, or to stand for a stronger galaxy.

Hana Kae and FamilyEdit


The Keth Family Crest

Hana is mother of Raien's child, and a big part of Raien's life, they are currently at odds over both the child and the fate of their people. Their cycle of revenge has taken a very deep and tragic twist, as they pull at each other's sanity. Aiden his brother, Issra his sister and his elders on Wodenstam, are still a big part of him despite his fall to the Sith and him coming to loath what he sees as their defense of mediocrity. Xion is Raien's lover now and has born him a second child Aizen, he almost keeps Xion and Aizen in a protective bubble of sorts, away from any harm he can spare them, so no matter how dark it gets, they are put on a pedestal as his salvation.

The Sun Guard and the Sith Meditation SphereEdit

During his work on Thyrsus for the Dark Jedi, the former Sith Cult the Sun Guard, inspiration for the former Emperors red robed royal guard, have been reawakened and given manpower from Thyrsus itself. He used to use them in his work for his Dark Jedi then subsequently Sith Masters when called upon, as covert tools, guards, agents and assassins. The Sith Meditation Sphere, an ancient manipulative Sith craft, came into his possession, or rather he came into its possession during this time. The Sun Guard are few in number, but spread out across a few planets, hidden away to be drawn on if needed. Above all the orange armored warriors protect the Sith meditation sphere with an inhuman ferocity. Daniel, another powerful Sith, has since arisen as a competitor for their control, while some have fallen under Nova's influence on Kashyyyk as well. Each Sith is possessive of their own stake in the guard.


On Kashyyyk Raien and his companion Sith Nova, both students of the same Master James Icarus, have established a city in the deeper forests, hiding the real truth of their purpose there. The local wookies have come to appreciate that someone would do this for them in a such a dangerous environment. Sanctuary hides a vault of their combined research, artifacts they have recovered, and secrets that they keep from the galaxy. Their Master keeps a firm hold over the sanctuary but each and everyone who has a stake in it, has personal projects hidden away deep within Kashyyyk's lower level forests. It is rumored that Raien carries out terrible experiments on unfortunate slaves and prisoners within its hidden depths.

Background before leaving his homeEdit

  • Long past - This is very much how he started...

Raien meditating by the fire.

Raien was born and raised by a reclusive yet loving family, on the planet Wodenstam in the outer rim. He spent long, unending periods of time meditating on and learning the ways of personal combat. Though his level of skill against a seasoned Echani is still in its infancy, his progress prior to leaving had been remarkable.

Wodenstam contains some of the most unscrupulous loan sharks and bounty hunters in the outer rim, as such the small Echani community largely kept to themselves, and so Raien was not unused to solitude and long walks alone in his thoughts.

Fighting to Raien and many Echani, is never taken lightly, but it is civilized and even though frequent in their culture, is remarkably well controlled, often seeming like a dance to watch. When he was young, he was taught the value of honor, discipline and commitment from all of his peers. Still something about the life never felt right to Raien. The distractions he faced by the awakening pull of the force, were easily noticed to hawk like Echani eyes, and it was not long before all could see his focus on the essence of the Echani way was slipping.

Years past and even the steeled mind of Raien could resist the pull of the force no longer, unknown to him, it was drawing him to seek something out which he had yet to find in traditional teachings. His focus drifting elsewhere, he slipped, injuring a sibling badly in a duel. In his shame, Raien decided to travel off world, to try and find peace of mind elsewhere. He did find some small measure of solace, fighting in tournament matches against seasoned opponents, but as yet his destiny hangs by a dangerous thread. His disciplined mind fights the emotional release he is being now taught. The Echani ways of restricting unnecessary emotion, are constantly at odds with the forces desire to open him up to the new experiences which lay before him.

Roleplaying Thread LinksEdit

Pre Force Training TimelineEdit

Deals to be done Needing a break from poor paying gladiator work, Raien seeks his fortune on drifters station.
In Space the Pawns move the Kings A pawn caught between feuding nobles, Kye and Raien struggle against the odds.
A Combatant takes a breakRaien holds his first lightsaber, meets the Jedi, and a good friend Jaden Carrick. He also gets a glimpse of Echani history that will forever shape his destiny
Purple Mountains in the Glistening Sun. (Incomplete) Raien meditates around the caves on Yavin's Jedi moon.
The Cauldron Melting Pot (Incomplete) Raien first duels and see's the sith in action, fascinated by the way they move.


Raien in a gladiatorial match.

Choosing a path, combat coincides while fate collides During a Gladiator Match, Raien's fate is set on its course by a chance meeting with Jorik Calsin
Relentless Reasons are an Intoxicating Mirror of Lies Raien arrives at the Dark Jedi compound of Ruusan and duels with Revan. (Might only be visible if you have access)
Tonight we're gonna party like its...
Relighting Dark Suns of Old The Start of the Sun Guard Story Arc, and Raien's trials to revive the Echani's past. This background thread crosses other timelines
Dancing Dangers can provide a taste of Political Power Sun Guard Story Arc - An Assassination Mission for the Sith Meditation Sphere.
Explorative Meditations *Incomplete

Dark Jedi Pupil TimelineEdit

Not so Peaceful Negotiations Sun Guard Story Arc - Negotiations for the rights of Mustafar's planetwide production.
A center of calm, within the thriving court Raien settles in to his new quarters on Ruusan, meeting the fiery Ardia.
Of Dowry and Matrimony Sparks fly In the Cauldron, as Lamia and Raien explore the beginnings of a possible relationship.
Searching for the beginning Rogan Thrall and Raien meet, both seeking a trainer on Ruusan.
Been a long time... An old member of the Penumbra, Sanfis arrives, and Raien questions him to be certain of his identity. Learning of Rannon and the plague.
Secrets to be studied in the archives. Raien seeks out the beginnings of his explorations into the Penumbra's archives. The Vaapad saber form is first studied here.
Paradox no longer Welcoming Recruitment, Raien meets Saharia as she considers joining the Penumbra.
Fuel to the fire. Spirits convergence Dueling an Echani named Hana, a fated moment perhaps? While founding a Sun Guard safehouse on Lorrd for the royal court.
Dissociate Welcoming Recruitment, Sian is introduced to the Penumbra.


Raien during his time as a Dark Jedi pupil.

A Distant Echani Finds Focus Recruitment, Hana an important Echani in Raien's life, is introduced to the Penumbra.
Kith and Kin With Hana, Raien seeks out his brother Aiden, to renew old ties of family, and the Echani.
An Exploration of Further Wisdoms Recruitment, Raien's brother, Aiden is introduced to the Penumbra at Ruusan.
Sowing the seeds of doubt and promise. The Bothan Story Arc begins...
The Shield of Salvation, a Promise of a Golden Echani Era (Political Influence) Ending of the Sun Guard Story Arc. Chapter 1 (The ending could be considered slightly out of time synch to explain my OOC absence, but give reason for why others thought he was dead. So consider this thread to also cross few others.)
Two as One, the Final Duel During the political negotiations on Thyrsus, Hana and Raien surrender to their feelings.
Setting up the slave pits On Lorrd, Raien begins a twist to enslave the slavers, and curry support amongst the population.
Palace Banquet A moment of socializing at the palace's grand hall.
Basking under the Arm of Shadows, Hunting for Lightsaber Parts Beginning the hunt to build the weapon that will shape Raien's destiny.
Fragile Ancient Laboratories, meet Wild Animals Seeking an unfalteringly loyal animal companion for his service, Raien meets Sith Master Havok at Korriban, at the ancient laboratory of a master of Sith Alchemy, Ajunta Paul.
Thyrsus, the Bright Vision Blinding the Lonely Mountain Peak After a visit to the Sith Meditation Sphere, A troubled Raien meets his younger brother Aiden, on top of the home of the Thyrsus Sun Guard. The darkside gnaws at him more with each act he does, or life he takes, can his brother's wisdom quell the darkness within?
Why Instructor's Drink Seeking to corrupt a force sensitive user Salim, for the Penumbra's use.*Incomplete
The Fall into Darkness Raien tries his hand at corrupting a Jedi, Selene Vasari, to join the Dark Jedi*Incomplete

--OOC Absence--
Meeting Old Contacts, Keeping Up Diplomatic Fronts Recovering from his injury, and back to duty. Planning for the worst based on dire news.
The white cloak of purity cast aside, a return to black A tempestuous return to Ruusan, who have abandoned what was fought and bled for.
Ancient Secrets for New Eyes Can a violent beginning lead to the discovery of Sith Secrets at Ziost?
A Combatant takes a Darker Break A trip to Rama's corner, once again an important break from the field of battle.*Incomplete
A return to the Gladiator Pits In an effort to find purpose, Raien heads to the pits in which he was forged.

After leaving the Dark JediEdit

Musings of a Mind Nearing the Midnight Iris Meditations at the Orixon Nebula and the black halo in a dead space, bring new realizations and renewed purpose.
Haggling by Design In the search for lightsaber parts, Raien comes across complicated designs for a focusing lens and meets a Sith called Nova.
Stormy Weather After assassinating yet one more politician, Raien meets Xion, an unlikely pause in the darkness of his life.
Emotion, the vessel contained within must awaken Arrival at the Sith - no longer to stand by and be held back by ancient customs, all will be saved, no matter the degree of costs involved.

Sith Disciple TimelineEdit


Raien as an early Sith.

Trust is for the foolish, and the dead After leaving Ruusan, with his connection to the force diminished, Raien kidnaps a Jedi to use her ability to quench his thirst for understanding.
Exploring the Archives With the help of Nova, Raien sets about exploring the first steps of information offered in the Sith's archives.
It is time Nova a potential useful ally and training partner is promoted within the Sith Ranks
Kashyyyk, a natural cloak for man made designs Raien and Nova begin their work on Kashyyyk, which will become a melting point of focused study, and purpose.
Heart of the Sun Storm Ambushed by Bothans for his past crimes, Raien, Daniel and the Sun Guard come under attack by commandos with a Jedi thrown into the mix!
Bound by Honour A long overdue meeting between his former lover Hana and Raien, ends in a very bitter, twisted, and dangerous conclusion.
It is Time Brother Rage, unbound rage. Confronting his brother Aiden, who Hana informs him has hidden his child, there is no holding back now. *Incomplete but still an excellent few Aiden posts!
The Pressure Cooker A ship in decaying orbit brings strangers to a boiling point, as the tension increases bit by bit.*Incomplete
Painting a Fresh Canvas in True Sith Colors Shaping young university students. Hydrocus and Raien meet on Lorrd, where Raien's plans for the slave liberation organization are still in full swing.
Flickering Embers or Perhaps More Raien explores this further attraction to Xion, trying to bring the girl out of her shell.
Thyrsus: Belly of the Sun Guard Raien attempts to turn one of Hana’s new Echani students against her, to corrupt Manu to work for him instead of Hana.
Chance and Fate collide but are there any coincidences? Meeting Xion again Raien realises he is once again a father to Aizen, pulling him back once more from the darkness eating away at his life, and giving a new light to hold to.
Scorched Earth, where Sanity is the Battleground In a malicious act beyond reason, Raien lays his planned revenge on Hana for all she has done to him!
Return to Sanctuary Nova has expanded the base on Kashyyyk, Raien investigates and the two catch up on what has happened in their lives.
Power Play, The Board becomes more ComplexDaniel and Raien still in the midst of fighting for control of the Sun Guard put aside their differences to search for the Star Map.
Preparing the Wave of DarknessA fragile allegiance of Sith prepare for the Jedi’s arrival
The Catacombs of Reecee In the service of his Sith Masters, Raien is called upon to put his talents at rounding up slaves to use. The Jedi arrive and a storm soon follows.
Catacombs Aldan and Raien vs. Caltin In the catacombs, the duel breaks away to a personal battle of wills. Where Raien pays a terrible price for his inability to know defeat.
Strobe His enemies growing bolder, they send a cleverly disguised, sultry assassin to hunt Raien down.
Sheltered and Safe, no Matter the Storm Raien holds Aizen in his arms, a rare visit in the bubble of his home which he keeps apart from the darkside, isolated to keep him sane.
Thyrsus, a Landscape Bathed in Promises, Blighted by DeceptionMore fuel to the fire, another house aligns itself for the struggle ahead.
Malice Multiplies, the Arena Knows no InnocenceIn his quest to find loyalty in those that serve, Raien disciplines slaves in the arena until they break to his will.
What the past has hidden Welcoming Maze into the Sith Order
The hunter arrives Welcoming Geeom Joorj Kaaron into the Sith Order
Quarters Purged in Unrelenting White Dominance Time spent in Raien's Sith Quarters. *This crossed several time lines.
Through the eyes of evil Branwen - One more family, one more soul is condemned to the pit of the malice, twisted to the darkside. Raien opens her eyes to the truth!
The Best Laid Plans...Raien pays Ambassador Lekt back by hunting down a double crossing mercenary, relentless violence seeks its prey.
Drinks are on the scarred Sith dude in the backRare socializing at Rama's, his injuries give him a taste for a drink or two.

Sith Warrior TimelineEdit

Broken Hallelujah To strike at what the Jedi Caltin holds dear, Raien hunts and kills a Jawa Jedi named Braya Suncross in wicked fashion, at the end of this she makes him realise courage can be found without the need for a sword.
A lion in a den of jacklesAt first a tense greeting with a Dark Jedi at Rama's bar, Raien starts to realise that in Nova there is one friend in his life he still cares about, old powers seek to reunite..
Catnapped! Following on from the death of Braya, several realisations had hit Raien, and so he goes to Yavin to better understand why the planet is such a source of potential.
Trapped in the wake of a dream Recruitment, Helios is tried and tested on the stone floor of the temple.
Of Wolf and Man: Four Rusted Horses Following a powerful Sith Lords departure from the Empire, the council decide a course of action.
Trouble now. Here it comes. After subtle manouverings in the Council Chambers, Dalethria reminds Raien of something he had long lost, and in so doing desires to stand proudly beside it again.
Now Is Gone Forever: Return to Reecee A return to Reecee to repay debts owed in defense of Sith Lands.
Within her emotion lies Unseen Reunited with the Red Wolf Daughter of Winter. Raien promises that the betrayal is only just beginning between them both.
On the trail of truth Visiting his son Aizen Reveals troubling truths about Manu's influence
The Bothan Purge Ambushed at a meeting with his Bothan contacts, degenerates soon into a street fight.
The Proselyte: Cult of Naga Sadow On orders to exterminate a foreign Cult, he comes across Stygia and decides to possess her potential, holding her future in his hands.
The Wakeelmui Incident Secret wars require a far reaching hand. Ilana is forced to confront her past, so that it might become her future in his service.
Prakith - Early Era, Conquer the First Branwen and Raien seek to conquer the next aspect of the Sith Code, Fear.
Sudden Comes The Light Manu once again tries to take Aizen, his son away from Raien!
Manda Where Only Dust Remains Twin. A force bond re-established, Raya learns the words for all she feels inside. So much without explanation hits her all at once.
Twilight Temples, the Iris Restored to BlackEko and Raien venture further into understanding the Rakatan language and the quest for the Kailburr Crystal
What was Lost will be Found or Shattered ForeverAfter so long apart, finally finding his daughter, Raien fights her foster father Killian in an emotionally charged scene.

Sith Knight TimelineEdit

Sullust: Blonde in a Haystack, Rescuing Ala Quinn Continuing the experiments started at Reecee, an innocent captured Jedi proves a most advantageous host.
Sins of the PastThree fates collide is this the end of the meditation sphere?
At this point I have stopped recording the timeline for now, I may revise this at a later date. I think this gives you a good introduction to his past.
There is much more to put here, and it will be summed up in time.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Raien has had countless duels and fights on missions, they are a significant part of his character. These threads just show specific training threads.


Echani Battle Sense (Natural) - Echani communicate through combat, this gives them a slight edge in reading what is to come in a battle. A life dedicated to the strategy and tactics of warfare, the ultimate of pursuit of it a relentless goal. The flip side is, it makes it harder for them to read appearance alone, often finding it difficult to understand a person they haven't fought or seen move around them enough. Raien can be manipulated or betrayed and often is due to this flaw.

Growing upEdit


Raien focuses on his training.

Vibroblades (Good) - Traditional Echani practice for years and often all their lives with bladed weapons, making personal combat an art form.
Weapon Crafting (Average) - Side by side with fighting many Echani spend their time studying weaponary and how to improve it.

Dark Jedi PupilEdit

Vaapad TrainingEdit

Secrets to be studied in the archives The first half of this thread was Vaapad theory, and constructing a training program.
Putting theory into practice. First Vaapad training spar with Nadgkema An'Telkis
Beginnings - Lightsaber Training Further training in lightsaber fundamentals with Rook, the masked prince of Ruusan.

Blaster Deflection TrainingEdit

Blaster Deflection Training Raien learns the basics in defending himself against blaster fire

Sith DiscipleEdit

Rugged, desolate, and veiled no longer in shadow, now comes the hammer of stone. With his Master James Icarus, Raien finds a new awakening through the darkside of the force, using the Sith's unique focus to draw it inward, slowly letting it become more a part of himself. A duel takes place at the end of this thread.
Let's get back to Business Another Duel, this time against Drake, practicing Soresu and further honing the novice and Vaapad technique.

Sith WarriorEdit

Warrior's Awakening, First Saber Steps Shii-Cho Spar and Training with Darius Van-Derveld
The Next Step Sith Lord Icarus starts Raien's Warrior training.
The Burning Effigy - Dominance Further Shii-Cho Training, An interesting warrior Kazrah, and Raien take the measure of each other in a duel.
The Gauntlet Awaits Challenging a Sith Knight, Raien uses a mix of Soresu and Shii-Cho, drawing on force powers and all the experiences he's had to date in the fight.

Sith KnightEdit

NPC ContactsEdit

Lekt - Ambassador Lekt, and Raien, have a strong working relationship, used in half a dozen threads.
Banbuis Lau - Planetary Governor Banbuis Lau, and Raien, are currently politically allied to influence Thyrsus to the Dark Jedi's will.

Out of CharacterEdit

About the RoleplayerEdit

I've been roleplaying a lot of years, and so I am can separate IC and OOC very clearly, by all means get in touch if you have a plot you would like to create, be you friend or foe IC, don't be shy.

My name is Mark OOC, and apart from writing, I enjoy cycling, running, weightlifting, and listening to a variety of bands, check out the sabacc's forum, what are you listening to thread. I am spiritual but not religious. I like cats, and occasionally dogs, at least ones that don't chase cats. I am crazy, which helps you live a bit longer, because you blend in ;). If you want to know more, you should ask, or stalk me, whichever you prefer.

Other Characters PlayedEdit

Narron Wolfell
Kiara Keth
Melsk Thraus
Karn Tavross
Kost Skaarn - Deceased
Tadi'ette - Deceased
Tar Mang
Kria'thn Ki
Others? Yes a couple ;)

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