Ev'lyn Kei
Evlyn Snowy

Full Name
Ev'lyn Kei
Eye Color
Hair Color
Brown Dreadlocks
Home Planet
Dathomirian - Human
Other Family
Amaranth Kei (Mother), Je'asmi (Sister - deceased)

Ev'lyn Kei

In CharacterEdit



Ev’lyn hails from Dathomir, the primal world populated mostly with rancor, the Kwi, and just a few thousand humans separated into clans. Although most clans find their homes in a lush valley, the White Mountain Clan has taken theirs high into the mountains where the winters are bitter cold and the summers dry and bare. It is harsh living, but all of the White Mountain Clan has come to thrive.

Just as the other Clans fight for the rights of Dathomir, so too does White Mountain. It was foretold moons ago by the clans shar tahl that a sister would leave the White Mountain of Dathomir and attain the knowledge of the Jedi so that she would one day return and teach the clan, giving them power of the other clans.


Ev'lyn's long trip from the White Mountain to the Republic outpost took her through snow and plains of Dathomir.

Ev’lyn was 18 when the shar tahl pointed a bony tattooed finger at her, the daughter of Amaranth Kei, current Mother of the White Mountain Clan. She was the one that would set their tahlmorra in motion.

The next week, a supply shuttle was dispatched to the Republic outpost and before it lifted off, Ev’lyn had stored aboard it with many of the clans prized possessions. It was hard haggling her way to Yavin 8, but she finally made it and now trains amongst the Jedi.

Since joining, Ev’lyn’s point of view has changed and she hopes to return to her people and spread the word of peace through the Force rather then rivalry amongst the different clans.


Ev'lyn considers the entire White Mountain Clan family. Her birth mother, Amaranth Kei, is the current Clan Mother.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


Ev'lyn trains under the Cathar Jedi Master Verse Dawnstrider.


  • Force Speed – action or motion used to accelerate normal movements quicker
  • Force Leap or Force Jump – Leaping or Jumping abilities that travel higher
  • Force Pull and Force Push – Pulling or Pushing objects and it is similar to telekinetic Pull or Push use
  • Force Throw – Throwing objects away and it is similar to telekinetic Throw use
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy - You can receive an emotion and thought from others and then return thoughts via the Force to the same individual. This is a form of Force communication.
  • Force Healing – using your concentration and meditative skills aided by the Force to induce positive affects of self-healing. You will not be able to heal another, until you are at Jedi Knight level.
  • Force Levitation - involves using telekinesis aided by the Force to lift yourself or items into the air
  • Force Sense - allow Force sensitive users to feel the Force energies around them and you will sense the force in a certain place and whether it is light or dark
  • Force Beast Language – Creatures: (currently learning) All domesticated and/or friendly such as a Bantha, Eopie, Rodents like Regnuff, Dogs, trained Wolves, Small size Reptile or Squall. You can not take mind control over a beast or creature in any way. Duration: 1 or 2 years study and dependent on the creature of choice [This Force power use is a Trade Off Force Power Usage – meaning you will give up Force Control Pain to learn and use this Force Power.]

Special TalentsEdit

Ev'lyn has found she has a unique ability to commune with nature and possibly animals. Jedi Master Verse Dawnstrider is currently teaching her how to enhance the Force Beast Language, Elemental, and Nature Force skills.

Current StorylineEdit


Ev'lyn's lightsaber made from the tooth of a Rancor.

Ev'lyn is currently studying as much as she possibly can about the Universe and the ways of the Jedi ancient and new. She is about to embark on a trip back to her home planet to visit her clan and search for a rancor tooth, a hopeful base for the lightsaber she will create in the near future.

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White Mountain Clan Old Tongue Language*Edit

  • a’saii (uh-SIGH) – Dathomir zealots dedicated to pure line of descent.
  • bu’lasa (boo-LAH-suh) – grandson
  • bu’sala (boo-SAH-luh) – foster-son
  • dathomirian (dah-th-ah-MER-ee-an) – woman/man; neuter, used within phrases
  • Dathomirian i’halla shansu (dah-th-ah-MER-ee-an i-HALL-uh shan-SOO)-(lit.): May there be Dathomirian peace upon you.
  • harana (huh-RAH-na) – niece
  • harani (huh-RAH-nee) – nephew
  • i’halla (ih-HALL-uh) – upon you: used within phrases.
  • i’toshaa-ni (ih-tosha-NEE) – Dathomirian cleansing ceremony; atonement ritual.
  • ja’hai ([French j] zshuh-HIGH) – accept
  • ja’hai-na (zshuh-HIGH-nuh) – accepted
  • jehan (zsheh-HAHN) – father
  • jehana (zsheh-HAH-na) – mother
  • ku’reshtin (koo-RESH-tin) – epithet; name-calling
  • leijhana tu’sai (lay-HAHN-uh too-SIGH) – (lit.); thank you very much.
  • meijhana (mee-HAH-na) – slang; pretty one
  • Reshta-ni (resh-tah-NEE) – (lit.); As you would have it.
  • rujho (ROO-ho) – slang: brother (diminutive)
  • rujholla (roo-HALL-uh) – sister (formal)
  • rujholli (roo-HALL-ee) – brother (formal)
  • ru’maii (roo-MY-ee) – (lit.): in the name of
  • Ru’shalla-tu (roo-SHAWL-uh TOO) – (lit.) May it be so.
  • shansu (shan-SOO) – peace
  • shar tahl (shar TAHL) – priest-historian; keeper of the prophecy.
  • shu’maii (shoo-MY-ee) – sponsor
  • su’fala (soo-FALL-uh) – aunt
  • su’fali (soo-FALL-ee) – uncle
  • tahlmorra (tall-MORE-uh) – fate; destiny; kismet
  • tetsu (tet-SOO) – poisonous root given to allay great pain; addictive, eventually fatal.
  • usca (OOIS-kuh) – powerful liquor
  • y’ja’hai (EE-zshuh-HIGH) – (lit.): I accept.

Out of CharacterEdit

Ev'lyn Kei joined on March 9th, 2008.


*The Cheysuli ancient tongue language is taken from Jennifer Roberson’s Cheysuli® book series. Any and all ancient Cheysuli tongue or diction used is herein copyrighted to Jennifer Roberson and is only used by fans for a private, non-commercial use.

About the RoleplayerEdit

This character is played by Jennifer, a veteran Roleplayer that got her start in the TalkCity chatrooms in 1999. Jennifer is currently 26 years old. She is a graphic designer and enjoys using her abilities to help with character signatures (when she's not being lazy).

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