Bailor Jenson

Full Name
Bailor Jenson
Jedi Padawan
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
Mother: Jenny Jenson(DECEASED)
Father:Bob Jenson
sibling:Kelly Jenson

Character Name: Bailor Jenson

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Bailor grew up as a fighter. His mother died in childbirth with him and all he has is his father and his older sister. His father saw how quick his reflexes were when he was young and how tough he was and decided to get him into fighting at a young age. He fought all thru his younger years and well into his early twenties before finally stopping due to a death in his last boxing match. He fought for the TBL(Tatooine Boxing League) for 10 years and retired as the only undefeated Heavyweight Champion they ever had. Soon after that, he was visited in a dream by his dead grandfather, Jedi Master Albert Jenson. Bailor's grandfather instructed him to go to Yavin VII for training because his family would need him one day. He met Zacky on his way to Yavin to begin training.

Bailor was born outside of Mos Eisley. His grandfather forseen his birth before the time of his conception. He grew up on Tatooine fighting most of his life due to his incredible fast reflexes. Even being quoted as saying his fast reflexes were faster than most beings in the galaxy. These fast reflexes has cause him to be the only undefeated champion in TBL history.

After he joined the Students of the Light to become a Jedi. He began training. Event though he had very little training with the Jedi, he became in tune with the abilities he already had in the force. He learned Jedi things as a Padawan and it wasn't until he went on a mission with the Jedi that he realized what he true destiny was.

During the mission, he was visited again by his grandfather who revealed Bailor's true destiny and what he was meant to be. Bailor betrayed the Jedi and became Darth Helwan[1].


Bailor comes from a 2 child family. His mother died in childbirth but was a happy homemaker before her death. His sister now works as a bartender at a local cantina in Mos Eisley. His father works now as a Boxing Promoter who even worked as Bailor's manager during his 10 year reign in the TBL.

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My character was trained by the Jedi Temple. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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