Cole Jenith



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Cole Guis Jenith

Flight Officer.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown

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Galactic Empire

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Kyle Darsten
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Tall and dark Flight Officer Cole Jenith is in peak condition for a middle aged Officer. His build although starting to slip away from him has always been well tended to, complete with small defined muscles. His appearance has always been distinguished by his overly pressed and perfectly applied Officers uniform and his cap that sits in exactly the right position no matter what he is doing. His most distinguishing feature is a his thin defined face that always seems to be looking down on the people around him. Also a small scar that runs from his eye to his cheek has always been a focal point.


Cole Jenith is what everyone would expect an Imperial Officer, straightbacked and well trained. He rose to fame during the Galactic Civil War and his attitude shows it, he is suspicious of anyone not wearing an Imperial Uniform. Despite his High Coruscanti accent and his 'i'm better then you' attitude the Coruscant born Officer is known as one of the most forgiving Officers to work under and he has gained respect because of it. He has few opinions on the galaxy outside of his Government, but considers the Republic to be no more then a revolutionary group of terrorists. The Jedi and Sith to him are also no more then a bunch of magic users who should be cast down and burnt at the first opportunity. He is extremely loyal and dedicated to the Galactic Empire and only wishes to see it rise to the pinacle that it was at when he first signed up. He has nothing but respect for his superiors, although he believes that some of them need more experience. A feeling that shall remain unsaid.



The Flight Officer lives with his wife and two children on Bastion in the very center of Revalin itself. However he is never really present on the cities surface itself as he is head of the Bastion Defence Fleet and spends three quarters of the year onboard the 'Monarch' The Executioner Class Star Destroyer that is the Capital ship of the Defence Fleet. While onboard Cole spends most of his days on the bridge over going inspection of his fleet which is his pride and joy. What time he doesn't spend there you can usually find him in his quarters building his model Spacecraft. While Planetside Flight Officer Jenith spends his days in his home with his family. He gets little time to see them up close so spends as much time with them, however he is always on call and puts his Empire above his family.


Cole Jenith has served in every major naval conflict since the battle of Hoth, beginning life as a navigator Ensign aboard the 'Agonizer' an Imperial Class Star Destroyer. He was present at the battle of Endor and the fall of Coruscant. He rose through the ranks quickly and was finally promoted to command an entire Battlegroup by Tatiana upon her election to Admiral. His latest Naval Victory was the ambush on Kuat where he and two other Battlegroups managed to successfully remove the thread of Pirate Captain Horseth Impil who had been plauging the Imperial Supply Lines for months.


Being a High Ranking Officer in the Imperial Navy Cole answers only to the three heads of departments and their seconds. His most recent contact is the 'Voice of the Empire' or Sheridon's right hand man, who the Naval Officer still has trouble trusting completely.


Flight Officer Cole Jenith is one of the finest Naval tactitions that the Empire have seen in a long time. He is an expert at keeping his head cool and collected even if his ship is falling apart around his ears. Many a conflict has been won simply because of his level mindedness and ability to lead from the front.

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