Khasidel Ihendrethan



Full Name
Khasidel Ihendrethan
Jedi Padawan
275 lbs
Eye Color
Sapphire Blue
Hair Color
Light Brown
Home Planet
Coruscant, Galactic City, U-81 Sector
Human, Coruscanti
Other Family
Mother: Rhosuni Ihendrethan
Father: Inaeyoch Ihendrethan (Deceased)
Brother: Severem Ihendrethan
Sister: Kaelah Ihendrethan
Sister: Emerath Ihendrethan

Khasidel IhendrethanEdit

"Passion rules reason. Your emotions will always try to control your thinking. You must be forever on guard against your emotions lest you let them determine your course."

--Khasidel Ihendrethan

Character DataEdit

Khas Jedi Portrait

Khasidel Ihendrethan close-up, in casual dress.

The Dome by jfliesenborghs

Enkair Delti, Sector U-81 of Galactic City on Coruscant, also known as the "Silver Dome".



Khasidel has a tall and athletic build with toned musculature. His face is youthful and handsome, appearing roughly the equivalent of twenty-five years old. His hair is light brown in color and reaches just to the base of his neck while his eyes are a sapphire blue color. When in casual clothes, he normally wears stylish shirts and coats with intricate designs and tasteful patterns. Otherwise, he wears traditional Jedi robes or work clothes better suited for piloting or engineering tasks.

Khasidel is for the most-part a kind-hearted and well mannered, though somewhat reserved individual. He tends to often be lost in thought and when he speaks has a distant expression and a soft smile.


Khasidel was born in residential sector U-81 of Galactic City on Coruscant, which is also known to its occupants as Enkair Delti because of its shape, which in Basic means the “Silver Dome”, a massive palatial suburban structure that serves as the home for many upper-class Coruscanti, wealthy businessmen and merchant families. Khasidel himself was the third eldest child in the wealthy Coruscanti Ihendrethan family that owned and operated numerous small intergalactic businesses, including trading and shipping, as well as ship construction, repair and industrial facilities throughout the Core Worlds. His parents were secretly supply equipment and money to the Rebel Alliance, which eventually came to the attention of the Empire. The families compound on Coruscant was raided by Imperial Stormtroopers and Khasidel’s father, Inaeyoch, was captured and later executed. Khasidel’s mother Rhosuni and elder siblings fled into the depths of Galactic City and eventually managed to make their way off-world. Khasidel fled the planet with a family friend, Vashiel Avendeyei, and his daughter Traya, aboard his ship. For the next few years, Khasidel lived with the Avendeyei’s in the Outer Rim, avoiding Imperials and making a living as smugglers for the Rebel Alliance and as traders. After the formation of the New Republic, Khasidel’s mother and siblings returned to Coruscant and began to rebuild with what little they had managed to take in their flight, as well as earn during their exile. Presently the Ihendrethan’s run a small shipping business, and until recently Khasidel lived aboard his ship, with his childhood friend and co-worker, Traya Avendeyei as his co-pilot. Vashiel remained on Coruscant with Rhosuni and helped run the business from there. Khasidel has spent the last several months making trading runs throughout the New Republic, until he made a supply delivery to Yavin VIII.


Khasidel’s parents were Inaeyoch and Rhosuni Ihendrethan. His father Inaeyoch was killed early in his early years when it was discovered that he and the Ihendrethan family had been diverting resources and equipment to the Rebellion in secret. The majority of the family’s holdings were seized by the Empire, while Inaeyoch was captured and executed for treason. The rest of the family managed to escape, albeit separated from one another. Years later, the Ihendrethan survivors were able to reunite and after the formation of the New Republic, his mother and siblings, Severem, Kaelah and Emerath, alongside old family friend Vashiel Avendeyei began rebuilding the family business with what money they had salvaged from their earlier holdings and earned in the intervening years.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Bryar negwt

Khasidel's modified Bryar pistol.

Modified BlasTech Industries Bryar PistolEdit

Khasidel's long-range weapon of choice is a modified Bryar pistol. Essentially an upgraded Bryar rifle with its stock and muzzle sawed down, this Bryar pistol is a fairly standard, relatively accurate blaster weapon. The pistol has a pair of additional features over most similarly sized weapons of its size: the ability to "charge up" and fire one large blast as opposed to faster moving and weaker bolts, as well as firing a stunning pulse. These modifications have had no detrimental effects on the gun or its accuracy, but it does consume energy faster when using its special functions. The Bryar is incredibly accurate at long ranges.


The sword of the Ihendrethan family, Ihendrenos

Ihendrenos, katana vibroswordEdit

A 5,000-year-old vibrosword that has been passed down through the Ihendrethan family line since its inception. The sword and its scabbard were constructed in the Echani-style with a cortosis-weave, making them both impervious to lightsabers. The blades edge vibrates at ultrasonic speeds, increasing its cutting effectiveness to the point where it can slice through most substances like a hot knife through butter. Even a glancing blow can result in a gaping wound. The name of the sword translates from High Galactic to mean roughly "Teacher's Blade".

Jarkai Dueling Swords

Khasidel's Jar'Kai dueling swords, Shoukon and Kyubai

Shoukon and Kyubai, Jar'Kai dueling swordsEdit

A pair of very old mandalorian short-swords forged from beskar, also known as mandalorian iron. Like cortosis, this renders the blades practically impervious to lightsabers in addition to most other forms of physical abuse. Otherwise, the blades are fairly ordinary and will do no more damage than traditional swords. The names of the swords translate from High Galactic to mean "Red-Hand" and "Heart-Guard".

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Khasidel was previously trained in a number of skills by Inaeyoch Ihendrethan and Vashiel Avendeyei: Until his departure from Coruscant he was educated in intergalactic trade, the ways of high society and the noble classes, as well as given lessons in vibrosword fencing.

During his time in the Outer Rim, Khasidel learnt how to pilot starship's, becoming quite proficient, and was educated alongside Traya in engineering and ship maintenance by Vashiel. Khasidel also was further instructed in the art of sword-fighting by Vashiel in addition to the use of blaster weapons for self-defense.

Fighting StyleEdit

  • Trained by:

  • Unarmed combat:
  • Martial art, K'thri: -- Basic-level proficiency
  • Melee combat:
  • Single-blade sword discipline, Yovshin Nomen'Kai: -- Master-level proficiency (Swords & Vibrosword's only)
  • Duel-wielding sword discipline, Yovshin Jar'Kai: -- Master-level proficiency (Swords & Vibrosword's only)
  • Lightsaber discipline form I, Shii-Cho: -- Beginner-level proficiency [1]
  • Ranged combat:
  • Blaster pistols: -- Moderate-level proficiency
  • Blaster rifles: -- Moderate-level proficiency

Force AbilitiesEdit

  • Trained by:

  • Control skills:
  • Force Speed: -- No proficiency
  • Force Healing: -- Beginner-level proficiency [2]
  • Force Body / Control Pain: -- Beginner-level proficiency [3]
  • Force Enhancement: -- No proficiency
  • Force Concealment / Masking: -- No proficiency
  • Force Hibernation Trance: -- No proficiency
  • Sense skills:
  • Force Telepathy / Persuasion: -- No proficiency
  • Force Beast Language: -- No proficiency
  • Force Peace Aura: -- No proficiency
  • Force Electronic Communication: -- No proficiency
  • Force Precognition / Far-Sight: -- No proficiency
  • Alter skills:
  • Force Jump / Leap: -- No proficiency
  • Force Telekinesis (Divided into specific sub-powers)
  • Force Push: -- No proficiency
  • Force Pull: -- No proficiency
  • Force Throw: No proficiency
  • Force Levitation: -- No proficiency
  • Force Shield / Barrier: -- No proficiency
  • Force Light / Illumination: -- No proficiency
  • Force Resonance: -- No proficiency
  • Force Illusion: -- No proficiency
  • Force Lightning Repel / Protection: -- No proficiency
  • Force Absorb: -- No proficiency
  • Elemental skills:
  • Air / Wind: -- No proficiency
  • Water: -- No proficiency
  • Fire: -- No proficiency
  • Ice: -- No proficiency

Normal AbilitiesEdit

  • Trained by:
  • Inaeyoch Ihendrethan
  • Vashiel Avendeyei

  • Piloting Skills:
  • Speeder-bikes: -- Moderate-level proficiency
  • Speeders: -- Master-level proficiency
  • Star-fighters: -- Expert-level proficiency
  • Freighters: -- Master-level proficiency
  • Engineering Skills:
  • Mechanical Engineering: -- Expert-level proficiency
  • Device Modification: -- Expert-level proficiency
  • Computer Skills
  • Programming: --Moderate-level proficiency
  • Slicing: -- Basic-level proficiency
  • Medicinal Skills
  • First-aid: -- Basic-level proficiency
  • Languages:
  • Galactic Basic (Common): -- Master-level proficiency
  • High Galactic (Ancient): -- Master-level proficiency
  • Binary (Droids): -- Expert-level proficiency
  • Bocce (Spacers): -- Master-level proficiency
  • Dosh (Trandoshans): -- Beginner-level proficiency
  • Durese (Duros): -- Basic-level proficiency
  • Huttese (Hutts): -- Moderate-level proficiency
  • Rodese (Rodians): -- Moderate-level proficiency

Roleplaying Thread LinksEdit

Chapter OneEdit

  • Khasidel Ihendrethan and Traya Avendeyei arrive on Yavin VIII. Khas and his companion are met at the temple entrance by Landoni Undula. The group is then approached by the Jedi Knight, Caltin Vanagor, who accepts the young man into the Students of the Light.
  • Khasidel Ihendrethan, several days after joining the Jedi Order and saying his goodbyes to Traya Avendeyei attempts the philosophical training scenario's supplied in the training dojo. During this training Khasidel learns how to place himself into a receptive state in order to contact and make use of the Force.
  • Khasidel meets with Satkia Beltrak, a Jedi Guardian, and his new master. Satkia questions Khasidel on the nature and meaning of the Jedi Code.
  • Satkia summon's Khasidel to the training dojo for lightsaber training. There, Khasidel learns to use the Shii-Cho lightsaber form. After the sparring session, Satkia begins to teach Khasidel how to utilize his inherent Force abilities.

Roleplayer DataEdit

About the RoleplayerEdit

The role-player for Khasidel is Benjamin, 23, who works as a Beer Wine & Spirits Retail Attendant, providing beer for the masses. He is also addicted to BBQ sauce.

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Tei'Kaliath, Elaenya

Avendeyei, Traya - NPC

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