IG-86 assassin droid

Full Name
IG-86 Sentinel assassin Droid

Hezekiah (Masculine Programing)

Eye Color
Red sensory color
Hair Color

IG-86 Sentinel Droid
Confederacy of Independent Systems Tal Kote

Other Family
NPC Creator
Tal Kote

In CharacterEdit

"IG-86 Sentinel Droid, during the clone wars they were used as assassin droids. Very effective and very deadly when facing against un-beatable odds. That is why they produced the IG-100 Magnaguards."
―Tal Kote when seeing Hezekiah for the first time.


Assassin Droid

Hezekiah during the Clone Wars

What many would call an IG-86 Sentinel Droid is actually the given name of this assassin droid called Hezekiah after coming into Tal's possession. Only during the time of the Clone Wars; Hezekiah looked just about like any other IG-86 sentinel droid. Silver in color with a red sensor. However, due to its so called absence with the Confederacy of Independent Systems; this IG-86 sentinel droid gained a new paint scheme much to like that of Helios-3D who worked with the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane.


Hezekiah's personality is like that of an assassin: cold and deadly. Though he was created during the time of the Clone Wars as a droid to make those assassination attempts there was no stopping a personality change for this IG-86 sentinel droid. It holds the same qualities like that of a protocol droid. Able to speak a great number of languages and explaining certain odds to his "master". he sees his owner more then just a simple Mandalorian searching for a good life in the galaxy. The droid at times will call Tal master but will often refer to him as Tal'ika because of himself being several years older then the Mandalorians. Other times he will call him Tal'buir, because the Mandalorian was able to restore it's normal functions as an IG-86 assassin droid. Hezekiah is completely loyal and confident with Tal, but will often argue with him on certain matters that pertain to missions or certain individuals. He is also very protective to Tal, and will even threaten the Mandalorians friends if they approach him in a certain way. The droid may posses those same assassin qualities but that does not count in for its relation to its owner.



Hezekiah's history is as just that....a mystery to even Tal himself. What the IG-86 droid can remember is that he was created during the time of the Clone Wars and used as an elite assassin droid before being caught and deactivated never to be een gain. However, when Hezekiah was re-activated by Tal after being found; the Kote Mandalorian helped the droid gain some of its primary functions back as an assassin droid. Tal nicknamed the droid Hezekiah because of a mysterious Mandalorian warrior of the Mandalorian past.


Hezekiah's programing includes that of assassin protocols and security. Having a trained finger with blaster styled weapons along with engaging in hand-to-hand combat and the occasional bladed combat; this IG-86 assassin droid gained some new programing that will allow him to adapt to unusual situations. However, because of being deactivated after the Clone Wars the droid lost most of its skills through piloting ships and mechanics. If something comes to were Delta can't pilot the ship usually Tal comes in to guide them to safety unless Tal is not on board then Hezekiah will come in and do his best to get the ship down without a problem.

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