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The origins of the Van-Derveld family can be traced back to the Outer Rim Territories, to a planetary system known as Figaro Favoura. Occupied by the gas giants Figaro and Favoura, and their seven moons, the system is so far away from any regularly used space-lanes that it is largely unknown in the galaxy. It's remote approximation to the galaxy at large has allowed the system to remain isolated and subsequently caused the development of technology – in particular, hyper-drive technology – to progress at a far slower rate than the galaxy as a whole.

The seventh moon – Figaro Favoura VII – is the sole body within the system capable of supporting sentient life. A rugged world of mountains and moors, it's population is confined to a small number of settlement, typically centred around fortified manor houses or castles. Originally, these estates were all held by individual families, who by virtue of their secure homes became the de facto leaders of the communities that surrounded them. They became the ruling elite, whilst the rest of the population became their serfs.

Amongst these family's was House Van-Derveld. Their estate was occupied by three brothers: Ziek, Caracci and Marco, as well as Marco' wife Laktani. The brothers had inherited the estate, along with its surrounding peasant population, from their father Thoren.

Marco and Laktani had a single son, Diego. From boyhood, Diego grew bored of the monotony of the world around him. When spacers chanced by Figaro Favoura VII, Diego became enamoured with the idea of leaving his home to explore the galaxy – and so began his life-long obsession with travel and exploration. He became a merchant-trader and found himself a wife in a young woman named Virginie Alsace, whom he sent to live in his family estate whilst he furthered his business prospects – and, in time, made a smuggler of himself.

During his travels, he would bed many other women and father many children. Even to this day, his whereabouts are unknown.




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