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Gareth Karr is the son of a Corusanti space freighter engineer and an Alderaanian diplomat, making him an apt mechanic — growing up in a bustling spaceport in Coruscant's political sector — but a prominent figure in the field of his passion: diplomacy and politics.

During the final years of the Republic Vandas Karr, a Coruscanti mechanic and starship engineer, and Representative Obria VanQuem of Alderaan met when Karr was hired to design and construct an elegant new transport for the Alderaanian Speaker of the Assembly. The pair fell in love while VanQuem oversaw the project. They married and Karr moved his shipbuilding corporation to Coruscant and opened a branch on Alderaan, to be closer to Obria. Three years later their son, Gareth Karr, was born.

Gareth grew up in the garages of his fathers shop, tinkering with machines and helping his dad design starships for high-profile clients, but he also enjoyed his time in the halls of the great Senate Building , communing with Senators and personal aides and mentoring under his mother in low-level diplomacy. By the time Gareth was sixteen he understood the ins-and-outs of intergovernmental relations just as well as he knew the twelve laws of hyperspace physics an their dozens of subsidiaries.

However, since the rise of the Empire Vandas' shops had been struggling and in a few years were unfortunately run into bankruptcy. Seeking help, he called in some favors with his friends within the Corellian Engineering Corporation . After some negotiation and business talks CEC agreed to absorb Vadas' company and allowed him to work independently under their name on Coruscant.

Through the CEC representative, Dan Obross, Gareth met the Corellian Sentaor at the time, Senator Garm Bel Iblis . Iblis took a liking to Gareth and took him under his wing. After Gareth graduated he became Iblis' protege, studying Corellian and galactic law and accompanying the Senator on several very important peace talks, influential to the long kept peace that Palpatine made no attempt at which to maintain. While traveling with Iblis, Gareth picked up his smug admonishing personality towards the Empire and the Emperor. Not becoming rebellious or violent towards it, but certainly not agreeing with the way it conducted itself.

Three years later Iblis helped pay Gareth's way through College at the University of Commenor , the university of Iblis' own education. Gareth surpassed his fellow students in all fields and blazed through his classes, completing his education in an astounding six years. At UC he majored in law and political sciences and minored in hyperspace physics and engineering.

Back in the Core the Emperor had managed to dissolve the Imperial Senate and had placed himself as dictator of the Galactic Empire. Obria, suddenly of of a job, retired to Alderaan. Two months later she was killed when the planet was destroyed by the Empire's vile super weapon, the Death Star . Gareth returned to Coruscant for his mother's funeral and vowed there that he would someday bring peace to the galaxy.

After a few months Gareth got word that he had caught the eye of one Dwan Vakks, Executive director of Corporate Sector Executive Relations for the Avance Coalition . After graduating Gareth moved to Reltooine and began working, unofficially, for Vakks as a personal aide and assistant representative. The pair worked together, brokering trade agreements, negotiating mergers, evaluating potential executive clients, and many other tasks, for nearly twelve years. But Vakks got word of a secret Rebel fleet somewhere in the Brema Sector and told Gareth he was planning to turn the information over to the Empire, Gareth quit Avance, not wanting to be part of anything that furthered the Imperial pursuit for domination.

After he left the Coalition he began searching for work, running down the Hydian Way . He did odd jobs for Ayervon Recycling Enterprises on Dresscol , worked accounting for Biotech in the Drovian system , was a temporary representative for the Antarian Rangers in the Meridian sector , and helped negotiate trade restrictions in the Obroa system . Eventually he found himself back on Coruscant, helping his father run his business.

Bitter with the murder of his mother and depressed that he was not doing anything to advance peace in the galaxy Gareth began developing a drinking problem and stopped perusing politics all together. His father, realizing his son's emotional slump, intervened in Gareth problems, helped him back onto his feet, and brought him back into state of passion for peace.

Now, passionate about fulfilling his vow, Gareth has joined the Incom Corporation and the New Republic in an effort to vanquish the dreaded Empire. He is hopeful about the future and ready for action.

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