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for Roleplaying at SWRPG

1. First, you must decide on what type of character you want to play (i.e. Jedi, Sith, Dark Jedi, smuggler, etc.). Then create a unique character name and register it. Character names with Jedi Master, Sith Master, Emperor or any other rank related title are not allowed since all new characters start at the beginning rank in each group. All character usernames must be unique and original and not from any existing Star Wars character or from any other game/movie/book/comic character from any genre (the rare exceptions to this rule would be those who have been roleplaying their characters elsewhere for years and have Admin Team approval to have a particular name). No playing an existing Star Wars movie or EU character or doing any roleplays that interact with or make reference to an existing Star Wars movie or EU character or any of their items/belongings. Force Users (Jedi, Dark Jedi, Sith), and non-Force Users (Rebel, Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary) characters are allowed at Non-original character names/characters found to be in violation will be changed by a Administrator to a name of their choosing.

    Frequently asked character questions:

  • a. Can I create a non-Star Wars species character?

    Yes, if the non-traditional Star Wars character species is explained in a Star Wars manner where research is done to tie in the character species with known Star Wars history. Any non-Star Wars form of fiction (i.e. Ann Rice vampires, etc.) to explain a character's existence/abilities is not allowed. No non-Star Wars abilities are allowed. If you are interested in creating a non-Star Wars species character, please submit a species description to an Administrator via PM (private message) and your request will be discussed by the Admin Team and a decision rendered. The only approved non-Star Wars species at at this time is:

    Van-Derveld family Lupine species: Vega Van-Derveld created a unique species which is officially accepted by the Admin Team as being a playable species in this community. The following attributes are part of the Lupine makeup:

    1. Life span - Lupine’s actually have a shorter life span than the average humanoid. During childhood they have accelerated growth, and this continues throughout their life as they get older. The oldest a Lupine is likely to live to is 70 years old.

    2. Healing powers - The rate at which a Lupine’s body naturally heals itself is equal to that of a human.

    3. Physical features - Lupine’s are born with elongated canine teeth, excellent for biting, and have claw-like fingertips, which they are able to extend – though neither of these traits give them any more power than someone without them, being largely aesthetic. Members of the Lupine species family can recognize only other Van-Derveld family members instinctively through scent. Their sense of smell is finely attuned in wolf form.

    4. Special ability - Shapeshifting into a wolf form - Your average Lupine is able to assume the form of a common canis lupus, a wolf. They *cannot*, however, change into some great hulking half-man half-wolf beast. It's thought that the reason that Lupine's are able to shift as they do is because they have some Clawdite heritage, though it's unknown why the Lupine's are limited to only taking a canine form.

    5. Who can be a Lupine - The race was created for the Van-Dervelds only. The history of the species dictates that the race was isolated to a single planet, and therefore any new Lupines have to be children of Van-Dervelds. The Lupine gene is purely biological. There is no way to be "bitten" and become a Lupine.

  • b. Can I be a Shadow Jedi, Grey Jedi or (any other name for a Force user who can wield both sides of the Force)?

    No. goes by the Star Wars universe as defined by George Lucas and his entourage of comic script writers and novelists. All the published examples thusfar indicate that there is no such thing as a person who can use both sides of the Force at will. On top of that, there is too much room for abusing that kind of power in a roleplay game. It is hard to monitor as a Staff and difficult to face as a fellow roleplayer.

  • c. Can I be Darth Vader or Princess Leia or the Emperor or a Royal Guard?

    No, that is not allowed in the rules of this board. Everyone is required to make up a completely original character with no ties to existing movie or EU characters. Making up a completely new character of your own gives you the total freedom to combine your favorite qualities of the existing Star Wars characters that you like. You also have a chance to create completely new scenarios which might never occur in the lives of the already established characters. Saying no right off also saves the Staff from having to pick who gets the coveted roles of the pre-made characters, and also from having to pass judgement on their writing skills and character portrayal. This would also include the EU 'canon' characters as well. An Emperor character is not allowed due to the unfair, absolute power a single member of the community would have over all, and without an Emperor, there are no Royal Guards. In addition, to provide for equal opportunities for all members of the community, sometimes at we cannot be precisely true to allowing absolutely every single aspect of the extensive movie and expanded universe Star Wars lore due to the all-powerful characters and unbalanced situations that sometimes exist there. As a Staff we strive to ensure opportunities for equity for all members of the community.

  • d. Why can't I be Dooku's illegitimate daughter or Qui-Gon's former lover, etc.?

    This question is along the same lines as the previous question. Creating these type of characters means that in some respects you are controlling the established character's lives. Ok, so maybe Dooku could have an illegitimate daughter somewhere or Qui-Gon did have a former lover.. but then, how many are there? And what if a male character was created to be the former lover of Qui-Gon. Perhaps these examples seem silly, but hopefully you can see how this would in some way alter the characters created by George Lucas and the EU authors.

  • e. Can I be a Ninja Master, Ghost, Vampire or Werewolf?

    No. goes by the Star Wars universe as defined by George Lucas and his entourage of comic script writers and novelists. See the question for creating a non-Star Wars species character.

  • f. Can I make my own group and be the leader of it here?

    No. In the original concept design of the roleplay galaxy at, there were set into place one type of each kind of main roleplay group. There is only one type of each group allowed. These groups have been established on the board and there are no plans to add any more for any reason.

  • g. Can I transfer another of my established message board characters to this board?

    Most community members start a brand new character at the beginning level ranks at However, for those who might happen to have a long time character with a well established and well documented character history on another roleplay community, there is now a review process for that character's admission to be considered for a roleplay group in this community. Rogue character transfers are not allowed, transferred characters must be a member of an existing group. Transfers will be based on roleplaying threads and information provided. To have a character considered for admission into the galaxy, send a private message to Dara Shadowtide with the following information:

    1. Character name, faction and rank
    2. Roleplaying community name and website link
    3. The character's initial recruitment/joining thread link
    4. Two of the character's training thread links to show skills learned in the sessions
    5. Promotion thread links including the promotion to the current rank
    6. Thread links to padawans/disciples the character has trained
    7. Thread links to battles/duels the character has engaged in
    8. A thread link to a non-battle/storyline for the character

  • h. Can I move my force user character to a different force user group on the board if I don't like the first group I picked?

    If your character switches from a light side force user group to a dark side force user group or vice versa, then your character forgets every force skill learned up to that point and starts completely over from the beginning level rank in the new group. The reasoning for this is that light side and dark side force users draw upon their power in completely different ways (i.e. calm focused meditation versus rage, hatred, anger, etc.). Now if you switch from one dark side group to another dark side group, it will be required that you temporarily drop one rank lower upon entering the new group with the reasoning that the two dark side factions have completely different philosophies. Your character will need to receive extensive "reprogramming" and "retraining" in the new dark side group's way of life.

2. Once your character is accepted to either the Students of the Light (Jedi), the Royal House of Rannon (Dark Jedi) or The Sith Empire (Sith) Force User group, they may only use the Force Powers learned by your selected Master in a documented thread in the training grounds. No self-training or learning skills by yourself. All Force skills must be learned in a training thread by your master.

3. Respect posting order in a roleplay thread. No "fast posting" allowed if members in a roleplay thread are not online to respond. If they are not on to respond you may not just "skip" them and go on without them. Once a posting order is established you must stick to that order and not post until it is your turn.

4. You can play as many different characters as you would like to register usernames for and play. For each character name you register, they may only be a member of a single roleplay faction group. For group leadership, only one character per group with a maximum of two different group leaderships by two separate characters is allowed. Your characters may not train or interact with your other characters in the same group if you have more than one character there. You may make as many non-ranked NPC (non player character) type characters as desired to assist with personal storylines and those non-rank seeking characters would not have to join a roleplay group faction. Just remember not to use any information gained from one of the group's against the other group.

5. No godmoding allowed. Please keep all powers, weapons and abilities within the Star Wars universe. Fellow roleplayers have the right to disregard outlandish or godmoding powers/items attempted to be used against their characters. Godmoding can encompass a variety of things and basically causes an unfair roleplaying experience. Here are some examples of what is considered godmoding and is NOT allowed to happen in this community:

  • a. making your character invincible by never taking damage
  • b. trying to play a beginning rank as being equal to or more powerful than a Master ranked character
  • c. trying to use skills or abilities your character has not learned in a documented training thread in the training area of this community
  • d. performing multiple attacks/defenses in one post that would be considered "outlandish" or unreasonable
  • e. trying to start a brand new character to the board at a higher rank than the beginning rank by claiming past training or experiences not documented on this community
  • f. calling the result of an attack and not letting the recipient choose the degree of damage inflicted on their own character - in other words, you are not allowed to post your opponent's actions, let them respond
  • g. creating a character to roleplay/battle with one of your own characters to try and make them appear stronger/better by using it as an unfair advantage
  • h. No killing or maiming without the prior permission of the other person in the roleplay
  • i. having Force Users wear full sets of armor so that they can be invincible and take no damage at all. Only mercenaries/bounty hunters can wear full armor (mercs/BH are not currently active in the galaxy with the revamp). Only Dark Side force users can wear partial armor - no helmets allowed. Only a chest/gauntlet armor combo or an ab/leg armor combo is allowed for Dark Siders who may have acquired such armor from battles. Jedi do not wear armor until they reach Jedi Master and that is only partial stormtrooper armor like Obi-Wan did from the Clone Wars.

    The Staff takes this matter very seriously and we are pretty quick to contact those in violation of godmoding to edit their posts accordingly. Failure to edit a post to comply with the "no godmoding allowed" rule can result in a banning from the community.


6. You are never allowed to call the result of your attack. You can "swing your lightsaber at a downward arc toward the wrist of your opponent" but you may not "swing your lightsaber and cut off your opponent's hand". The degree of damage inflicted on a person's character is completely up to the person being attacked. There is a "give and take" in roleplaying where you are expected to take damage (and alot of it) at the lowest levels as you are just learning your skills and abilities.

7. Avatars/Signatures/Images - The images used in avatars/signatures must be unique and not already claimed by another board community member in the Image Claims threads which are in the Avatar and Signature Help forum. The images used are to be suitable for viewing by all ages and may not display sexual content or have the intent of flaming/bashing/baiting/trolling. Please read the <a href="">Avatar and Signature FAQ</a> prior to using/claiming any images for your character.

8. Flaming/bashing/baiting (making insulting criticisms or remarks to incite anger) others directly or indirectly Out of Character is not allowed at Posts will be edited by a Staff member and threads locked and moved if this occurs. People have the right to their own negative opinions, however this roleplaying board was not created for that purpose. Feel free to contact individuals using private messages. If the assistance of a Staff member is required, please contact an Admin and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

9. Trolling (making posts with the intent to stir up trouble to incite disruption) is not allowed at Posts will be edited by a Staff member and threads locked and moved if this occurs.

10. Links to other message boards are not allowed to be posted or advertised at this time. is in the process of establishing an affiliates program. Details will be released once they are finalized.

11. The language filter has been enabled to not allow curse words which can be used to demean others since our posting community is open to membership of pre-teen and up. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Any attempt to usurp the filter will result in edited posts and warnings issued. Always use the Preview Post feature. If you see ****** replacing one of the words you are using, then that means it is in the filter and is not allowed to be used here. Change that word before you Submit the post.

12. Site content - Just as the filter has been enabled to accommodate a community of all ages, IC/OOC posts are to be made in accordance with those considerations as well. Discussions that are sexual, political, or religious in nature are not allowed on this forum. Such topics incite heated exchanges and lead to negativity and division in a community. Please use other message boards that specialize in those topics to express your views on those matters. is not one of those message boards. Any posts with content unsuitable for all ages, including posts of a sexual, political or religious nature, will be edited/deleted by the Staff.

13. Communicate with those you roleplay with. Not everyone can be online every day and real life always takes precedence over the roleplay. If you are in a thread with someone and they haven't posted in a few days, feel free to private message them or contact them on a messenger program to find out when they will be able to post again. Being considerate of fellow roleplayers makes for a smooth roleplaying environment. This rule also applies to major roleplays which affect more than one group on the board. Use the private message system or e-mail to communicate with fellow roleplayers. OOC (Out of Character) comments are not allowed in the IC (In Character) roleplaying forums. It detracts from the story being told. Any OOC posts will be edited out by a Staff member and posting privileges removed for those community members who choose not to follow this rule.

14. Communicate with the Staff. If you are contacted by a Staff member for being in violation of a rule, you must respond to that Staff member during the investigation process. Failure to reply to Staff private messages can result in accounts being frozen.

15. Who to contact if you have a question:

  • If you have a question about your roleplay group, please contact a <a href ="">Group Leader</a> of your roleplay faction by clicking on the P/M symbol next to their name to send a private message to them.

  • If you have a question about vBulletin or your User Account, post a thread in the <a href="">Forum Posting and Username Account Help</a> forum.

  • If you have a concern or question regarding site content, another member's conduct or any question not covered in the FAQ, please contact an <a href="">Administrator or Community Manager</a> and click on the P/M symbol to send them a private message.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a "three strikes"* system. First occurrence will result in a warning, the second time is a final warning and the third time will result in a full (IP and username) and permanent banning from the community. While reviewing the strikes a member is accumulating, the Staff may put the community member on restrictive posting status and limit the forums the member can post in during this time period or they may put the member on moderated posting where a Administrator must read the post and approve it from a que area before it shows up on the message board for others to see.

  • The three strikes system is cumulative for any violations of any part of the FAQ
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