Full Name
Nikyssa Farifax
Jedi Master
around 5’5”
Eye Color
Eye Green
Hair Color
Hair Pink
Home Planet
Naboo (small village North/East of Dreeja Peak)
Other Family
Valmara Farifax
Atriun Farifax

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N’yssa lived in a very secluded village on Naboo with her Father Atriun and mother, who died while she was very young. Her father ran a weaponsmity and she helped him as much as she could, learning much from him about forging weapons both new and advance as well as ancient vibroblades. Her father also taught her to uses those ancient weapons as well as throwing knives and shrinkins. She never knew where his father had learned this skills and never thought of asking.

At age 16, N'yssa was told by her Father about her gift of the Force and through his insistence had her leave for Yavin VIII to train at the Jedi Temple. There she was accepted and placed on the path of the Jedi. Trained by Derekai Valgarus, her training consisted of wearing a weighted cloak that Derekai gave her upon reaching Apprentice level.

There then came a dark time for N’yssa when she was summoned back to her home village with news that her father had been injured. She rushed home on the earliest transport to find her father alive, but gravely ill. She was managed to say her goodbyes but only barely as he passed away within her arms. Filled with remorse she found herself remaining in her village, finishing her father’s backed up orders and also dealing with all the legalities that came with a loved ones death. It was during this time, after the grieving that she discovered inconsistencies with the reports of her father’s death. Digging around she began to feel as if this was no accident at all but murder. She tried to explain her feelings to the authorities but they did not want to open a case that had no evidence. Realizing she was alone in this matter she returned to the Temple prepared to do whatever it took to locate and find her father’s killer, only to discover more mystery surrounding the man she called father.

Where will all this digging lead N’yssa? To a hidden truth behind the man she called her father. After his death came a slew of documents that told N'yssa that her father was not as poor as she first thought he was but that he had several bank accounts located across the galaxy that in total came to a very considerable amount. This shocked N'yssa and made her wonder what else her father had hid from her. From more digging around in her father's personal files and through talking to some of his contacts who he would never had her talk to before she found several labs he had throughout the galaxy too. From one lab in particular she learned the dark truth of her father's past that his skills as a weaponsmith was more widely known then she thought. He had been hired by a group that N'yssa still couldn't find out who to build a devastating weapon... a weapon that would kill thousands. It was unclear if he finished the weapon or not but there was enough plans that if they got into the wrong hands could be built or rebuilt for real.

Ashamed and confused at why her father would build such a device she organized a group of fellow Jedi to travel to Nar Shaddaa to find another hidden lab of her fathers to discover any more documents related to the weapon. There she was confronted again with the dark truth of her father's image as a man who would build anything for anybody given the right price as well as a Sith named Havok who had stumbled upon her father's plans for the weapon and wanted to build it himself. Locked in combat she made sure the students who accompanied her were out of harms way as she fought the Sith, though it turned more into a defensive match for the Jedi Guardian as he managed to overpower her and subdue her, kidnapping her in order to find the lost key to the weapon which he was sure she possessed from her father. She was eventually rescued out of Havok's hand but at a price. N'yssa had lost the one item belonging to her mother, a necklace as well as live long connection to Havok, the man who attempted to find the truth of her father's weapon by invading her mind to find the secrets locked within. Havok made sure however to take one more think from N'yssa without her knowlege before her rescue.

Since then N'yssa had stopped searching into her father's past, unable to fully see him in the light she once did she decided to know keep an eye out for anyone trying to recreate his weapon, including Havok whom she longed to battle once again to regain possession of her mother's necklace.

Back at the Jedi Temple, N'yssa continues to train new and present students, guiding them on the Jedi path and aiding them whenever they ask for her help. Thriving in the Force, she became known to many in the Temple as a great healer, which lead to her taking up a spot in the medical wing to treat any injuries that come her way. This reputation came out of her ability to find a cure for her lover and boyfriend Jasik who had contracted a deadly disease that had been manipulated by the dark side of the Force. She could not have done it alone but through the help of several of her closest friends as she battled the virus head on with her cure and with the Lights side of the Force. The process was successful but caused N'yssa to enter a three day coma as she used up the majority of her energy in her body to save the one person she loved the most.

After that one day of saving Jasik's life, they two become closer then ever before, and her skills and reputation as a healer increased around the Temple. N'yssa then continued on with her work, and responsibilities eventually becoming a Council Member for the Jedi and a Jedi Master, stealing a few weeks to meet up with Jasik when they can both get away and enjoy each other's company in peace.

Currently N'yssa is busy as always in the Jedi Temple, teaching her new student Kellian and new apprentice Adynn as well as trying to keep in touch and helping train her many Knights and Guardians and helping any other friends with their troubles.


Atriun Farifax was a mysterious person from day one when he entered the small village where he would later call home, marry a local women named Valmara an had a child whom he named Nikyssa. The whole village thought it was bizarre that he would literary walk into their village and open a weaponsmity. Non among them required many weapons, but still he proved to the village his value, and over time they accepted his unknown origins as it appeared he meant to stay with them and become a member of the community.

Valmara was a young women when Atriun appeared on the village’s doorstep and took it among herself to represent the village and welcome him immediately wit her bubbly personality, that made Atriun relax at the same time. Valmara soon became Atriun’s first friend as she help him organize and build his weaponsmith, friendship soon blossomed to romance and she was then married to the stranger, he giving her a cross necklace on the day he proposed.

After giving birth to their daughter, Valmara became quiet ill and passed away leaving behind a husband and daughter to fend for themselves, of course by now the village had accepted Atriun full heartedly and made sure that both were well taken care of, though many questioned if Valmara ever knew of Atriun’s true heritage, or what lead him to walk the wilderness to their village.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


My character was trained by Master Tessa, Master Aurora and Derakai valgarus. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities: Jedi Philosophy, Force moves: Force push, pull, speed, jump, heal, force control pain & throw, persuasion, force sense Combat Defense: wielding a lightsaber, basic Form 1 manuvurs.

Jedi ApprenticeEdit

My character gained the rank of Jedi Apprentice on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Moves: (advance in the basics listed above) plus Force Shield, Force Resonate, Combat training, 1 on 1 sparing with other Jedi, with Derakai as well with the aid of her own weighted cloak.

Jedi KnightEdit

My character achieved the rank of Jedi Knight on [1]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
(advance moves listed above )Force Light, Force Masking, Force Peace Aura, Received Force Healing Crystal from Verse Dawnstrider

Jedi GuardianEdit

My character was bestowed the rank of Jedi Guardian on [[2]]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Aura Peace, Force Illumination, Theory of Force Illusions along with the theory of getting out of an illusion.

Jedi MasterEdit

My character earned the rank of Jedi Master on [3]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
(advance moves listed above) Force Elementals, Air, Water & Fire

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I’m a graphic designer, working at the County paper, and enjoying myself. I am currently trying to write a book, fantasy of course, but still a long ways away from finishing it. I love anime! I like to draw in the anime style. I also read as much as I can, on about almost every subject that’s interesting to me, so a lot of fantasy, si-fi, mystery, literature, not much in the non-fiction though.

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