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Young and full of spirit, Fari enjoy running around and causing a scene. She is highly energetic and has a youthful, if not optimistic perspective on life. She enjoys making other suffer and watching them in pain, as well as learning new things. Once she has learned a skill, she typically practices over and over until she is bored. Her attention span can be limited, jumping from one subject to another on a whim.


A small child, she is just over 4 feet tall, slender built with short pink hair with yellow eyes.


Fari v.2.0 woke up on the planet Lannik from an escape pod of which she has little to no memory about. She was discovered by some locals and brought back to their village. It didn't take long for Fari to begin to show her true colours. At first she acted like a docile, shy little child, unsure of her new surroundings but it only took one little argument, that seemed to trigger a darker personality in the sweet looking girl.

By the third night after her arrival, the hut that she had been staying in burnt to the ground, along with the family inside. All but Fari was unharmed. Such random acts of violence continued until it became clear the girl had unusual powers. The Force came easy to Fari, though she didn't know what it was, all she knew was that she could move objects with her mind, and used to frighten the locals around her until she held the authority of the town in her small hands.

To the girl, all this was a game, she was their queen and she would destroy those who questioned her. It was all great fun and excitement until others began to show up. First the planet's military that kept a tight security around the village, then the others with similar power. That was when Fari met Rakai, and her life as a Sith began.

Recent HistoryEdit

Rakai, different from the others, and stronger than herself took Fari away from Lannik to a new planet that would offer training into these powers she possessed. She was excited to learn there were others like her, who also enjoyed her games and that Rakai promised to teach her these new skills and help her become stronger.

Upon arrival to Munto Codru, she met with the Sith Council, a frightening group of adults who scrutinized her existence that made Fari wonder why they found her appearance so puzzling. They gave her to Rakai to train, under certain circumstances that the little girl didn't understand. It didn't matter to her though, while Rakai went in search of her origins, Fari was allowed to explore her new home in the Sith temple and even ran along some other Sith who became her friends.

Now with her Disciple training completed, Fari early awaits her first mission, as well as her first fight. She may be small, and only a child, but Fari wanted to be a good Sith and things around the temple were starting to get a little boring...

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My character was trained by [Rakai].
My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

• Telepathy
• Force sense
• Force control pain
• Force Pull, Push, Speed, Throw and Jump
• Force Persuasion
• Shi Choo (Form 1)

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My character gained the rank of Sith Warrior on (insert link). My character was trained by (inset name) in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character achieved the rank of Sith Knight on (insert Link).
My character was trained by (insert name) in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character was bestowed the rank of Sith Lord on [insert link to promotion thread here].
My character was trained by Insert teacher here in the following force skills and abilities:

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Sith MasterEdit

My character earned the rank of Sith Master on [insert link to promotion thread here].
My character was trained by Insert teacher here in the following force skills and abilities:

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