Din-Dur was born on Iridonia but moved to Nar Shadda with his parents and brother. He lived a peaceful life until one day his parents were kidnapped by jedi. Din was left with his brother alone to survive until he one day killed him when he said he wanted to become a jedi. He then made his way to the sith temple to join the sith

Full Name
Sith Disciple
1.8 meters
122 lb.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
All dead except his son


Din is a very harsh and mean person when it comes to people he doesn't know, with the expexctions of Zabraks and Hutts. He will smash your skull open if your not allies with him and you tick him off enough. He ussually tries to not kill every one he sees but if he is in deep rage he will go on a rampage. Aside fr that he most of the time picks off his enemies one by one, playing with their minds, and even making them insane and leaving them for death. He feeds of fear in others and surprising for a huge, 190 pound Zabrak he believes toying with ones mind truely defeats ones opponets. If idle hands are the devils play things, then an idle mind is the devils playhouse.

He is friendly, for the most part, to his allies and masters.

Early LifeEdit

"Don't worry son, we'll be back. The force shall be with you" - Din-Dur's mother to Din before she and his father went to war

Din-Dur grew up with his parents and brother on Iridonia. There the living conditions were hard as Iridonia isn't the best place in the galaxy to live. There were beautiful cities there but the Zabrak government set aside some land for villages to settle for people who wanted to keep the old Zabrak ways. That's where Din lived. His parents were force sensetive and used that advantage to help fend for the family. Then one day when Din was 12 Jedi Knights came to explore the planet for hideing sith. Open that they found Din and his family. Before Din knew it him and his family were on there way to Onderon where his parents protected the planet as Jedi.

Din just so happen to move to Onderon when political situation were still unsettled. He and his brother were isussued blasters to carry around in case people attacked them for being children of Jedi. One day a war had broken out on a near by planet. Din's parents were needed at the planet and were killed by assassins trained to kill Jedi. Din blamed the Jedi teachings for his parents death and at the age of 17 went to live on Nar Shadda taking his brother with him.

There he and his brother stole and some times even killed to get money and food to survive. Din accually got married and had one boy. After 2 years of marriage his wife died and Din sent his son to a planet who's location he told no one for he knew he couldn't take care of him alone. On Nar Shadda all they could do for entertainment was watch gang fights, watch swoop races, and steal. But one day they heard of a new libray that just opened up on the planet. They went there with the idea of stealing books to sell. But Din's brother ended up hearing over the Jedi ways and wanted to become one. Din now 21 got mad and killed his brother and made his way to the sith temple.

Acceptance Into the SithEdit

"You have answered the questions put before you and now have the opportunity to begin your service to The Sith Empire and the Dark Side. As a Sith Master and Council Member, I officially welcome you to our fold, Sith Disciple Din-Dur. You will now need to indicate which member you would like to ask to train you in the ways of the Dark Side."

-'' Dara Shadowtide to Din-Dur at the sith temple

Din finally found the sith temple where he was met be Shai Shadowsong who greeted him with open arms, Sith Master Dara Shadowtide who questioned him and processed to injure him when he mocked her. After that he sudenly feared her and anwsered the rest of his questions more carefully. After many questions Din-Dur finally was welcomed into the sith empire as a sith disicple and choose Talyc Verd as his master. &nbsp

Facts Edit

Force Abilities:

Force Sense Force Sight Force Control Pain Force Push And Pull


1. Talyc Verd (Force Control Pain) 2. Nova (Force Sense, Force Sight, Force Push And Pull)


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The Zabrak SeriesEdit

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