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Shayleigh De`Marco

Full Name
Shayleigh Ann De`Marco
Shade, Shay`De
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
The Black Sun
Other Family
Ann De`Marco(Mother)
Jordan Tith (Deaceased-Father)

Shayleigh Ann De`Marco

In Character


Early Life

Shayleigh's earliest memories are of years spent in an orphanage on Coruscant. At birth, her mother was forced to give her up, due to an overwhelming spice addiction and a lack of funds to support a child. Being the product of a one-night stand, her father was never heard of again by her mother, for any sort of child support. Jordan Tith, her father and a smuggler, died before the girl was ever born.

The Orphanage she grew up within faced unfit living conditions. This often provoked a survival of the fittest lifestyle. Of course, this was all intentional. The more troublesome youths had a difficulty being adopted, and they were the ones targeted by the Imperial Special Ops department. Shayleigh was one such child, her early years spent with a kill or be killed attitude. To her, it wasn't worth it to lay down at the bottom of the food chain, and pray to be adopted.

That attitude of hers, made her among others a target. Imperial Spec Ops adopted her and others at the age of 9, like a group of children five years before them, and another group five years before them. Enemies became allies as they were sent to a remote planet for their training.

Imperial Training Facility

The process of adopting orphans, and inducting them into the military at such a young age was a controversial issue, and because of it the program never existed. The next eight years of Shayleigh's life were spent seeing the same faces every day, and with a strict daily regiment to follow.

In their training as youth's, they were broken. Each of them had fighting spirit, and a will to be the best and the strongest. But, some of those walls needed to be broken down, or weakened. It was drilled into them, that personal gain no longer meant anything. They were not individuals in a group, as a group they were one. Failure for one, meant failure for all. Failure for all was rewarded with extra work or skipped meals. So again, for their survival they adapted. They became that cohesive unit.

In their teens, they were sculpted. A single entity, their training continued. Weapons training, tactical training. They were built to be soldiers from a young age. Their weapons training involved hand to hand, the use of Vibro-Blades of all makes, explosives, ballistics, snipers. They were all well versed tools of destruction, as deadly as the weapons they were versed in. Tactically, they were limited to their studies, simulations. However, a sense of realism was placed into every physical simulation, a sense of consequence to discourage failure.

Finally, at seventeen, they were allowed to exist again. Their backgrounds were a secret, but they were all reassigned to a public training facility. For their Special Ops missions to take place, soldiers had to have a background, even if it was fake. Lack of an identity tended to raise inquiries. Each of them were taken into academy, recognized for their superior skill quickly against normal applicants, and graduated to higher levels of training.

Two years of further weapons training, squad versus squad tactical training. They were recognized as the Elite. Washouts of the program merely disappeared. The last year of their training was devoted to minor incursions, raiding spice factories, or illegal weapon depots. And at the age of twenty, Shayleigh De`Marco graduated alongside eleven others.

Life after Academy

Missions from their became propaganda tools. A year of Political Gain Operations. Where local support between the Alliance and Imperials wavered, they were deployed. Under the guise of terrorist organizations, they would deceive governments into appealing for aid to put down their faux terrorist acts. The Imperial Army would respond, arrest them after a time, and the Galactic Empire would appear the saviors.

Fake Identity's aside, the squad had formed their own close knit relationship. She was extremely well versed in stealth missions, and the deadliest shot with a sniper rifle. For that reason, her squad had affectionately butchered the name Shayleigh De`Marco at first into Shay`De, and finally Shade. Beyond team members, they were family. All twelve of them lived together from their earliest memories, at first enemies and in the end siblings.

The Department they served under began to collapse, and in the waning days they were targeted to clean up the dirty secret that created them. They continued to be used for political gain, but no longer in the same manner. As a team, they were broken apart, little by little. Missions of twelve soon turned into four squads of three, facing near suicidal tasks.

Within a few short months, twelve turned into eight. And they were broken down further, four teams of two. Before long, they were three individuals, and their missions didn't become any easier. Systematically they were becoming extinct. To survive, they went AWOL. The mission was no longer priority, family was. And for family to survive, they had to be apart, to find each other another day. Each of the remaining three went their seperate ways, merely disappearing on a mission. Listed as MIA, Missing In Action.

Freelancer Shade

Months before her twenty-second birthday, Shayleigh's new life began. Assigned to a mission to New Apsolon, in which she was to ressurect the civil wars of the past, she disappeared. Shade lived up to her name, staging an explosion that was thought to of claimed her life. She escaped to where anyone that wanted to disappear would go, Nar Shaddaa. She began to forge a new beginning on the planet, doing planetary mercenary work to build the funds for both her equipment and a ship. After almost a year, she acquired herself a Corellian YT-2400, a weapon and armor cache well suited for one of her trade, and enough credits to live comfortably enough. Of course, comfortable life was never something she was used to. Her horizons expanded, and she left Nar Shaddaa, roaming the galaxy to take on various mercenary and bounty hunting jobs. Establishing a name for herself.

The Arsenal

Anna's Shadow

YT-2400 Light Freighter - Anna's Shadow is Shayleigh's ship of choice. Shayleigh, being far from a skilled pilot, tends to leave the more delicate and difficult maneuvers in the hands of her pilot droid, Freddy. The Cargo Hold of the ship is lent over to storage for a Swoop Bike, as well as her armaments.


JX4 Gladiator Armor - Shayleigh's variant of the Gladiator armor is tailored more to her petite frame and desire to move freely and quickly. As such the helmet has instead been replaced with a targetting visor, affording little protection over her eyes when worn, as well as a modified interfacing system that uplinks with her weaponry to set up a Heads-Up-Display, displaying her ammo counter and target reticule. The visor itself draws power from an external battery pack, and thus is not usable over long periods of time. The plating of the JX4 Gladiator Armor has as well been shaved down, reducing the weight but also reducing the protection.

Padded Body Suit - Beneath the plating of her armor, Shayleigh always wears a one piece body suit, the garment raising up to her neck. While not capable of dispersing any form of attack, it proves adequate enough to cushion falls during acrobatic maneuvers. While her typical garment is a shade of gray, she's been known to wear differing colors depending on her environment and mission.

Melee Weapons

The below mentioned weapons are found in the cargo hold of her ship, but not necessarily carried on her.
Stun Baton
Stun Gauntlet
Vibrosword(Mandalorian Iron)
Vibrodagger(Mandalorian Iron)

Blaster Pistols

The below mentioned weapons are found in the cargo hold of her ship, but not necessarily carried on her.

Bryar Pistol


Heavy Blaster Pistols

The below mentioned weapons are found in the cargo hold of her ship, but not necessarily carried on her.

T-6 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Model 434

Blaster Rifles and Rifles

The below mentioned weapons are found in the cargo hold of her ship, but not necessarily carried on her.

A280 Blaster Rifle

DLT-20A Blaster Rifle

GLX Firelance

Berserker Rifle

CR-24 Flame Rifle

E-11s Sniper Rifle


The below mentioned weapons are found in the cargo hold of her ship, but not necessarily carried on her.

Adventurer Rifle

Blaster Buster

KiSteer 1284 Projectile Rifle


The below mentioned weapons are found in the cargo hold of her ship, but not necessarily carried on her.




Thermal Detonator


Hand to Hand Combat

Shayleigh holds a special talent for technical fighting, striking fast and accurately rather than hard and randomly.

Echani Martial Arts
K'Tara Martial Arts
Hijkata Martial Arts
Tae-Jitsu Martial Arts
Forbelean Defense

Bladed Weapons

Shayleigh excels at short-blade weapons, specifically daggers. Swords are a bit more clumsy in nature for her, and she lacks the brute strength to be an effective combatant.

Rifles and Pistols

Shayleigh's true skill is at medium to long range, and fighting from cover. Her ambidexterity gives her profficiency to fight with two pistols, one heavy and one smaller, but she sacrifices accuracy to do so.

Other Skills

Shayleigh's upbringing sculpted her to be a killer, and little else. Her social skills aren't particularly adept, making her difficult to work with, and her linguistics are at a near minimum to where she may understand some of the more common languages but is only capable of speaking Galactic Basic. Computer and Tech skills are nearly nonexistant, having to hire out for help or rely on droids to get her past even basic encryptions. As a pilot, she is subpar, trusting her droids to the work instead while she man's turrets in the case of trouble. Stealth and subtlety or some of the few non weapon based skills she posesses, able to adapt to her surroundings and blend where necessary. As well, a practiced hand makes her capable at assembling, disassembling, cleaning and modifying her own weaponry.

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