Verse Dawnstrider



Full Name
Verse Dawnstrider
Jedi Master
The Lion, Beast of the Rim
Late 30s
350 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Brown and Tan
Home Planet
Other Family
Brother: Pivo(Deseased)
Daughter: Xazor Dawnstrider(Deseased)
Son: Chaos Alexander Dawnstrider (Deseased)

Character Name

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Little to nothing is known of the Jedi Master's past. At some time most of the information on the Cathar has been erased. What is known is this.

Verse Dawnstrider is not the Jedi's real name. He was brought to the Jedi when he was between the ages 6-10. The Cathar was believed dead for many years. Only Tessa knows who Verse is/was and the full details.

The rest known about the Lion of Yavin is mainly hearsay. He keeps a personal Holocron that acts like a journal. It is stored around a half mile away from the main Temple in a smaller one that Verse stays in. From it a few students have gleamed a few bits of information.

One is that Verse was not liked as a child due to his aggressive nature. The Cathar had trouble adapting to the Jedi mindset due to his culture. This made him butt heads with his trainers and fellow students. He once violated another students mind by mistake by probing to deep. The Lion also hates flying.

This little amount speaks loads about Verse's nature, but little else.

Verse has also chosen Tionne Thanewolf as his mate. His culture believes that a mate more important than marriage. It is your other half. Ying and Yang. Heads and Tails. One can not eb without the other. The Cathar wants nothing but happiness for Tionne, but is scared for her due to not being able to give her a child. That is a fleeting fear thought as Verse believes that enough near humans are around to prove stranger has happened.


Verse was brought to the Order at a very younge age. That meant he does not, or claims atleast, to know his parents or family. Files at The Sith Order have images of a black furred Sith Lord named Pivo Nightstriker. This Sith claimed to be Verse's twin brother. When asked Verse mearly shrugs saying that his siblings are his fellow Jedi.

Verse has sired two children with two women. Xazor and Alexander. Both turned to the Dark Side and have been killed in action. Verse killed Alexander himself when the boy did not wish to turn away from the dark. Xazor was killed on the planet Eden along with her mother. Verse has little regrets in both issues. He belives it is what happens when you allow the Darkness to rule you.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

The Cathar Jedi focuses mainly on combat. As a Master he has a very deep understanding of the Force, but tends not to use it. It is due to his belief of not wasting energy. One can throw a man and use little effort, but throwing a person with the Force wears on you much faster.

The being said Verse is very skilled in Telekentics. He relies more on brute might with it instead of skilled uses. The Jedi Master is also know for his inventive use of maultiple Force skills. This includes making one's self "Invisible" by making people look around you, changing the color of his fur at will by using the Force to take control of a natural, but random, Cathar genetic trait, and sending static liek waves through the Force.

Verse is a master Light Saber warrior. He has mastered six of the seven style. He has not mastered Form VII due to personal reason. The Cathar is regared as the greatest Shien user of all current Force users as well as one of the greatest figher of his time.

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