Dam-grifter commedit

Full Name
Widely Unknown
Bobby Lightfield, Danny Mercer, William(Billy) Cross, Kreso Jozo
Unknown, appearance suggests early twentys
Eye Color
Jade Green
Hair Color
Home Planet
Haruun Kal
The Black Sun
Side Arm
Other Family
All Dead


"Let it not be said that there is no honor in being a stray dog."

In CharacterEdit

What is a StrayEdit

Everyone has seen a mongrel dog. The animal that has patchy hair, stained and soiled with torn ears and emaciated. But it is rare that anyone has ever seen a stray dog. Mercenaries and smugglers are much the same as one can always pick out the survivors and strong of heart, from the filth that picks and scavenges at the bottom of the barrel; eating and breathing the lowest of the low jobs that the universe tosses down to them. To find a stray dog is to find a truth of life that even fewer realize exists, most cast it away in fear of seeing their true self instead of what they perceive. It takes a will, a survivor, an animal that can be true to it’s self….a stray dog to live this life.


Star Cruiser…..CrashEdit

The Arcadia, a smaller class Imperial transport, rocketed through the atmosphere of Haruun Kal to what was sure to be an explosive end. However luck, or fate, would have it that not everyone on board would perish. A boy of two, and his older sister, survived the crash along with a doctor and another woman. They were unconscious but alive, the girl and two other survivors had managed to escape relatively unharmed inside an escape pod. The boy, however, had been shielded from the fires of the crash in what was assumed to be a bacta tank.

The first people to respond to the crash were a group of stray Imperial commandos. Their original intent was to scavange what parts they could from the downed ship to save on the costs of repairing another junker ship they had acquired. The three survivors that were picked up on the initial bio scan were rescued first, and then after the little girl made mention of her brother, a second scan was done on the ship. A few hours later one of the commandos did manage to retrieve the boy, already planning on how to teach the child all he knew.

Nobody really knows how the boy was named D'Kor, as it was a hybrid of a man's name on Kal and of a name the little girl liked, but however it came about it stuck. The first few years were hard on the four survivors as they readjusted to the harshness of Haruun Kal, and tried to keep the toddling D'Kor healthy. But those years turned D into a spirited, strong willed, trouble maker who spent as much time in the trees as he did learning from the commandos.

"You can't even eat bitter. You need these people to keep you alive."
"I played in the jungles of the darkest, most blood thirsty planet in the galaxy when I was growing up. And your going to tell me I can't hack it on my own?"
-D'Kor when speaking to the Black Sun representative

The First Stray DogsEdit

The Stray Dogs were a squad of men who were put together, officially, to try and collect samples of the highly hazardous gas clouds of Kal. Unofficially each man in the makeshift squad had been court marshaled for insubordination and other various crimes that could never be confirmed, all paired up becuase they couldn't be trusted and because they were the only men who had a chance of getting the samples. The Empire completely abandoned them, but didn’t expect them to survive for very long. So when an Imperial Cruiser crashed on the planet the commanders thought their moment of revenge would be at hand, but instead took the surviving baby boy under their wing. The squad raised him to be well versed in all they knew, in an effort to prove to the Empire that they hadn’t been beaten, or at least as a final "Screw You."

Each of the clone warriors had proved himself in the fires of battle, and demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skill in one area of expertise or another. Each man was a walking wealth of information the Empire had spent thirty million credits to train, and all of that training was given freely to the young D'Kor. By the time D'Kor was in his early teens he knew combat tactics inside and out, could field strip almost any blaster put before him, stalk the hardest of prey, repair any malfunctioning speeder bike, and had a special affinity for explosives. Over the years the Stray Dogs died off, either from the short life span of clones, or from accidents on Haruun Kal. Each death rocked D'kor's world into a state of blind madness that would subside only with time, but he always thinks of them as fathers.

And the Boy Grew to be a ManEdit

Life on Kal was hard for everyone, even the natives though they were used to the hardships. Once a week the small town situated around the only landing platform Kal had would shut down and the entire community would band together to coat any exposed metal, machinery, electronics, and duracrete in portack amber. The amber fought the effects of the corrosive green gas clouds, and drove back the alarmingly fast growing fungus and vegetation.

But despite all of it's down sides D'Kor fell in love with Haruun Kal, and still is. When the bartender of the small dock side bar, the woman who survived the crash, thought D was old enough she let him mingle in the bar and tip back a few bottles with the local crowd. D was twelve. From her D also picked up bar tending and how to play billiards. D'Kor always has a secret desire to learn as much as he can and in a bar full of mercenaries and a rough crowd he picked up countless little trade secrets.

It was also in that bar when the punk kid got his first contract as a hired gun. It wasn't much of a contract, just walk across the way and rough up a garage mechanic that owed someone money, but it paid enough to buy a bass quetarra. Along with what he was learning from the Stray Dogs D'Kor began learning how to play music on his own. Soon, with the singing voice his sister had, the two were playing gigs at night in the bar. Once they impressed a recording agent who had to stop on Kal for emergency repairs, and were offered a record deal. But even before the agent had his ship fixed a rogue gas cloud crept up from the jungle valleys catching Aundreya, D'Kor's sister, in it's path.

D rushed into the cloud on his speeder bike to save Aundreya but the damage had been done. That night the young boy watched his sister die as fungal mushrooms grew from her insides out. A three day drunken stupor deadened the pain of his sisters death only slightly, costing him his alcohol poisoned liver in the end. From then on the care free D'Kor, the cheery, happy, smiling, joking, musically inclinded D'Kor was dead; Replaced by a man who sold his trigger finger to anyone who needed it.

The jobs were dirty. The days grew darker and darker until even the Stray Dogs didn't recognize their protege. And D'Kor's blood thirst for some kind of justification never stopped. Tribal wars, contract killings, profiteers looking to capture animals, slavers, knee breaker, it didn't matter as long as he got to hurt someone. Time passed and the paths D'Kor walked were black, and the soil soaked with blood, until the Stray Dogs forced D to realize what he had become. They suggested he leave Kal and ply his trade among the stars, and with their blessing, the doctor and bar tender as traveling companions, D left Kal behind.


Making the first stacks of his pay as a soldier of fortune, D’Kor was soon leading large attack or defense forces on worlds that hired him for species disputes, or border wars with locals. And with every victory he gained one more travel companion, unwittingly forming his own group of capable men. The first several years were spent in such a way until he brokered a small deal in the smuggling world. And the rest is history, suffice to say that he now has his hands on every illegal activity possible; from hustling in small cantinas to assassinations to smuggling. Needless to say all of these ‘jobs’ have brought him in contact with quite a few beings, unintentionally attracting some into his crew, and picking up potentials along the way. The hundred or so people that he wound up working with him came to be considered family, on which he spared no expense.

But as fate would have it, and through no direct actions of his own, D'Kor's family turned on him. They blamed him for the deaths of the Originals, the lack of jobs, and just about any other mishap they could think of. Normally D would have been happy to play the scape goat except the odd one hundred members he called family, began to cheat and steal from him. This in it's self was inexcusable but Thumper,a long time friend, added insult to injury when he left D'Kor for dead while he fled with the profits of a bank heist. Family wasn't family after they left him out to be skinned and dried. Several weeks later D'Kor set off a sequence of explosives in the transport carrying his family to a prospective new life. Everyone died, the bar tender, the doctor, his best friend, right hand man, his pilot, and someone very special, every one of them went up in smoke. D'Kor will risk his entire fortune and life to save just one person, just one friend, but when his friends betray his trust their game is up. It's a simple rule he has learned to follow.


"Don't you see that by letting that suffering guide your way through life you clone yourself throughout the galaxy? The way you feel now...this is how the world feels when you are done with it... Yes, you are nothing but a mirror of your own past... And when you shatter, many others will cut themselves on the jagged remains..."
"Your talkin' like I care."

- Tionne Thaenwulf talking to D'Kor


D'Kor has memorized a number of different languages, meaning he doesn't have or need any implanted translators to communicate with other beings.

  • Bocce
  • Dosh (Understands only, can not speak it)
  • Duros (Understands only, can not speak it)
  • Rodese
  • High Galactic
  • Mando'a
  • And several basic words and curses in other languages that hail from beyond wild/uncharted space

Bladed WeaponsEdit

Mastered short blade vibro swords, all manners of knives, ax(throwing), and hand spikes

Special WeaponsEdit

Explosives specialist. Custom made gauss pistols and long range rifles (Verpine shatter guns). Chemicals specialist.

“The only safe thing anyone could do would be to kill the fracker. You can‘t even let him near a bag of flower.”
- A common saying among the Stray Dog organization when speaking on D’Kor

Prefered WeaponsEdit

Typically the young blond will run around with a shatter pistol in a tactical hip holster and a very large, very packed, utility belt which usually includes but is not limited to

  • Frag Grenades
    99645-148430-grifter super
  • Flah-Bangs
  • Flechet Grenades
  • Only one EMP grenade at any time
  • Plastacine Thermite Gel
  • Extra pistol clips
  • Detonite with primer
  • Cigarettes and lighter
  • Vial of Sweetblossom
  • High tensile strength garrote

Hand-to-Hand CombatEdit

This is one of only two hobbies that D'Kor has so you understand why he knows so much.

  • Teras Kasi- Advanced practitioner
  • Echani Martial Arts- Master
  • Echani Firedancer- Master
  • Rek'Dul- Advanced practitioner
  • Tae-Jitsu- Master
  • Stava- Practitioner
  • K'tara- Master
  • Forbelean defense- Advanced practitioner

Jobs/Business Currently In The WorksEdit

Note: Some of these may not be played out. The one’s not played out will be tied into rp and in no way affect major plot lines.

  • Running the Apricot Headshot on Euceron
  • Contracting out to various people, groups, and organizations as well as offering jobs to new muscle
  • Slave trade
  • Fixed sporting events
  • Smuggling
  • Conning people out of money/favors/information in the shadier bars across the galaxy.

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