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Verrj Cer'Allos

Full Name
Character Name
Jedi Guardian
V, Verrjie, Master, the Naboo Knight (Guardian now)
185 lbs
Eye Color
Bright green
Hair Color
Home Planet
Kala Ryj (fiancee, estranged), Vax, Coryn Vinoda, Eddic Tannen, Marie Thade, Shianni Hord, Tionne Thanewulf, Satkia Beltrak (friends), Jacob Murano (Master), Belis Toobin, Semnr Goran, Katrionna O'Mocre, Sabal Ralenguard, Tarkus Kaine, Drennan Tor, Karna Silvas (Apprentices)
Other Family
Bounty hunter called Eclipse ( formerly a resident of CSF Prison)

Character Name

In Character


Verrj Alin Cer'Allos was born on the Naboo system to loving parents. His father was a moderately successful bounty hunter by the alias Eclipse, and his infamy to rivals drove his family to relocate in several systems, including Telos, Nar Shaddaa, New Alderaan and Dantooine to name a few. His mother was shot dead by such a rival who had originally aimed for Eclipse. This took place while Verrj was only seven standard years old. He and his father buried his mother on Naboo and relocated several times a year after that.

When Verrj was about fourteen Eclipse decided to give himself up to CSF and used the bounty he earned (on himself) to set up an account for his son when he got older. It totaled up to several hundreds of thousands of credits, enough to support him in relative comfort for many years. At Eclipse's court hearing a Jedi Knight happened to be present by the name of Jacob Murano. He arranged for Verrj to become a student in the Jedi Order and eventually took him on as his Padawan learner, along with Coryn Vinoda.

Verrj reached the rank of Jedi Apprentice at the age of seventeen. His duties included monitoring the hangar bay activity for the Yavin VII Enclave and maintaining the probe droids and combat droids in the Enclave's Dojo, which he calls his second home. He passed the ages-old Jedi test of constructing his own lightsaber, and he never leaves his quarters without it. He has named it Vigilante, in honor of his father who had a sense of justice despite his lawless profession.

Verrj attained the rank of Jedi Knight about half a year after his promotion to Apprentice, reflecting how dedicated he has been to his training. He has taken on two Padawans of his own, Belis Toobin the blind Mandalorian, and Semnr Goran, the ex-Sith brother of Shianni Hord. He has begun teaching various courses for younger Padawans, such as basic Force Powers and Lightsaber Combat. He hopes now to integrate himself as one of the main instructors of Jedi at the Yavin VIII Enclave. He no longer cares about promoting or gaining rank, because he can finally do what he's trained since childhood to do: Serve as a Jedi and teach others to do the same. A couple years have passed and his renown among the Order has spread wide. He now trains five more apprentices in addition to Belis and Semnr: Katrionna O'Mocre, Drennan Tor, Karna Silvas, Tarkus Kaine, and Sabal Ralenguard.

Somewhere in his twenty-first year of life Verrj was given the rank of Jedi Guardian, an honor rarely given by the Jedi Council as few Knights remain devoted enough in their training to press further. If asked, Verrj would openly question whether he qualified under those categories, as he had long professed his contentment to train student after student in the basics of the Jedi way. He had developed a renewed interest in pressing onward in his training, believing that he could serve the Jedi from a seat upon the Council where his particular insight to the living Force would be a helpful tool for the Council's judgments.

Three years ago, Verrj suffered massive injuries that nearly ended his life when his personal spacecraft, the Jade Hornet, exploded just above the Yavin VIII landing pad. Though he was able to survive, Verrj's legs and lower back are permanently crippled beyond medical repair. Never one to allow himself to be kept down, Verrj took up a cane and customized it by adding lightsaber components into its core, effectively making it a long-handled lightsaber. His trademark weapon, Vigilante, was destroyed in a fight against Sith Lord Hydrocus, and so he took up a very ornate curve-hilted lightsaber that he has named Discipline, reflecting the trait he calls on most in trying to re-learn how to fight in a style completely different from the one he spent over a decade using. His cane's extra "feature" is yet uknow by any other than the Council, whom he asked for approval to design the weapon beforehand. He relies on his cane for balance and stability just to walk around, though he he has recently discovered that if he's deep enough in the Force, he is able to use his legs as if he was uninjured (similar to Master Yoda's limitations imposed by his height and old age). Despite his proficiency in fighting with his custom lightsaber, Verrj prefers not to use it unless a situation calls for it so that he has the extra support he needs when not enthralled in the power of the Light.

About a year after the accident, Verrj did some soul searching and concluded that it was well past time to stop feeling sorry for himself and act like a Jedi again. He decided it would be best to get the surgery the med droids and his friends constantly pestered him about rather than continuing to limp around on a cane. He has had his legs augmented with cybernetic implants to compensate for degenerated bone and muscle structure. He has had them modified to combat specifications, and they perform so flawlessly that a full sprint or a high jump grant close to the same speed and height/distance as if he were calling on the Force to use them.

Student of the Living Force

Verrj found within himself a powerful affinity for the Living Force from early on in his Jedi career, a mindest that all but forsook the consequences of the future for the sake of the "here and now" aspects of the Force. This grants the Naboo Jedi a razor-sharp insight and awareness of what's going on before him, such that he can divine the immediate results in the very near future with uncanny accuracy. His philosophy is to keep the Force first, following its call no matter the cost. He stresses the importance of the Living Force to all the Jedi he mentors, trying to instill in them that "the future can only become what the present allows it to become," meaning that while there is a fate and destiny for all, each individual has the ability to affect it if they were to try.

Teacher of the Hawk-Bat

The Naboo Jedi made a mistake few Jedi have the chance to: he began studying Form IV before he ever learned Form I. Known by the name Ataru, Form IV is a movement-based, acrobatic style that relies on speed and momentum to get its attack power. It is a very taxing style, with a high cost in both body and Force energy. Verrj was severely deficient in his reserves of Force power when he began his studies, but has put the time in and expanded his ability to wield the Force, thus the doors opened up for him to learn Form IV's finer aspects over time. He has developed his knowledge and skill with the style so completely that he is considered an authority expert on the subject. He has taught many lessons and trained such Jedi as Tionne Thanewulf, Apex Detrazion, Zakk Bannon and Belis Toobin in the basics of the Way of the Hawk-bat, as it is also called. When he went back to learn Form I on suggestion from Master Dawnstrider, he found himself greatly limited due to the rather stationary footwork routines of the style, but with consistent training with the Cathar Master Verrj learned its usefulness in places where his powerful grasp on Ataru were rendered useless, such as in enclosed spaces.

The Mind Reader

Verrj's greatest gift of the Force is his natural empathy for people. From a young age he has been able to clearly share in the feelings and emotions of those around him, and when coupled with the power he came to wield in the Force as a Jedi, he developed that into a unique form of telepathy. While he can read minds in the traditional sense, Verrj finds the tactic too invasive. Instead, he's taught himself to read the emotional state of a person and throw the Force into the mix, enabling him to read the person's emotions in great detail, and through this method he can obtain their thoughts without directly probing their minds. The technique, he discovered, is also reversible, and in time he mastered the art of projecting his own emotions onto others, which put an edge on his ability to perform the classic Jedi Mind Trick.

Marked by Anomaly

Verrj's Master, Jacob Murano, grew obsessed with a nexus of Force energy off in unknown parts of the Galaxy. Verrj watched as it corrupted him, but had faith Jacob knew what he was doing. Eventually it drove Jacob mad, and Verrj sacrificed everything to go and face the Nexus himself and try to eliminate it. Instead, the Nexus chewed him up and spit him out again, leaving him defeated and with the beginnings of corruption as it had imparted onto his Master. Verrj's power in the Force has nearly tripled as a result of the contact with the spirits of the Force trapped within the Nexus, but now he can also hear the spirits in his head when the Nexus becomes disturbed or agitated by something. They whisper to him and test his resolve, living manifestations of the dark side trying to pull Verrj into the abyss with them. Verrj has managed to break the maddening control they had started to have over his personality and mental state, but it will take many more meditation and healing sessions before he's completely free.


Verrj, known as V to his friends, is an energetic, excitable young man. He is seriously dedicated to the Jedi Order and goes at his duties with 100% focus. He spends every free minute he can at the Training Dojo, where he practices the acrobatic Form IV, Ataru, at a high degree of intensity. While on most things he is humble and easygoing, he believes himself to be the most accomplished Form IV user in the Enclave short of the Council themselves, though he'd never phrase it that way.

He makes friends easily and while carrying an uneasy history in the way of a love life. He has tried forming such a bond several times, and finally found something real with Kala Ryj. On the day of their wedding, though, Verrj felt the call of the Nexus and knew his Master's lifelong mission had failed. He left without a word to anyone to go and finish his Master's work, leaving Kala alone for years with no contact.

His best friends were the late Coryn Vinoda Belis Toobin. Vinoda, like Verrj, was a Padawan learner to Jacob Murano and the closest thing Verrj ever had to a brother. Belis was Verrj's first apprentice and easily his greatest success as a trainer, but unfortunately he learned that Belis was cut dow in combat off-world and never heard about the funeral that followed.

Verrj is occasionally possessed of a certain aggression problem that has manifested more and more as he gets more accomplished in Ataru. It has gotten him in hot water with the Sith Lord known as Hydrocus, thanks in part to his interfering with the Sith's conversion of the now-Knighted Shianni Hord, to whom Verrj feels a certain "older brother" responsibility. He is at the point where he will almost attack Hydrocus on sight, or at least within Jedi territory, and despite his physical condition he is confident in his ability to meet the challenge, as he has defeated Hydrocus in the past.


Verrj's sole remaining relative is his father, the bounty hunter known as Eclipse. His mother was shot down in an assassination attempt meant for his father, leaving Eclipse and Verrj alone to face a Galaxy full of enemies with only each other. When Verrj was still a Jedi Knight Eclipse was released from prison, and is believed to have gone into simple retirement somewhere in the Core, though this information is not confirmed.

Training and Abilities


My character was trained by [Jacob Murano]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities: Push, Pull, Throw, Levitate, Speed, Jump, Control Pain, Mind Speak, others to be added as I remember them.

Jedi Apprentice

My character gained the rank of Jedi Apprentice on 5 May, 2008 ( My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

All Apprentice-level powers excluding Resonate. My character chose not to use the Trade-off for Beast Language.

Jedi Knight

My character achieved the rank of Jedi Knight on 5 July, 2008 ( My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

All Knight-level powers aside from Resonate and Enhancement. My character has no talent for Electronic Communication, and therefore does not posess this skill either.

Jedi Guardian

My character was bestowed the rank of Jedi Guardian on 23 March, 2009 ( My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

All Guardian-level powers excluding Resonate, Enhancement, Lightning Repel and Hibernation Trance.

Jedi Master

My character earned the rank of Jedi Master on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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Out of Character

About the Roleplayer

My name is Scott Copeland, and I live in Spokane, WA. I serve proudly in the U.S. Air Force as a Civil Engineer. I am married to the girl who played Atril Paldua, and we just celebrated our 10th year together with almost 7 years of marriage. We have a 2-year-old daughter and two-month-old son who are both destined for greatness.

Aside from SW I love playing DnD with my friends, playing with my kids, cosplay, playing music, smacking people with lightsabers and just generally being nerdy with others of like interest. If you're into World of Warcraft I proudly waste gnomes in the name of the Horde. If you're into SWTOR, LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE. If there's anything else you wish to know, PM me to ask. Also, for the record, Verrj chooses his own apprentices and will come to them if he is able to offer training. The unpredictable schedule of the military is something you'd have to be part of to really understand, and because of that I can't guarantee reliable training. It's better for Verrj to pick instead of people asking.

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Draxus (Jedi), Agon (Sith),