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Tyler Brett


Full Name
Tyler Brett

23 years

180 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blond/Light brown


Other Family
All deceased
NPC Creator
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Tyler Brett

About the NPC


Tyler is a human male with short choppy blond hair, sturdy build from working as a smuggler and hauling crates about everywhere, and when he smiles at you it sometimes feels like he's laughing instead.


Tyler likes to talk... a lot. Though, if he's concentrating on something he can get pretty snappish at anyone who interrupts him. When it comes to the Sith or Jedi, Ty is is glad to go with any one of them that will give him a job. Though, he can't understand why Jedi don't use 'that force thing' as he calls it, to do something useful like... levitate a remote or something when you can't reach it. He is pretty neutral with the New Republic and Imperials, not really preferring either.


Well, there isn't much to say about me really. I had sort of a boring life up until about when I turned eighteen. Figured it was time I got out of the house, so I took on the life of a smuggler. Since then its been a pretty cool job, and I'm pretty good at it if I do say so myself. But let me guess, YOU don't want to hear about that now do you? Right, so lets move on. Twenty one years old and I was living the scummy life, but I loved it. The thrill, the adventure, it felt so good. That is until that crazy Bounty Hunter, Lilet, showed up. I noticed she also had a younger girl with her, really not exactly what I expected to see from the old murderer. I got to talking with the girl while Lilet worked out some things with a few of my partners, and I found out everyone called her Robin. Was a right pretty name to be sure, matching quite a cute girl as well. Robin and I just clicked right away, maybe it was because I had the same interests as her. Maybe because I could understand what she was saying about the whole techie world at that moment. Either way, I made her promise to come visit me again if she ever got away from Lilet, even though I didn't understand why she was with the Bounty Hunter in the first place. Guess maybe she'll come one day, or maybe she forgot all about me. That still remains to be seen...'
^Journal Log 1


Tyler travels a lot, since his jobs as a smuggler usually take him everywhere. However, when the jobs are slow coming you can usually find him in the Undercity of Coruscant, loving the thrill and adventure of being in a place so dangerous. Lots of people down there know about him from his frequent bouts of getting into trouble, and etctera, so all you really have to do is ask someone directions to him if you want to find Tyler.


Tyler was born an illegitimate child, and handed over to an orphanage by his mother at the age of two. Ten years old and he was adopted by an older couple who lived on Naboo. He was their only child, but no one could ever really say he was really loved by the couple. This depressing but moderately well off life did nothing to douse out Tylers' want for something fun and thrilling to do. So at the age of eighteen he ran away and the couple never heard of him again. Tyler had become a smuggler, working only when he wanted to. However, he always seemed to have just enough money for the next big adventure and enough to keep him going until he got more. No one ever really asked how he got the money, since he worked only when it suited him. It was around the time he was twenty one or so that he met Robin, a young eighteen year old who was still Lilets' (a Bounty Hunter) 'right hand girl' really. Though, Tyler got the impression that Robin didn't like roaming around with Lilet, and he felt sorry for her. Before Robin left, Tyler made her promise to somehow get away from Lilet one day and then come visit him again.


(A brief description of the NPC's connections with player characters.)



-Piloting skills

-Has skills with electronics and interests in everything related to technology.

-Skills with shooting different kinds of blasters, more palm blasters than anything. Also has skills in using vibro-knives.

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