| Name=Lee
| Full Name=Lee Billing

| Rank=Sith Apprentice
| Alias=Lee
| Age=17
| Height=6'2
| Weight=187
| Eye Color=Black
| Hair=Black
| Place=Hoth
| Species=Human
| Faction=A Hateful Person
| Companion=Companion
| Family=Unknown

=Lee Billing=

==In Character==

He Is A Young Appertice.His Mom And Dad Were Jedis,But They Were killed It is unknown Who Killed Them Or How.
He Is Very Strongly Force-sensitives ,but He Can Move Small Stuff Like Coins but that it he needs More Training.
Lee Seeks  Power  He Is Strong With The Force But He Wants More.
He Has Killed37 People With A Blaster When He Was 10-16.He Was A bounty Hunter.
Lee was Raised by a Loveing Old Hutt Name Zoey The Hutt .Zoey Died Of Old Age Once Lee Was 9.

===Training and Abilities===
Can Move Small Stuff.
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