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Satkia Beltrak

Full Name
Satkia Beltrak
Jedi Master
Sat, Saty, Red
Late Thirties
132 Lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
Rya Beltrak [Daughter]

In Character


The Nar Shaddaa Years

Born and raised on Nar Shaddaa until she was about twenty years old, Satkia developed a very early interest to mechanics when she was only a child. Catching this inclination of his daughter for those matters, Orian Beltrak asked his closest friend Genarii Mey, who ran a ship business near one of the space ports, to become Satkia’s mentor. Learning about engineering for a dozen of years, as well as piloting and racing, she forged herself a good reputation over her time working with Genarii. When the man decided to leave Nar Shaddaa to move to Bespin, Satkia took the business over, when she was fifteen. Expanding it, she was visited from various places for her rare skills, especially as she become “the one who could resuscitate ships” in the sector. Satkia had the habit never to ask any details about her customers, since her activity and the money made was legal.

Satkia and Sarya Beltrak had two childhood friends, Ket and Lenyh, all of them grew in the same area. The group was first shattered with Ket’s death when they were all about fifteen, as he got killed in a bar fight. Five years later, Lenyh left their home world for Corellia, when she married a man named Roshan. Finally, the group knew an other loss, when Sarya got murdered not long after Lenyh’s departure.

Sarya’s death and joining the Jedi

Satkia’s twin sister got murdered one night she accompanied their mother to one of her gambling events. Satkia knew what happened due to the bond the two sisters shared, as she experienced a similar phantom wound in her womb, where Sarya got shot to death. Devastated by her sister’s loss, which was only accentuated by her mother’s resentment, as Tesanya would have preferred Satkia to die instead of Sarya, the young woman tried to drown her sorrow in drinks for a few days. Yet, she quickly realized that it was the most immature reaction she could have and that she didn’t want her life to go to a waste.

Knowing that she had had a kind of sixth sense when it came to mechanics and piloting, she decided to try to join the Jedi, in case she could be of help – even on a little scale – to others. She sold most of her business and gave half the money to her parents, before leaving for Yavin VIII. She was welcomed at the Jedi Temple by Belis Toobin, who conducted most of her interview, and was then officially accepted by N’yssa Farifax.

The Jedi Life

After her trip back to her home world a few months before, Satkia became aware that her late sister had been involved in some illegal activity but had no clue about its exact nature. Yet, she was brought to reconsider her need to dig further the day she had a vision of Sarya, during a mission on Onderon. This led her to decide to go to Corellia where Lenyh, their only friend still alive had moved to, a couple of years before.

She was accompanied on her journey by her master Coryn Vinoda, for whom she had begun to develop an interest, which happened to be mutual. Yet, both decided against a relationship, since the Corellian didn’t want to expose Satkia to his enemies. Despite the slight discomfort of the situation, Coryn was of great support when the young woman happened to momentarily break down, once she had discovered that her late twin was one of the main agents of a crime organization.

On their way back to the Jedi Temple, they made a stop on Tralus, for Coryn to visit his former home. There, Satkia kind of interrupted a conversation between him and his mother’s ghost, which then led master and student to reconsider their decision when it came to the situation between them. They got together at that point, though their relationship wasn't made public for a while.

Satkia got promoted to the rank of Apprentice not long after her return to Yavin VIII. Before reaching the rank of Knight, Satkia was sent through one last trial in a Force Nexus present in a Cavern somewhere on the moon of Yavin. There she was confronted to an evil version of her Master and companion Coryn Vinoda. Through the duel, the Apprentice relied on both her personal believes and Jedi training, and succeeding in that final test. Once she exited the cavern, she was welcome by Master Tarkin who accompanied her back to the Jedi Temple where Coryn Vinoda announced her promotion to Knight, without her having being told beforehand. Coryn then proposed to her during the evening following her promotion to Knight.

In the months following her promotion to Knight, Satkia tends to divide her time between the training of her many students and traveling a lot, including for personal reasons. Not only does she visit many new world because she believes in the importance of taking her padawans on field trips, but her work as an engineer makes her go on other journeys, that can sometimes lead to interesting and unexpected encounters. Her trips also led her to see figures from her past again, as she met Adhun, a Marit engineer she had known since a child, and the redhead also happens to big her last farewell to Genarii, her former mentor, during a visit on Bespin.

At some point Satkia separated from her fiancé and former mentor, Coryn, after her returned from a long time away.

Continuing to take more students under her wing, Satkia stumbled into a new comer to the Temple one day : Wallace Riker. After a few months, the two got together and eventually married. Satkia remained married to him for a few years, and after almost dying at the hands of a Sith Master, she accidentally got pregnant. Due to internal wounds, it was her only chance to ever conceive and carry a child to term. Wallace and Satkia divorced a short while before she gave birth to their daughter, following another duel with a Sith. Thank the Force, mother and daughter were safe.

Life of a Jedi Master

Satkia purchased a house on Corellia, as she wanted to have a "family home" for her daughter Sarya (Rya), besides the Jedi Temple, especially since her best friend since childhood lived in Coronet with her own family.

Following the rebuilt alliance between the Jedi Order and the New Republic, Satkia volunteered as Jedi ambassador on Corellia and moved there on a permanent basis, to lead the Jedi enclave in Coronet. She divided her life between Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, Telos and Yavin VIII, eventually stepping down from the Council to focus on her other duties.

Personal Ship

  • Wings of Twilight - YT-2000, destroyed
  • Amaranth, destroyed
  • Turhaya (bright star in Old Corellian) - YT-2400


  • Tesanya Beltrak - Mother
  • Orian Beltrak - Father
  • Sarya Beltrak - Twin Sister, deceased
  • Rya Beltrak - Daughter
  • Nikita Beltrak - Cousin

Students - Past & Present

Current/Active Students
Past/Inactive Students

Training and Abilities

Satkia's training is at Padawan and Apprentice ranks was conducted by Jedi Coryn Vinoda.
She also received teachings and/or attended classes from Jedi Verrj Cer'Allos and Eddic Tannen, as well as from Jedi Guardian Demitri Drahmin.
After her promotion to the rank of Knight, it is the Council Member and Jedi Master Navaria Tarkin who has continued her training. Both women have also been developing a closer bond as Master and Student over the year that has followed Satkia's promotion to Knight. Satkia has also been taught Elemental Force Skills by Jedi Master Spark Vallen. At Guardian and Master levels, Satkia also benefited from Jedi Master Amalia Braska's teachings.

Force Abilities

  • Force Speed
  • Force Leap or Force Jump
  • Force Pull and Force Push
  • Force Throw
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy
  • Force Control Pain
  • Force Levitation
  • Force Sense
  • Force Shield
  • Force Resonate
  • Force Healing
  • Farseeing
  • Force Masking
  • Force of Peace Aura
  • Force of Light Illumination
  • Force Enhancement
  • Force Hibernation Trance
  • Force Lightning Repel or Force Lighting Protection
  • Force Electronic Communication
  • Force Absorb/Dissipate Energy
  • Force Beast Language
  • Elemental: Air/Wind
  • Elemental: Water
  • Element: Fire
  • Elemental: Ice

Fighting Style

Satkia uses the following Lightsaber forms:

She is proficient with 1 or 2 lightsabers, a lightwhip and a double bladed lightsaber.
She was also taught some unarmed combat techniques and martial art basis by Caltin Vanagor.

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