Traya Avendeyei


Full Name
Traya Avendeyei


180 lbs
Eye Color
Forest Green
Hair Color
Platinum White

Human, Corellian

Other Family
Father: Vashiel Avendeyei, Mother: Elisi Avendeyei (Deceased)
NPC Creator
Khasidel Ihendrethan
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Traya AvendeyeiEdit

"Being a woman is terribly difficult since it consists principally of dealing with men. Still... I’d much rather be a woman than a man. Women are smarter, get better clothes and they are the first to be rescued off of sinking ships.'"

--Traya Avendeyei

About the NPCEdit


Traya Avendeyei is a rather tall, and very attractive young corellian woman. She is usually dressed in a form-hugging pilot's jump-suit that she habitually wears even whilst not working. Her figure is athletic, curvaceous, and she is rather generously endowed. Her hair is short, and platinum-white or silver, and her eyes are forest emerald green. Her skin is lightly tanned and completely without any apparent mark or blemish, and her face is practically angelic.


Traya's personality is outgoing and friendly with those she is familar, otherwise she is usually distant and respectful. She often jokes with, and teases her friends or companions. In conflicts she is brave, steadfast and very quick on her feet. She is also quite loyal to the New Republic, and has rather bitter dislike for the Empire. Her thoughts towards the Jedi and their Order are generally respectful of them, and of their intent to do good, whilst she has little to no opinions about Dark Jedi or Sith as she has yet to have any real encounters with them.



Traya has spent most of her life onboard her fathers old ship, which is presently captained by Khasidel Ihendrethan. Her present occupation is serving as co-pilot and the ships main mechanic, keeping the vessel in working order as they make supply and equipment deliveries to Republic friendly worlds. When not living aboard the ship, she has an apartment on Coruscant, though she rarely stays there for very long.


She has lived with her father, Vashiel Avendeyei, for most of her life. She never knew her mother, who to her knowledge, died when she was very young. She became friends with Khasidel when both were in their early teens, and they lived together onboard the ship for several years whilst her her family and the Ihendrethan's were fleeing the empire. During this period her father took the ship throughout the Outer Rim, doing ordinary trading runs, as well as various smuggling operations for the Rebel Alliance. Once the New Republic was established and the Ihendrethan family formed the their company, her father left the to help operate the business, leaving Khasidel and herself to run the ship. The pair have been doing so for several months prior to their making a supply delivery to Yavin VIII.


Ihendrethan, Khasidel


Traya is exceptionally skilled in mechanical engineering, especially with regards to ships and light frieghter maintenance and repair. Though she has some skill with weaponry as well. She has self-taught herself how to "Slice"-- that is, to hack computer software and terminals, and is skilled at breaking even higher level military encryption. Her piloting skills are better than average, though she generally prefers to take the co-pilot seat.

After being raised on a smuggling ship for several years, she knows many of the tricks of the trade, and is also a pretty decent barterer. She is extremely proficient with languages, possessing a mastery of many of the most common, with a fair understanding of others as well. Traya has also been taught alongside her friend Khasidel how to fight with vibroblades and swords, as well as how to use blaster weapons with a fair degree of accuracy.

  • Trained by:
  • Inaeyoch Ihendrethan
  • Vashiel Avendeyei
  • Combat:
  • Martial Art, K'thri: -- Beginner 1/5
  • Non-Lightsaber Duel-Wielding Sword Style, Jar'kai: -- Expert 4/5
  • Blaster Use: -- Moderate 3/5
  • Skills:
  • Mechanics / Maintenance / Modification / Fabrication: -- Master 5/5
  • Computer Use / Slicing: -- Master 5/5
  • Piloting: -- Expert 4/5
  • First-aid: -- Basic 2/5
  • Languages:
  • Galactic Basic (Common): -- Master 5/5
  • High Galactic (Ancient): -- Moderate 3/5
  • Binary (Droids): -- Master 5/5
  • Bocce (Spacers): -- Master 5/5
  • Dosh (Trandoshans): -- Basic 2/5
  • Durese (Duros): -- Expert 4/5
  • Huttese (Hutts): -- Master 5/5
  • Shyriiwook (Wookies): -- Expert 4/5
  • Rodese (Rodians): -- Master 5/5

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