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Full Name
5'9 feet
148 pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Nar Shaddaa
Dark Spire of Ruusan
Other Family
Mother: Leyla
Father: Derrick


In Character


  • Ariana joins The Soverign Principality of Ruusan under the Master Invictus. Through his teachings, she wishes to become a stealth assassin for the Penumbra, working in shadow and discretion.
  • Her slaver, Gooda, lies dead thanks to Madeleia's help. Her mother, Leyla, can finally rest in peace with knowing that her killer and captor was finally taken down and brought to the justice he deserved.
  • Jacob Murano, the Archbishop, has come into Ariana's life as her new love. Hopefully they make it onto something more.
  • Damien, Ariana's ex-boyfriend, has contacted her and Jacob and herself go off to meet with him. Only one of the two men will leave alive.


Ariana was born on planet Nar Shaddaa in the foul, corrupted Undercity. Though she was born from a family of riches, in her early years she and her mother were sold to a twi'lek slaver by their father. Her father accepted the trade for a high class ship so he could continue his business of spice running. Letting his greed get to him, he never saw Ariana or his beloved wife ever again. The twi'lek slaver quickly gave them a job at one of his local clubs known as The Den. The slaver's name was Gooda and he quickly gained a reputation to be hated.

At the age of 6, Ariana was a full fledged drink mixer for her master and her mother was Gooda's personal "entertainment" when he got bored. That was all Ariana could understand. At that age she thought it meant to tell jokes and tickle, but something far more sinister was going on which her little eyes couldnt see.

At the age of 11, Ariana's mother came to her late at night after being struck by Gooda and told her daughter that she had to escape. Though Gooda and his men would surely come looking for her, her mother told her that the only way she would be safe would be to run far away from the place or even leave planet Nar Shaddaa if she could. That same night, Ariana's mother spoke to her about The Force and how her father was faintly attunted with it. Though she didnt know for sure, she explained that maybe Ariana had some in her but she was not to use her hidden power unless it was brought out.

A few nights later, Ariana heeded her mothers advice and ran for dear life, abandoning the last of her immediate family for good. She snuck out of The Den in the middle of the night and headed for a spaceport where she stowed away on a shuttle headed for Coruscant. A few days later on Nar Shaddaa, Gooda slaughtered Ariana's mother for aiding in the girl's escape. Ariana, to this day, still does not know the real fate of her mother.

Now at the age of 21, Ariana's life has been started anew. She has met the man of her life, a fellow force user human by the name of Damien Parks. Damien, the judge at a local courthouse on Coruscant was preceding over a case where a young girl was caught stealing fruit from a market man's concession stand. That girl, was Ariana. For whatever reason, he found her innocent though she was clearly guilty and the two of them found a friendship which soon turned to love. Damien taught her about the two sides waging war, totally surprised that she had little to no knowledge about them. He explained that the Jedi were wielders of great power but were afraid to let it out in hopes that it would lead them down the "dark side". He explained that he felt no fear of the dark side and that he uses it to help people more than he probably would use the light side of The Force for anything. He also explained that the Sith were blood thirsty hunters seeking on the prey who were Jedi and those who aided them. He warned her of this group and that they meant only harm to this universe.

Ariana heeded his every word. She didnt want to become a mindless drone, scared to fight back when needed and she sure didnt want to become a killing machine for a tyrannical empire, but she did enjoy hearing about the dark side and how it can help shape the world where the light side only tries to hold onto the present. As Damien filled her head with what little knowledge he knew of the dark side, Ariana began to love him even more. Now working side by side in courtrooms, the two learned the difference between right and wrong and even let a few real criminals go because the world needed "balance", as Damien preached with his false teachings. A few months later, Damien disappeared in the middle of the night and Ariana never saw him again. With little knowledge of the dark side, two factions she wanted no parts of, and no one else to lean on, she was alone yet again.


Derrick, Ariana's father, was a hard working man. Every day of every night he was always out working for illegal merchants all over the Outer Rim. To him, his job was more important than his family because it kept the money flow in. The only thing his family ever gave him was a headache and for that, he had to get rid of them. Over time, Derrick became more and more slow on his shipment arrivals due to his ship's engines failing from time to time, so to pay to keep his job going, he offered his wife and daughter to a twi'lek slaver named Gooda, to whom Derrick owed a debt to. Instead of money, he offered what little family he had in exchange for a new ship. With his family off of his back forever, Derrick continued his spice runs for syndicates all throughout the galaxy.

Ariana's mother, Leyla was a sweet woman from Nar Shaddaa. She met Derrick in the middle of a firefight between him and one of his buyers in a bar. Derrick saved her from the crossfire and took her in after a long talk about her past. The two travelled the galaxy together since Leyla was unemployed and barely making ends meet. While Derrick did his spice runs, Leyla would stay behind at Nar Shaddaa in their little house alone, waiting for him to come home. She knew there was something different about him. Leyla had heard stories of The Force and she had seen first hand what someone of his caliber could do in a firefight when wielding The Force. Leyla, however did not have the gift inside of her, but what she did bear was a child to whom they named Ariana. Leyla loved the little girl and swarmed the young soul in love and joy each and every moment until the day Derrick came home and introduced the two to Gooda. Gooda took the two away to Coruscant where Ariana grew up and Leyla was beaten and used every day as a slave. By the age of 11, Ariana was told to escape in the middle of the night and go and make a new life for herself. Leyla was later killed for helping the poor girl escape.

Training and Abilities


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